[NEW MENU] Tempura Party with TempuRawk at Ten Ten Tempura House

Ten Ten Tempura House is one of my favorite restaurants so far. They always make innovation, such as TempuRawk, their new menu of this month! Talking about Tempura, I guess everyone knows already about Ten Ten Tempura House Restaurant, which located in Plaza Indonesia and known for its various tempura menus. Under Boga Group management, Ten Ten Tempura House always use the best quality of shrimps in every tempura menu. The new menu, TempuRawk combines 3 items of the most preferred types of tempura, i.e., containing meat, seafood, and vegetables.

Tempurawk Menu at Ten Ten Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

TempuRawk is available in 2 different packages; Rawk 6 and Rawk 12Rawk 6 consists of two pieces of the meat tempura, 2 pieces of seafood tempura and 2 pieces of vegetable tempura. While Rawk 12 consists of the meat tempura, seafood tempura and vegetable tempura four pieces each.

Choices of Tempurawk:

Meat: Beef Bacon Kani, Chicken Breast with Beef Bacon, Double Meatball, Smoked Duck with Apple, Wagyu Sausage

Seafood: Cheesy Salmon, Fish Cake with Egg, Idako, Prawn, Shisamo

Vegetable: Garlic, Pumpkin, Shitake, Sweet Potato, Crown Daisy

Rawk 12, IDR 98K

Among all the new variants of tempura, Beef Bacon Kani, Smoked Duck with Apple, Wagyu Sausage, Fish Cake with Egg and Prawn Tempura are my favorite. Not to forget, Pumpkin, Shitake and Sweet Potato are also addictive. Everything is so crisp and crunchy; they even more delicious when eaten with the shoyu sauce provided.

Tempurawk 12 at Ten Ten Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryTempurawk 12 pieces at Ten Ten Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryTempurawk 12 pieces at Ten Ten Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Rawk 6, IDR 58K

Tempurawk 6 at Ten Ten Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Ten Ten Tempura House also serves various yummy Tendon, such as Black Pepper Tendon, Seaweed Tendon and Original Tendon. If you haven’t tried their Tendon, I would love to recommend you the Black Pepper Tendon. It’s their best-seller Tendon until now and also my favorite menu in Ten Ten.

Black Pepper, Seaweed, and Original Tendon, IDR 45K/each

Blackpepper Tendon at Ten Ten Jakarta by MyfunfoodiarySeaweed Tendon at Ten Ten Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryOriginal Tendon at Ten Ten Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

If you’re a dessert lover, don’t forget to try their signature desserts, Matcha Parfait and Pannacotta. Both of them are so good! Our favorite, too!

Matcha Parfait, IDR 28K

Matcha Parfait at Ten Ten Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Pannacotta, IDR 28K

Pannacotta at Ten Ten Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Japanese tea lovers will also be spoiled by the presence of Japanese High Tea set, where you can choose one beverage and one dessert. Overall, if you’re a fan of Japanese tempura and you want to try something unique and yummy, you should try their new menu, TempuRawk.

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Ten Ten Tempura House
Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement #16-#19, Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30, Thamrin
Phone: 021-29923730
Price Range: Rp. 50.000 – Rp. 100.000
Free Wifi: Yes
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  1. Wah cici udah cobain tempurawk yah..
    aku juga mau yang isi 12 XD
    emang bener kata cici, lebih enak ditambahin shoyu
    waktu itu nyobain tendon yg seaweed
    kurang berasa seaweednya gitu, pas aku pakein shoyu
    jadi lebih enak deh, shoyunya bikin addicted
    cobain matcha moussenya juga deh ci, buat aku sih lumayan

    Post a Reply
    • hahaha kita seleranya mirip bgt ya, klo makan brg asik nih..
      lain x aku cobain yg km rekomen ah.. ^^

      Post a Reply
      • Ahaha, mau juga makan sama cici cantik XD
        tapi, aku takut freezing di depan cici..

        Post a Reply
  2. Ci, akhirnya aku cobain tempurawknya #telat banget yah ci
    habisnya baru ada teman yang sepaham yg mau diajakin ke ten2

    Pesan yg 12, tapi ujung2nya teman aku cuma makan setengah yg sosis
    sisanya aku yg habisin ci, sumpah penuh banget perut aku jadinya
    Cici, udah cobain matcha lava cake?
    Bahkan kalau dikasih seporsi lagi aku bakaln sanggup habisin sendirian XD

    Post a Reply
    • hahaha selfii km makan buanyaak amat haha… lupa inget sama matcha lava cake, haha.. kebnykan yg dimakan :))

      Post a Reply
  3. Iya nih ci, kan ceritanya mau buat disharing
    ujung2nya malah aku habisin sendiri

    teman aku pesan nabeyaki udon
    menurut aku enak lho ci padahal aku ga gitu suka sama udon

    Oh ya ci, lagi ada promo, kalau pembelian menu baru dengan total 150ribu
    kita bisa dapat free dessert dan bebas pilih
    terus bisa membeli ten ten juice seharga 15ribu saja
    menu barunya di map tersendiri ci
    yg aku ingat sih ada salmon dengan saus ohba
    ada salad, sama pesanan teman aku juga new menu ci

    Jangan lupa cobain matcha lava cakenya yah, ci
    itu enak banget aku mau lagi jadinya XD

    Post a Reply
    • hahahaha mauuu kesana tapi blom sempat, klo uda balik kerja apalagi ujan begini enaknya mendem di dalam rumah haha..
      Nti pas main ke PI aku cobain ah.. 😀

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