[NEW POST] Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival at JW Marriott Jakarta

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, JW Marriott Jakarta’s has prepared a vast selection of JW Marriott’s Signature Moon Cakes, with flavors such as the all-time favorite – traditional White Lotus with Egg Yolk, Green Tea and Red Bean. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most-important festivals for the Chinese people. It is intended as an opportunity to gather with family (gathering), show gratitude for the harvest (thanksgiving) and the opportunity to invoke for good luck (praying). Ancient Chinese people made their own Moon Cakes and then ate it together with their family and relatives to celebrate this festival. The Elders of the family would cut the cake into pieces and share it with family members as the symbol of family reunion. The round shape of the cake represents the completeness and unity of the family.

Cetakan Moon Cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

This season, Pearl Chinese Restaurant is ready to offer various selections such as the all-time favorite – traditional White Lotus with Egg Yolk, Green Tea, and Red Bean. To top of this year’s celebration, JW Marriott Jakarta’s Executive Chinese Chef, John Chu presents his latest creation of Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan and Coconut flavor and Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan and Egg yolk. I was honored to get a chance to learn personally how to make a Moon Cake by myself with Chef John Chu on last Wednesday at Pearl Restaurant, which located on the 2nd floor of JW Marriott Jakarta.

Bamboo Charcoal at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryVarious Moon Cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Chef John Chu and his assistant demonstrated how to make a traditional Moon Cake directly in front of us and the other guests. It turns out making moon cake was very easy, but it certainly should be with the proper materials and high quality. Me, my husband, and Ian from JktGo also joined the fun session with Chef John Chu. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us, Chef! It was fun!

Chef John Chu at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryPreparation Moon Cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryFilling Moon Cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryMullie is Making a Moon Cake with Chef John Chu at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryAndy and Ian are making the moon cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryMy Own Creation Moon Cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryHomemade Moon Cake by Chef John Chu at JW Marriott Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, these Moon Cakes are surely a must have items to feast on the Mid-Autumn festival. If you want something unique and tasty moon cake for this year, try the NEW Bamboo Charcoal Moon Cake with Pandan and Coconut Flavor, it’s really delicious! Green Tea and White Lotus with Egg Yolk are also my my most-favorite flavor!

All Moon Cakes in JW Marriott Jakarta are traditionally made with no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial sweetener, and presented in an exclusive gift box. They have two different packages to choose from:
• Moon Cake Traditional Baked Large (consist of 4 pieces of large moon cakes) at Rp438,000+
• Moon Cake Traditional Baked Small (consist of 6 pieces of small moon cakes) at Rp418,000+

Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan and Coconut Moon Cake Special at JW Marriott Jakarta - by Myfunfoodiary

Don’t miss it because these special Moon Cakes will be available from July 28 until September 12, 2014. You can easily purchase this enticing delicacy at Pearl Chinese Restaurant and the Moon Cake counter, which located in the lobby area, from 10am – 10pm.

The Moon Cake Counter at JW Marriott Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

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