[NEW SPOT] Japanese Food at Kei Sushi and Yakitori

We heard about this recently opened Japanese eatery from hubby‘s friend, and we decided to pay a visit. Kei Sushi and Yakitori, which opened in mid-July 2014, is located nearby the Foundry 8, SCBD Sudirman, South Jakarta. The restaurant offers an atmosphere that combines minimalist Japanese style and a warm atmosphere to create an enjoyable moment while dining with friends or family. Though the place is not big, but they have a join dining area with several other restaurants such as Chopstix and Blue Monkey restaurant.

Kei Sushi and Yakitori SCBD by MyfunfoodiaryTampak Depan at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiaryat Kei Sushi SCBD by MyfunfoodiaryAmbience at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary

Just like any other Japanese restaurant, Kei Sushi and Yakitori offers varied Japanese food start from Yakitori, Noodles, Rice Bowl, Sushi Rolls, Sushi and Sashimi. Since Sushi and Yakitori is their specialization, I tried some of their recommendations.

Signature Roll Sushi, IDR 79K (8pcs)

A simple yet delicious sushi roll made of tempura shrimp, tuna, cheese with seared salmon, tobiko, scallion on top, and finished with chef special sauce.

Signature Roll Sushi at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary

Mix Sashimi Platter

This simple Japanese delicacy consists of very fresh, raw fish. The salmon sashimi came with the tuna sashimi and served with soy sauce for dipping, a small mound of shredded daikon radish, and leaf-shaped wasabi. Both fish were fresh and good! We loved it!

Mix Sashimi Platter at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary

US Beef Enoki and Salmon Asparagus Yakitori, IDR 22K each

I think Japanese Yakitori or often referred to as Kushiyaki becomes a trend lately in Jakarta because there is a new Japanese restaurant nearby this place that also specializes in grilled skewers. Among the 11 flavors, we tried US Beef with Enoki and Salmon with Asparagus Kushiyaki. Enoki mushrooms wrapped in thin slices US Beef and crisp asparagus wrapped in grilled salmon; both were delicious with or without the sweet sauce (Yakitori sauce).

Yakitori Salmon and Beef Enoki at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary

Nabeyaki Udon Tempura, IDR 38K (small size) 

Nabeyaki Udon is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. A small hot pot dish filled with chewy Udon, half poached egg, vegetables and a large Ebi tempura served on top.

Nabeyaki Udon at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary

Gyudon, IDR 79K

A simple bowl of rice topped with beef, onion, half poached egg, and ginger soy, simmered in a sweet sauce flavored with dashi and other ingredients. Beef, onions and sauce were all decent.

Gyudon at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary
Their food is good, friendly service and good atmosphere too. But it seems nothing special that makes us want to return to this place. Unfortunately, the price is quite expensive too! Because they are new, I hope their food will be stable in the future. From the food we’ve tried; Yakitori and Sashimi were our favorite. They have a special launch promotion from 11:00 until 03:00 from Rp.35.000, – ++ Do not miss it!

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Kei Sushi and Yakitori
Kawasan Niaga Terpadu Sudirman (SCBD), Lot 8, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5140 1019
Operating Hours:
11.00 – 23.30 (Sunday to Wednesday)
11.00 -02.00 (Thurs to Saturday)
Price Range: RP. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
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Special Lunch Promo at Kei Sushi SCBD by Myfunfoodiary

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