[NEW SPOT] Good Dessert and Coffee Time at Baker’s Gallery

I accidentally found a new hangout spot which is very comfortable, the Baker’s Gallery, located in the Food Society at Mall Kota Kasablanka. Baker’s Gallery Artisan Boulangerie Cafe has opened since the mid of June 2014, but they haven’t launched a grand opening until now. However, this minimalist modern and cozy cafe is managed by Ryst Group that also has several other well-known restaurants in Jakarta, such as P&B, Empirica, and Publico Bistro & Wine Bar. Relaxed atmosphere, free WiFi facility and an outdoor seating area, making this cafe become a good spot for everyone, especially for young workers and executives who work around Kuningan (South Jakarta).

Ambience at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary Outdoor Area at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary

Because I was already full after lunch, so I just ordered some coffees and cakes to accompany a relaxing afternoon together with my family.

Cappuccino at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary Cafe Latte at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary 02

Iced English Breakfast Tea, IDR 25K

Ice Tea at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary

Butter Croissant, IDR 15K

Though there were some variants of croissants available at Baker’s Gallery, my dad chose the classic one. It was soft, and buttery sweet, just the way a croissant should be. It’s my dad’s favorite pastry!

Butter Croissant at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary 01

Mars Bar, IDR 45K

Mars Bar is one of my personal favorites among other desserts. Layers of rich chocolate outside melted in my mouth, and inside it has the texture of a creamy chocolate. The top was Valrhona Chocolate that makes it even beautiful, moist and yummy, recommended for chocolate lovers.

Mars Bars at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary

Chocolate Peanut Butter, IDR 30K

If you want two flavors in one dessert, you should try this. A delicious combination between peanut butter and chocolate that turns out to be everyone’s favorite. However, the sweet and salty taste from the peanut butter overpowering the chocolate taste.

Chocolate Peanut Butter at Baker's Gallery KoKas by MyfunfoodiaryCheese Bar at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary

Cheese Bar, IDR 45K

It is similar to Mars Bar, because the inside texture is quite similar to one another. We loved how the Cheese Bar was not heavy (not cheesy). It’s a good choice to satisfy a sweet tooth without giving you a guilty feeling.

Cheese Bar at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary 01

Before we leave the cafe, I noticed the big signboard in front of the cafe. Baker’s Gallery seems to have an interesting new promotion. For any meal purchase of the Chef’s Suggestion menu, we can get a Free Ice Tea or Ice Lemon Tea, and one choice of Croissant (any flavor) with additional IDR 15.000, –.  These are some of the menus on promo for your references; Fish and Chips (IDR 55K), Fettucine Tarragon Chicken (IDR 65K), Half Roasted Chicken Pasta (IDR 70K) and Rice Chicken Gratin (IDR 65K). Well, from my overall experience, I think about to come back again to this cafe. The Baker’s Gallery cafe is really convenience, unlike the other well-known coffee shop that is crowded and noisy most of the times. Good coffee, good dessert, spacious space, friendly staff, and attentive manager, why would I be elsewhere?

Night Ambience at Baker's Gallery KoKas by Myfunfoodiary

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Baker’s Gallery
Mall Kota Kasablanka, Food Society Area, Ground Floor, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 2938 6600
Free WIFI: Yes
Power Plug In: Yes
Opening Hour: Start from 7am until 10pm
Price Range: Rp. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
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  1. Cici aku udah cobain ini juga
    Ci, cobain vanilla caramel tartnya deh ci
    aku sih dapat free dari bapak manajernya yang baik hati XD
    tadinya ga terlalu berekspektasi tinggi
    tapi pas dicobain bener2 enak banget ci, memorable banget

    trus aku juga cobain raspberry velvet
    enak juga, kayak lumer gitu di mulut
    sama mango passion velvet, untuk tekstur sama seperti raspberry
    di dalamnya ada isi mango jellynya, tapi yang model chewy gitu ci
    sama cobain eclair, tapi eclair doughnya sih bukan my liking ci..

    Ci, cobain juga deh teh gryphonnya yang roibos
    perpaduan rasa coklat dan caramel, wangi banget dan paling suka rasa caramelnya…

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    • hahaha ya ampun selfi, km makan segtu banyak kuenya sendiri? haiyaa..
      aku uda kekenyangan kmrn abis mkn siang langsung ljt kesana soalnya, haha..
      boleh2, kita mmg rencana mau kesana lagi nanti.. nti cobain deh rekomendasi yg km cuba itu hihi..

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      • Hahaha, iya ci itu semuanya aku yang makan XD
        jadi malu deh ci, aku ketahuan rakusnya yah
        habis aku suka model pastry gitu ci
        jadi suka yah langsung tunjuk/pesan
        temen aku aja kadang suka geleng2 kepala kalau ga aku dibilang gila kalau pesannya ga kira2 XD

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        • hahaha, kapan jumpa kita selfi? add kakaotalk ku donk ID-nya Yenmichieru 🙂

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  2. Sepertinya tempat ini recommend buat di coba, siapa tau bisa jadi tempat favourite nih, apalagi bisa dapat free dari manager yang baik hati, kabar2i cici n koko kalau mau ke sini lagi.

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