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I Love Taimei just opened their first outlet in Indonesia which located at Tribeca Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. It’s a Taiwanese Street Food brand, which famous in Singapore. I was invited to their Grand Opening on Dec 25, 2013, but since I was in Singapore for a holiday, they were so kind to reschedule me on Friday, Dec 27, 2013 after I came back from Singapore. I noticed this brand since a long time ago from many trips to Singapore, but I haven’t tried any of them because of the long queue every time I passed by their outlet at Bugis area, Singapore. Two Taiwanese sisters opened I Love Taimei first time in Bugis – Singapore since 2009, and lucky me, I got a chance to meet one of the sisters (the pretty girl right next to me on first picture) when they invited me that day.

With the Owner of I Love Taimei Jakarta and Singapore

The pink color all over this outlet is pretty eye-catching. It has a very big space for everyone to sit down and enjoy the food inside the restaurant (non smoking area) or at the outdoor area (smoking area). It’s so different unlike their outlets in Singapore where there’s nowhere to sit.

Suasana I Love Taimei Central Park

I Love Taimei serves a variety of Bubble Teas and Taiwanese snacks. I’ve tried some of their popular and best seller menu, check this out, friends!

Green Tea La Creme, IDR 21K (Medium Size)

The owner were so kind to let me try one of their speciality drink called Green Tea La Creme. It has a unique way to drink, where you don’t have to use a straw to drink. Do not mixed up the drink! All you have to do is to cut the cover using a little knife given by them. Take a sip then you can enjoy a very nice, sweet and creamy taste from the creme, followed by a very cold light green tea taste. It’s really good and so refreshing! Must try!

Green Tea La Creme

Super Caramel Milk, IDR 22K (Medium Size)

I felt it was just nice. Though they put 50% sugar level, still this drink is to sweet for me. It has a strong caramel taste which is very sweet even though without sugar on the drink. The grass jelly was really good, and a little more chewy compared to other grass jelly. Nice!

Super Caramel Milk

Passion Popz, IDR 25K (Large Size) 

 If you love something fruity, you could try this Passion Popz. It’s a fruity light alternative for those who doesn’t like milk tea. The passion popz topping (similar like a popping pearl with Passion Fruit syrup inside) which included in this drink complements the sweet and sour taste from the passion fruit. Love it! 

Passion Popz

SELINA (BBQ Crispy Chicken), IDR 32K

I bet you will notice that I Love Taimei used the famous Taiwanese Girl Band “S.H.E” members names for their products, such as SELINA for BBQ Crispy Chicken, ELLA for Extra Crispy Chicken, and HEBE for Lemon Crispy Chicken. I tried this and fall in love with SELINA! Though I’m not a big fan of chicken breast, but I definitely enjoy this BBQ Crispy Chicken. I like that the chicken meat is NOT DRY, unlike other Taiwanese snack brand. They grill the chicken right away after the deep fried process, that’s explain everything. It tastes a little bit spicy and a little sweet. It’s pipping hot, chewy, juicy and crispy on the outside. The sesame added on top of the chicken is extra fragrant. I love it so much! Must try! 

SELINA BBQ Crispy Chicken

Taimei Chicken Thigh, IDR 32K 

Chicken thigh lovers should try this menu. The portion is quite big, and it’s served with salad. The chicken was tender, juicy, and the skin is quite crispy. There was a white sauce on top of the chicken which has both sweet and a little sourish taste to it. Recommended!

Taimei Chicken Thigh

Shan Cai Bento, IDR 32K

For Shan Cai Bento, you can choose your own favorite Chicken, starts from menu #1 SELINA, until menu #6 Mushroom combo. I choose “HEBE” Lemon Crispy Chicken with spicy powder for this menu. It is served with white rice, one boiled egg, one piece of sotong ball and some French Bean which also sell separated as a side dish if you want more of it. Though I couldn’t feel the lemon taste, but the chicken was well fried, not dry, tender and juicy. Recommended!

Shan Cai Bento

Tofu Fries, IDR 18K

I’m surprised how an ordinary white tofu turns out to be as tasty as this seasoned Tofu Fries made by I Love Taimei. It’s deep fried, and they prepare it on the spot when you order the menu, so it’s still warm when you receive it. I choose the Seaweed flavor which has a strong seaweed taste, and it’s so DELICIOUS! The tofu itself is so soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Best to eat it right away. They have many other flavours too, like BBQ, Curry, Wasabi, Garlic Seafood, Spicy Mexico and Cheese. I wish they would give more Tofu Fries per baggie, but this Tofu Fries is really awesome! Must try!

Tofu Fries

Sweet Potato, IDR 18K

Another side dish which is also value for money and tasty, here is the Sweet Potato. It comes with a nice golden color, tastes very sweet on the inside, light salty and crispy on the outside. It tasted so much better than those offered by other Taiwanese street snack brand. Must try! 

Sweet Potato

For more value for the money, you should buy the Combo Package consists of one selection of Chicken, one selection of Side Dish and one Drink. If you’re lucky, you can also get their coupon discount like this when you passed by their outlet.

Promotion Flyers

Overall the taste of all those things above was good. There are more selections other than chicken, like Shake Shake Fries, French Bean, Sotong Ball, and many more. I Love Taimei has become my new favorite Taiwanese Street Snack in town. Their chicken is not dry, more juicy, tender and tasty. Experience them by yourself if you’re curious about it. Last but not least, thank you so much I Love Taimei for having me last week. Cheers! 🙂

I Love Taimei 
Tribeca Central Park Mall, UG Floor, Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman, Jakarta Barat
Price Range : Rp. 30.000,- – Rp. 50.000,-
Free Wifi : Yes
Power Plug : Yes
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  1. Wah, cici udah cobain juga yah
    aku juga ci..
    chicken lemonnya mang ga begitu terasa
    tapi, aku malah suka, ga gitu strong lemonnya
    jadi asamnya ga mendominasi, tapi kok aku ga ada sotong ballnya
    aku juga nyobain super caramel milk tea
    aku juga milih tingkat kemanisannya 50%
    tapi, kalau buat aku pas dan ga kemanisan, enak banget deh..

    Post a Reply
    • hai selfi, hahaha.. iya tu mustinya dpt sotong ball tp mrk belom ready, belom dpt yg pas rasa cuminya jadi belom dikasi ke customer.. :p
      uda coba Selina blm? sama side dishnya itu lho, enak-bgt yg tofu fries sama sweet potatonya sel..

      Post a Reply
      • Belum nyobain yang Selina, ci
        next visit maybe aku bakal cobain
        pertama binggung mau milih selina atau hebe
        akhirnya milih hebe soalnya agak jarang
        chicken cutlet rasa lemon, jadi nyobain si hebe dulu
        yang jamur juga kayaknya enak tuh, ci
        bener banget ci, sweet potatonya enak banget
        aku yang sebenernya udah kenyang
        ngabisin sweet potatonya sendiri XD
        kalau potato fries temen aku yg nyobain
        kalau menurut temenku lebih garing dari yg di taiwan diaxin

        Post a Reply
        • Bukan potato fries, yang aku maksud TOFU Fries krn jajanan taiwan lain ga ada tofu fries.. hehehe.. ga berasa kaya makan tahu, enak bgt! Hehehe…

          Iya, itu Sweet Potato bikin org yg makan jd ketagihan ya, (•˘ڡ˘•)

          Post a Reply
          • ah, iya ci, aku salah ketik
            maksud aku tofu fries, bodoh banget deh akunya
            aku lihat lagi gambar tofu fries di atas
            jadi ga sabar mau cobain
            betul banget, sweet potatonya
            bikin aku ngambilin terus sampai ludes XD

          • hahahahaha… aku tau koq km salah ketik hihi.. 😀
            tunggu liburan lagi atau pas weekend aja selfi baru kesana.. :p

  2. wah kayanya nikmat banget dan nyaman tempatnya neh,harus dicoba neh.lagi pula lokasinya tidak terlalu jauh padahal sering nongkorong di central park namun tidak pernah mampir kesini

    Rendy (alumni.co.id)

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