[GRAND OPENING] Tanamera Coffee Roastery, Congratulations!

All coffee lovers in Jakarta will be happy to hear this. Tanamera Coffee, located at Thamrin City is a new addition to Jakarta’s growing coffee shop scene. I’m lucky to be a part of the Grand Opening event held on 24 January 2014 last week. Congratulations! Mr. Ian who owns this place with his wife, Mrs. Dini Criddle started giving speeches to present guests. They explained how Tanamera Coffee is different from other coffee shop. Here, guests can learn about the ins and outs of coffee with the barista (coffee talks).

Peresmian Grand Opening Tanamera Coffee

Quite surprising that the coffee shop is not so big; there are only 3-4 tables for guests. Nevertheless, the atmosphere inside is so comfortable and intimate. There are only a few coffee beverage choices provided. For the Black Coffee type, they provide Espresso, Long Black and Daily Brew. Whereas for the White Coffee type, they have Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Macchiato, and Affogato.

Ambience di dalam Tanamera Coffee

Tanamera Coffee uses only the original Indonesian coffee. It is called the original because Tanamera Coffee concocts Espresso using a mixture of three types of coffee among other things such as Gayo Coffee, Flores Manggarai Coffee and Papua Coffee. That’s why the coffee is very different and has a special character.

Kopi Tanamera

During the event, each guest was presented with some delicious light snack. Yay! Nom..Nom…

Light Bites at Tanamera Coffee

There’s nothing better than sitting enjoying a glass of hot coffee and delicious cake that build up in between jobs and the busy capital of Jakarta.

Espresso and Cake

As explained above, a blend of three types of coffee has produced a very special taste of coffee at Tanamera Coffee. Each coffee has orange notes taste, medium viscosity, and after taste balance from chocolate and sweet caramel taste. Awesome!

Artisan Coffee at Tanamera Coffee

Well for those of you who are curious to enjoy a cup of great Indonesian coffee with a selection of quality tasty pastry, Tanamera Coffee Fresh Roast Artisans could be on your next culinary agenda. Lets support Indonesian coffee to go forward!

Tanamera Coffee 
Thamrin City Office Park, Jl. Kebun Kacang Rata Blok AA07, Jakarta Pusat
Phone : (021) 2962 5599
Price Range : Rp. 30.000,- – Rp. 50.000,-
Free WIFI : Yes
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  1. Ci Mul, itu cakenya yang warna hijau
    dijual regular atau cuma buat even aja
    cakenya looks so good XD
    ini di dalam thamrin citynya atau di mananya ci?

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    • cake yang hijau sepertinya untuk event aja selfi, hehehe…
      tapi disana mrk ada banana cake yang terkenal enaknya, harus coba klo km kesana.. 🙂

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      • Iya ci, banana cakenya kayaknya enak
        cuma aku ga gitu suka kopi sih
        jadi ntar mau ngegeret temen aku yg suka kopi ke sini

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  2. Wow, looks really good! How does the coffee compare to other top coffee shops in Jakarta?

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    • This coffee shop has the best Indonesian coffee taste, you should try it.. 🙂

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  3. Wow… I like coffee :):):)

    Should try it.


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