[JAPAN TIPS] First Preparation on Backpacking to Japan Guide

Some of you may be wondering, is it possible for you to visit Japan without joining a tour like what we did for our Japan trip? Backpacking is the answer! Here are some tips from us! Find the cheapest airfares from any budget airlines, could be a year before the date of departure. I bought travel tickets to Japan via budget airlines AirAsia on early May to set out on peak season when Lebaran holidays. The cost I paid for two persons departing with 20kg luggage is IDR. 4.512.000, – and return from Japan to Jakarta for ¥83.299 which similarly to IDR. 9.621.000, – (conversion rate is 115.50 around that time) for 2 people with 20kg luggage. Overall, each person spent around IDR. 7.000.000, – for return tickets from Jakarta-Osaka-Jakarta. I also check with many other airlines where each person should pay a minimum of IDR. 11.000.000,for Japan return tickets.  So I assume this has been the best and the cheapest price I can get, given the departure time of Eid (Lebaran Holidays) in the peak season. Pretty cool! 😀

Our Flight to Japan by Myfunfoodiary

Initially, I thought, maybe I will not shop there, because I was just preparing ¥160,000 in cash for the cost of transportation, admission fee to some attractions and meals for two weeks in Japan. Unfortunately, after I arrived in Japan, I instantly fell in love with this country! There is no way I will not shop and buy goods while in Japan. A lot of cute things that I find in Japan; dresses, shoes, accessories, food, ice cream, snacks, etc., almost everything I saw there was beautiful and funny. At the end of my Japan trip, I’m able to bring home ¥11.511 left in the wallet.

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Arrival at Osaka Kansai Airport - by Myfunfoodiary

Okay, the next thing that you need to do is to make a departure visa at the embassy of Japan. Read more on www.happytravelista.com –> How to Apply Japan Visa for Indonesian.

Applications for Japan Visa - by Myfunfoodiary

And last but not least, you need to make a complete itinerary for the first day until the last day in Japan. If you have no clue where to stay in Japan, what and where to eat in Japan, top 10 destinations in Japan, etc. related to this wonderful country, you can read on our itinerary where I will share more with you, soon! Click here to see the big picture of our Itinerary: Travel Itinerary 2 Weeks Backpacking Japan Guide

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  1. kakak boleh minta itinerary-nya tidak? ak mo travel ke jepang bulan mei nanti..Thank You

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  2. Hallo Mullie,
    apa kabarnya neh ?, long time no see yak ^0^
    you have become more graceful since the last time i saw you ^^,
    anyway regarding the japan visa requirement
    one of it is to have a financial statement, should we go by self sponsored
    the question is, how much is that ?
    let say 20 to 30 millions ,is that for per person or can cover couple ?

    Thank you very much for your kind attention and have a nice day

    Best Regards,

    Poly Chandra

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    • Hai Poly, how are you doing? Waaaah, lama bangeeet gak ketemu kita…
      In regards to VISA Japan, gak perlu khawatir karena saat pembuatan tidak dikenakan biaya apapun..
      Ketika VISA Approved, kita baru diminta pembyran-nya. Tidak dipersulit dan mudah, asalkan dari awal, kamu susun semua dokumen sesuai urutan yang mereka minta… Jangan submit dokumen ngacak (berantakan)..
      About the amount itself, it’s best to submit the financial statement from both couples.. Not only a bank account, but if you have a time deposit (deposito bank), something like that, you can attach it to the other documents as well.

      Kapan mao perginya Poly? Wish you a great holiday in Japan ya.. ^.^

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  3. Hello mbak i know this is kind of super silly question tapi boleh tau ukuran luggagenya berapa? soalnya saya mau memperkirakan apakah bakalan cukup masuk loker stasiun (yang paling besar)

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