[NEW] Twelve Cupcakes From Singapore Now Serving in Jakarta

Hey ho! Singapore’s award-winning cupcakery has arrived in Jakarta! Aku sempat mampir di outlet pertama Twelve Cupcakes di Central Park Mall, Jakarta Barat minggu lalu. Counter brand cupcakes asal Singapura yang buka di Central Park Mall sejak April 2013 lalu ini tidak susah untuk ditemukan, berada di lantai Lower Ground persis di depan Apple Store dan Restoran May Star. Brand Twelve Cupcakes sudah terkenal di Singapura sejak tahun 2011 dengan penyajian yang freshly baked dan dibuat handmade from scratch every day.Cabangnya pun berkembang dengan pesat termasuk di Jakarta sendiri, selain di Mall Central Park, mereka juga hadir di Mall Kuningan City, Mall Kota Kasablanka, dan Mall Pondok Indah. Ada pula beberapa outlet coming soon di Pacific Place, Green Bay Walk dan Emporium Pluit.

Counter Twelve Cupcakes CP

Varian rasa yang disediakan oleh Twelve Cupcakes pun banyak sekali. Semuanya terlihat menarik dan menggiurkan untuk dicoba.

Etalase Twelve Cupcakes

Various Cupcakes by Twelve Cupcakes

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of cupcakes until I’ve tried this one, 12 Everyday flavors by Twelve Cupcakes. Harga masing-masing cupcake adalah IDR 20K. Kita bisa juga membeli dalam bentuk paket seperti half dozen (setengah lusin) seharga IDR 115K dan untuk satu lusin (one dozen) seharga IDR 220K.

12 Everyday Flavors

Setelah mencobanya, aku jadi jatuh cinta dengan tekstur cupcakes by Twelve Cupcakes yang fluffy, moist dan lembut saat dimakan. Semua rasa yang sudah aku coba dari kategori 12 Everyday flavors ini memang enak semua, and most of them is less sweet than I thought. Craving dekorasi di masing-masing cupcakes pun nampak cantik minimalis dan elegan.

These are my most favorite flavors from Everyday cupcakes series; Red Velvet, Mocha, Strawberry Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Espresso, PB Chocolate and Chocolate Chocolate. 

Red Velvet Flavor

It’s one of the best seller product. Love the fluffy Vanilla Cream Cheese on a moist classic Red Velvet cupcake. Must try!

Red Velvet

Mocha Flavor

I love this flavor so much! You can taste a moist Coffee cupcake with Chocolate Cream Cheese topped with Mocca Bean. Suitable for coffee lovers! Must try!


Strawberry Chocolate Flavor

A perfect combination of Strawberry and Chocolate with infused butter cream on a moist Chocolate cupcake topped with Chocolate curls.

Strawberry Chocolate

Chocolate Vanilla Flavor

Chocolate Cream Cheese on top of the light Vanilla Cupcakes with colorful bright sprinkles, suitable for kids.

Chocolate Vanilla

Espresso Flavor

A mosit Coffee cupcake with Espresso infused butter cream topped with Mocca Bean, love it very much! Suitable for coffee lovers, too! Must try!


PB Chocolate Flavor

Another favorite, here is the PB Chocolate where Peanut Butter Cream meets the moist Chocolate cupcake topped with Chocolate Fudge Drizzle. Recommended!

PB Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate Flavor

It’s also one of the best seller product. Chocolate cupcake dengan Chocolate Cream Cheese topped with Varlhona Crunchy Pearls, suitable for chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Chocolate

Twelve Cupcakes Indonesia
Mall Central Park, Lower Ground #156
Price Range : Below Rp. 30.000,-
Maps Direction : http://goo.gl/maps/iOrrH
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