[Kuliner Bandung] Delicious Big Breakfast at Two Hands Full Coffee

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of the trending Coffee Shop in Bandung called Two Hands Full which located in Sukajadi. Together with my fellow food bloggers, we came by to enjoy a variety of delicious breakfast menu and some good coffee. This place has been open since the end of 2013, and I’ve heard a lot that THF (Two Hands Full) offers lots of good food and coffee. That’s why we listed this coffee shop on top of our culinary trip last weekend. Though the place isn’t big, a lot of people coming in, and this place fully packed with young people. From the outside, this coffee shop didn’t look inviting. There was no lighting on the small signboard, too. But once I go inside, I find a warm-garage turn into a very nice coffee shop with the perfect ambience. Lovely!

Decorations at Two Hands Full Coffee Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

One Cozy Spot at Two Hands Full Coffee Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Salah satu pojokan di Two Hands Full Coffee Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Suasana di Two Hands Full Coffee Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Chai Latte, IDR 25K

I know this is a coffee shop, so I should order a good cup of coffee instead of tea. But hey, you know what? Chai Latte is one of the most-wanted drinks in THF (Two Hands Full); that’s why I ordered this one. I’ve made the right decision, and I’m happy with that. A black tea combined with honey, spices and steamed milk. It also has a very nice aroma of cinnamon and vanilla. I love the calming effect that comes right after a sip of it.

Chai Latte at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary 02

Chai Latte at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary

THF (Two Hands Full) has a very simple menu, and their featured coffee beans of the month are Giyanti Coffee Roaster. If you are a coffee drinker, these are some good coffee that are recommended for you; Espresso, Iced Latte, Hot Cappuccino, etc. 

Various Coffee at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary

Hot Cappuccino at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary

That morning, we were presented with some famous breakfast menu and a favorite among visitors. All the menu comes in large portions, beautiful presentation and great taste. I love them all! Seriously, all of them taste so delicious and none of them is disappointing me.

Big Brekky, IDR 55K – Non Halal

I believe no one can resist eating two eggs (comes in any style, either scrambled/fried), which served with pork bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms, spinach, and sourdough toast like this one. Must try!

Big Brekky at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary

Big Brekky at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary 03

Croque Madame, IDR 50K – Non Halal

Croque Madame is also something that you don’t want to miss. A very nice fried egg served with Gammon ham, gruyere cheese, and Bechamel sauce. So goooooood!

Croque Madame at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary 02 Croque Madame at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary

Eggs in Hell, IDR 50K – Non Halal

I love Eggs! Everyone should agree that the eggs can be the perfect thing for any meals. After two meals at the top, this one is also my recommendation for you to try. A simple dish made ​​of spiced baked eggs with tomato, roasted capsicum, spicy sausage and feta cheese. It’s delicious!

Eggs in Hell at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary 02

Pulled Pork, IDR 50K – Non Halal

Delicious, juicy, sweet and tender pulled pork with red cabbage slaw, BBQ sauce and soft Brioche Bun. Again, it comes in a huge portion, good for sharing up to 2 persons.

Pulled Pork at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary

From my breakfast experience that morning, I personally highly recommend you to visit this place. Everything is so delicious! Nice music, friendly baristas, great service, great food, great coffee and perfect ambience. Definitely, I will come back again. Though the prices may seem pricey, but hey, it’s included with taxes and service charge. Plus, knowing that all the food comes in a huge portion and superb taste, I consider it’s cheap as the portions are fulfilling. Overall, it’s a perfect place to hang out, having brunch or grab a good coffee with your friends, family, girl friend / boy friend or even your working partner. Last but not least, thank you so much for welcoming us and provided superb delicious breakfast!

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Two Hands Full Coffee
Sukajadi 206, Bandung
Operation Hours: 08:00 am – 10:00 pm
Price Range: RP. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
Free WIFI: Yes
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Big Brekky at Two Hands Full Coffee by Myfunfoodiary 07 copy

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  1. Huwa, pengen coba chai lattenya ci
    ini cici, satu menu per orang
    atau semua menu dimakan rame2 ci?
    soalnya porsinya gede banget, udah gitu murah harganya yah..

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    • Ini memang porsinya ajib ya, gede2 selfi semuanya.. tentu aja sharing, gak kuat klo ngabisin sendiri.. :p

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  2. My favorite coffeshop in Bandung 🙂
    BIG BREAKKY nya sih ngangenin banget ya ci haha

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    • Betuuull! Sampe skrg masih kebayang2 itu menu, pengen segera balik kesana… 😀

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