[TAIWAN] Snacking Fried Pork Wotie at Fuxing Rd, Taichung City – Taiwan

For those who stay in City Inn Hotel Taichung, Taiwan and look for some good food, Fried Pork Wotie located at Fuxing Rd, 復興路四段/136縣道 nearby the hotel could be a great choice. I happened to find this restaurant when I checked out from the hotel before we go to Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. A lot of people passing by and come to this place to buy their signature menu, which is the Signature Pork Pot Stiker. I usually called this kind of food as Fried Pork Wotie (Pan Fried Dumpling, sometimes also called Kuo Tie – pronounced “ti-eh”, while the Japanese usually named it as Fried Gyoza).

Pork Wotie Restaurant-1

I’m lucky to know that their big menu-board list is also provided in English version. That makes me and other tourist easily understand of what to order. Though I’m Chinese and my Grandma is originally from Taiwan, I do not have the skill to read this kind of the Mandarin language, my bad! 😀 My mom in law who travelled with me told me that the restaurant name on the signboard is “Pa Huan Yin Cik Restaurant (specialized Wotie)”.

Pricelist of their Menu - Pork Wotie

To place an order, you have to line up, get the yellow order paper from the lady, then write down the amount of food that you want to buy. Don’t forget to check out the check box whether you want to have it there or just take away. There is a sitting area with air-conditioning in the restaurant for those who wants to enjoy the food directly without walking around.

Pork Wotie Restaurant-2

1 NT Dollars = RP. 340, – (conversion rate based on Aug 2013. For today’s rate, please click here)

Wotie is cooked in various ways: deep-fried, boiled, steamed, or pan-fried. I like the pan-fried one so I ordered 10 pcs of Signature Pork Pot Stiker (Deep Fried Pork Wotie) cost about 10 pcs x NT $4 = NT $40. They’re freshly cooked, and the filling is pork based, complete with cabbage, garlic, and ginger. It has a smooth and slippery side on the top. Bottoms of the Wotie are brown colored and crispy.  These Wotie is served with a dipping sauce made from soy sauce. A little bit salty yet delicious! Worth to try for snack time while you travel around Taichung City, Taiwan. They also served Halal Wotie with other fillings like vegetable, leek, shrimp, etc.

Pork Wotie Taichung City

How to find this Fried Pork Wotie in Taichung City, Taiwan?

Just follow the direction from Google Maps Street View on this link:

Pa Huan Yin Cik Restaurant (Specialized Wotie)

♥ ———- Crave More in Jakarta (Indonesia) ———- 

If you want something more delicious, check this out!  I remember there are plenty of good Fried Pork Wotie in my country, Indonesia. One of the best is located in Pancoran area in Kota (Chinatown), West Jakarta. It’s a little bit hard to find if you don’t know the area or where to look. This place is called Kuo Tieh Shantung; it’s an old nice restaurant which already famous since I was a kid and they specialize in Wotie. You have to visit this restaurant when you’re travelling to Jakarta. Read more about The Best Kuo Tieh in Jakarta at Kuo Tieh Shantung: http://bit.ly/shantung or search for Kuo Tie Shantung 68 in this blog. Happy reading! 🙂


I’m so excited to share more of my Taiwan culinary journey on my blog, soon! Very soon! 😀

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Stay tuned for an upcoming post about Shilin Night Market, Barbie Cafe in Taiwan, and much more.

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