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About a week ago, we visited Togo Cafe Gourmet Coffee Shop, which located at WTC 2 Building, Sudirman to gather with some other foodies friend and had lunch together.  This cafe is located on the lower ground in the office building, and there were not many restaurants open during Saturday. Oh yes, I remember now! It was only Togo Cafe that opened on that Saturday from early morning until 3pm. But I’m not sure whether they open their shop regularly on Saturday too. So if you want to pay a visit on Saturday to Togo Cafe, make sure to make a call and check whether they open or not. The atmosphere in the cafe looks minimalist modern where most of the decors use a combination of playful color and neutral brown color which creates a comfortable ambience for everyone.

Suasana ToGo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by MyfunfoodiarySuasana ToGo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary 03Suasana Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary 05

Hot Lemon Honey, IDR 26K nett

I always love the combination of honey and lemon just like this Hot Lemon Honey. Basically, it’s made of honey, lemon juice and hot water. However, it tastes good! I would love to drink it every day as a soothing drink even when I’m not sick. Not only good for skin, but also good for our immune system.

Hot Lemon Honey at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Ice Strawberry Lemonade, IDR 22K nett

If you want something fresh, you can try this Ice Strawberry Lemonade. A refreshing combination of lemon, strawberry syrup and soda water.

Ice Strawberry Lemonade at Togo Cafe WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Boss Breakfast, IDR 63K nett

Boss Breakfast is quite filling and become one of my favorite menus in Togo Cafe. It consists of 3 scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, hash brown, beef bacon, chicken sausages, grilled tomato, and toasted baguette. I can’t stop munching the chicken sausage, beef bacon and eggs! Recommended!

Boss Breakfast at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary 02

Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich, IDR 49K

A Vietnamese sandwich made with seared marinated chicken fillet, carrot and daikon pickles, fresh chilies, and heaps of coriander. The filling is fresh and had a good flavor, but I couldn’t enjoy the baguette because the texture is quite tough and difficult for me to eat.

Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Monster Munch Burger, IDR 83K

Bored with rice and wanted to try something else? Then you should try this monster Munch Burger. Just like the name itself, such a huge portion! 200gr juicy patty of beef with watercress, caramelized onions, cheese and mushrooms. All in all, 1/2 kg of a meal. A must try!

Monster Munch Burger at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Spaghetti Cabe Rawit, IDR 32K

If you want spaghetti and want something spicy in your food, you can choose this simple looking and delicious Spaghetti Cabe Rawit. A favorite Italian pasta with a little twist of Indonesian chili, cabe rawit; that’s why it’s spicier than Aglio Olio pasta.

Spaghetti Cabe Rawit at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Nasi Bakar Rendang, IDR 56K

A portion of white rice wrapped in banana leaves and then burned, so it becomes tastier, delicious and flavorful. Besides the fragrant aroma, I also love the combination inside this dish. On the inside there are cassava leaves, tempe orek, peanuts, and beef rendang which tastes a little bit spicy.

Nasi Bakar Rendang at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Tandoori Chicken Wrap, IDR 43K

Grilled marinated chicken rolled in naan bread with yogurt, fresh pickles, and fragrant rice. It may seem simple, but tastes good, not too spicy and best eaten while still warm.

Tandoori Chicken Wrap at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Ice Cappuccino, Ice Hazelnut Latte, and Hot Cappuccino

Togo Cafe is also serving gourmet coffee using 100% Indonesian coffee beans and the La Marzocco coffee machine to produce the best coffee without over extraction.

Ice Cappuccino and Ice Hazelnut Latte at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by MyfunfoodiaryHot Cappuccino at Togo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary

Togo Cafe is a good destination for those of you who wants to have a good breakfast, lunch or dinner around Sudirman area. This cozy cafe is also well suited to be a place to gather with friends or colleagues, or even for a casual meeting. If you’re around Sudirman, don’t forget to pay a visit to the cafe and try their Monster Munch Burger, or maybe grab a good coffee before heading to the office.

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Togo Cafe Gourmet Coffee
World Trade Center II (WTC 2) Lower Ground Floor, Jl. Jend Sudirman, Jakarta 12920
Phone: (021) 2952 2515
Operation Hours: Mon to Fri from 7am until 9pm
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Suasana ToGo Cafe at WTC Sudirman by Myfunfoodiary 02

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