[NEW Bakery] Enjoy Freshly Baked Pastries at Authentique French Bakery

I discovered this hidden cute little French Cafe last Sunday when I was around Kemang for one invitation. This place is called Authentique Bakery, Jakarta Selatan which just opened on August 2013, owned by a French lady, Sophie Boyer, along with her husband, Edy Waluyo and her son, Alexis Malaise. “Authentic” is spelled in French. Though this place is not so big, I feel so comfortable being there. The interior of the bakery looks so simple, chic and homey with its charming combination of white and blue. Seating at the bakery is offered both inside for the non-smoking area and outside which has a small terrace for smoking area.

 Tampak depan Authentique

Cozy and Homey Place at Authentique

Here, you can find a wide range of freshly baked pastries like croissants, pain au chocolat, eclairs, galettes, tarts, canele and much more. All pastries are using home made recipes and freshly baked on a daily basis. Besides that, they also offer savoury food, suitable for breakfast or a good companion for afternoon tea, such as Cheese Omelette, Scrambled Eggs, Ham Sandwich, Quiche, etc. You can have it dine in or take away, too.

Bakery Station at Authentique

Canele, IDR 5K each 

I was so full that day so I couldn’t order much. I have a big interest with this cute sweet canele. Alexis said that Canele is one of their best sellers, so I ordered some. I chose the small canele rather than the big one. For the big canele, it costs IDR 15K each and IDR 80K for 6 big caneles, while the small one costs only IDR 5K each. This small French cake comes with a dark, caramelized exterior and a rich, moist, custard-like interior. I’m no French, nor have ever been to France, but this canele is addictively good. It tastes simply delicious, slightly chewy and not too sweet. It makes me want to eat half a dozen in one sitting. Must try!

Canele at Authentique

Cafe Latte, IDR 30K 

A simple Cafe Latte in the afternoon, perfect to accompany my snack time.

Cafe Latte

From my experience, I recommend you to visit this lovely Authentique Bakery. Prices are moderate, and they offer a fresh taste that makes a lot of people coming back for more. Even myself, I’m thinking of coming back again to try their savoury menus for breakfast.

Authentique Bakery Kemang

Authentique French Bakery
Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 No. 2C, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : (021) 718 0011 
Price Range : Rp. 30.000,- – Rp. 50.000,- 
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  1. Aaaaak tempatnya lucu banget ini ciii…pernah baca ini di JKTGO.com juga ternyata asik ya buat nonkrong sore2…dimana ini posisinya ci tepatnya?

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    • huehehehe iya lucu tempatnya, cha… persisnya 50 meter sebelum hero kemang dan sebelum toko bunga2 pinggir jalan situ.. liat aja gambar depannya dari foto aku itu, lgsg deh gampang ketemunya..

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  2. Mul, ini persisnya di Hero Kemang yang ada Amigos itu? Sukkaaa banget sama French-style bakery kaya gini, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  3. Cici ini berasa teaser deh kayak aku XD
    canellenya murah banget yah ci
    ci setahu aku canelle ada kandungan rumnya
    yg di authentique ini ada ga sih, apa tergantung yg bikin yah?
    huhu, terancam batal lagi mau ke sini
    companion aku yg biasa bareng kulineran lagi sakit
    moga2 cepet sembuh sebelum hari sabtu
    soalny aku udah ga sabar ke sini
    aku sebenernya bukan pecinta pastry banget
    tp, french bakery always makes me tempting XD
    huhu, penasaran banget sama tartelette ma eclairnya, ci..

    ahahaha, jadi curhat yah aku cici
    maaf yah cici, di blog cici aku malah keseringan curhat yah XP

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    • wktu itu aku makan kurang berasa sih rum-nya, tapi enak sel..hahaha.. syg aku uda kekenyangan jd ga bs mkn apa2 lagi wktu itu.. weekend aja nanti km kesana, btw jgn terlalu sore ya krn mereka tutupnya cepet, jam 5 sore uda tutup.. 🙂

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  4. wow. this article is very exciting!!
    i want to eat!
    particualy , canele~

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