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I‘ve experienced the delicious Hainan Chicken Rice from the famous Boon Tong Kee in Singapore on last December 2012. And recently I went to Woon Tung Kee, Kelapa Gading, the only branch of Boon Tong Kee in Jakarta, for a family dinner last weekend. Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading has been operating since March 2013. Boon Tong Kee in Singapore has known as one of the best Chinese Food restaurants with Hainan Chicken Rice as its specialty. The restaurant itself started from a small stall in the 1979’s and until now they already have many branches in Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia. It wasn’t hard for me to find this restaurant because it’s located across the Honda showroom, and nearby Born Ga Korean Resto. They decorate everything mostly with black and red color with Shanghai-style minimalist interior design. The building is divided into two parts where the first floor is for the general customers with greater space and tables while the second floor is for reservations or closed event.

Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Boon Tong Kee Singapore - by Myfunfoodiary

Boon Tong Kee Singapore – Hall of Fame

Prestasi Boon Tong Kee at Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by MyfunfoodiaryAmbience Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary

The famous Hainan Chicken Rice in Woon Tung Kee comes in two versions, boiled and roasted. For the boiled one, chicken meat without bones, served with pickled cabbage and a special black sauce. While for the roasted, chicken bones included and served with chili sauce. Because all of us liked the boiled version, so we ordered the Signature Boiled Chicken since it’s easier to eat, and of course, with some other menus.

WTK Signature Boiled Chicken, IDR 105K (half size)

We had half boiled Hainan Chicken for dinner, and it was nice! Moist, succulent chicken meat, smooth, flavorful and nicely cooked. We loved to dip the chicken into the chili sauce with a sweet dark soy sauce. Too bad they didn’t serve it with slices of ginger, and the salted pickles were too little. The Hainan Chicken Rice was fragrant, without being too oily.

Ayam Rebus Hainan at Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary

French Beans Garlic, IDR 35K 

A simple and ordinary stir-fry french beans tasted a little bit crisp and delicious. I heard they only use organic vegetables to give the best for their customers.

Tumis Buncis Bawang Putih at Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Curry Fried Fish, IDR 98K

Curry Fried Fish is one of their new menus, and we had the pleasure of trying it. I’m not surprised that the fish meat was so soft and smooth because they use dory fish fillet for this. Outer layer of flour that has been seasoned with curry, not too crispy, but it tasted good.

Ikan Kari Kering at Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Swee Kiaw Soup, IDR 22.5K

This one also a new menu in Woon Tung Kee. Suikiaw filled with chicken meat with slices of white radish, cooked and served with chicken broth. It tasted just like the other suikiaw.

Suikiaw Soup at Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Deep-Fried Stuffed Fritters, IDR 25K

These fritters are great for an appetizer. Deep-fried fritters stuffed with chicken meat that has been seasoned. Tasted crisp and delicious, best eaten with a mayonnaise dipping sauce that served on the side.

Cakwe Ayam at Woon Tung Kee Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, the quality may not exactly the same with the one we had tried in Boon Tong Kee, Singapore because as I remember; the original Boon Tong Kee had most exquisite flavors. Plus, the boiled chicken should come with more ginger. However, each dish was enjoyable, especially the smooth and tasty boiled Hainan Chicken.

Woon Tung Kee
Jalan Raya Boulevard Barat Blok LC 6 No.36-37, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Operating Hours: 11:30am until 9:30pm
Phone: 021. 451 55 53
Price Range: Rp. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
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