[NEW SPOT KULINER BANDUNG] Delicious Brunch and Desserts at Sukha Delights Cake Shop

After jogging with our friends at Sabuga ITB, we went towards Paskal Hyper Square Bandung. Here I found Sukha Delights, an interesting cake shop (Patisserie, Boulangerie, and Croissanterie) which opened in early May 2014 ago. Located not far from Paskal Food Market, Sukha Delights consists of two floors that offer the minimalist decor in all over the room. A touch of flower pots containing fresh flowers adorns each dining table. The waitress immediately greets friendly when we entered this place. The display cake, which located in front of the cafe area presents interesting sights, colorful cakes with a unique shape. Not only that, a wide variety of pastries also look tempting. Scroll down to find out more about this lovely cake shop in Bandung.

Front Side at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary First Floor at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary copy Operation Hours at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

There are only a few seats on the first floor that’s why, I chose to go directly to the second floor where a wider and more comfortable area available here. They decorate the second floor with a variety of scary Halloween decoration, ranging from spooky masks, spider webs, Halloween pumpkin, and others. For the first time, I saw a totality in decorating a Halloween theme inside a cake shop. It was pretty unique and creative! Haha.. 😀

Halloween Theme at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary Halloween Theme at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary 01 Scary Decors at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary Halloween Theme at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary 02

They also create a special cake named Autumn Cake for the Halloween day! That’s why, I want to share about this cafe to you before the Halloween ends. 

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Wide Variety of Cakes at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary copy

Sukha Delights not only provide a variety of cakes and pastries, but also a wide selection of breakfast menu and main course. The drink selection is quite varied, ranging from coffee, tea, juice, smoothies and frappe. As usual, I ordered some of their signature menus such as British Breakfast, Croissant Poulet, and Seasonal Homemade Lemonade.

Second Floor ambience at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary 01Tasty Food and Desserts at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

British Breakfast, IDR 52K

An indulgent breakfast menu, which consists of veal sausage, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, country bread, homemade baked beans, and a choice of eggs. That sunny-side up eggs looks gorgeous and all other combinations complement one another, seriously tasty! This menu quickly becomes the perfect way to start my Sunday. Recommended!

British Breakfast at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Croissant Poulet, IDR 35K

Of all the pastries, they strongly recommend me the Croissant Poulet. Layers of crisp and soft croissant contain smoked chicken marinated with black pepper and topped with generous mozzarella cheese. It’s my second menu and from my first bite, this is where I fell in love with Sukha Delights. A must try!

Croissant Poulet at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary 01

Seasonal Homemade Lemonade, IDR 22K 

They also recommend me a Seasonal Homemade Lemonade, made ​​from fresh lemon juice mixed with fresh mint leaves. I love all the combination where tangy, not too sweet, comes together with a pleasant hint of mint. Tastes so refreshing and perfect for summer! Recommended!

Seasonal Homemade Lemonade at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

At first they thought that I’m a Japanese girl, ha-ha.. But then I asked too many questions with Bahasa and were taking a lot of pictures, unlike regular customers. Later they figured out that I’m a food blogger from Jakarta. When paying at the cashier, they gave me a complimentary menu of Banh Mi, one of their signature sandwiches and two of their famous cakes. Thank you so much Sukha Delights!

Banh Mi, IDR 28.5K

Though it may look not as authentic as the Vietnamese version, but it tastes  good too! Asian chicken patty served with pickled vegetables, cilantro, chili, red onion, and chili mayo. Not to forget, their homemade large pieces of potatoes served with sprinkles of chili powder, a bit salty, got me addicted and can’t stop munching it! Recommended!

Banh Mi at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Brazilienne Cake, IDR 45K

Calling all dessert lovers, make sure to try this cake when you visit Sukha Delights. This cake combines the best of two treats, dark chocolate and Kahlua + Baileys. A thin layer of cake on the bottom layered with dark chocolate mousse and coffee. The outer layer of the cake is covered with dark chocolate. I found a little surprise of goodness where a mixture of Kahlua and Baileys flow out from a Vanilla Ball made of Chocolate, in the center of the cake. The cake is so soft, rich in chocolate, delicious and not too sweet. It’s really good, and we both enjoyed it so much! A must try!

Brazilienne Cake at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Autumn Cake, IDR 35K

Well, here it is a special cake made ​​by Sukha Delights to celebrate the Halloween day at the end of this month. A beautiful cake with a layer of creamy hazelnut mousse filled with pumpkin, cinnamon and maple syrup. It’s so soft and moist with just the right amount of pumpkin, spices and sweetness. Perfect!

Autumn Cake at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, we loved this place and the food as well! Although I did not have much time in this cafe because our Picanto friends are already waiting for us to get back together, I felt happy because everything is delicious here! Both main courses and desserts all taste good, and none were disappointing. So, if you’re looking for a place for breakfast, pastries or maybe yummy desserts that taste good and not too sweet, you can try Sukha Delights when you visit Bandung.

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Sukha Delights
Paskal Hyper Square D-11, Bandung
Phone: 022. 8606 1094
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 am until 10:00pm
Saturday to Sunday: 08:00 am until 11:00pm
Price Range: Rp. 30.000,– – Rp. 50.000,-
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Second Floor ambience at Sukha Delights in Bandung by Myfunfoodiary

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    itu hallowennya sampai kapan ci?
    kira2 minggu tanggal 2november masih ada ga,ci?
    berencana mau pergi ke sana soalnya..

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    • hai selfi, halloween kan akhir bulan oktober ini tapi aku gak tau dia kue-nya dijual sampe kapan..
      coba km telpon langsung ke mrk deh selfi, klo tgl yg kamu mau dtg masih ada ga..

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  2. Iya ci, makanya itu aku sangsi juga
    takutnya cuma sampai tanggal 31 oktober
    how was the “Autumn” ci? Just good or really good?

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    • really good selfi, terutama klo suka pumpkin juga.. kue satunya lagi yg Dark Choco itu enak bgt..
      pastry-nya yg Smoked Chicken itu di atas, enak bgt selfi..

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