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Do you ever eat ice cream made from a Japanese Teppanyaki cooking style? Noizu Toku Toku, which opened recently at Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta offers something unique and different. Noizu Toku Toku is an ice cream parlor with a twist, owned by the same person behind the successful Ron’s Laboratory (molecular gastronomy gelato, ice cream,  and sorbet), Ron Prasanto. Even though this place is pretty small, unlike Ron’s Laboratory, but deep in my heart I know this place is going to be hit since its opened! Why? Well, you’ll get an answer right away, when you finished reading all my stories here. Mullie and Ron at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary

A couple days ago I got a chance to experience myself making my own ice cream creations. Ron started first in demonstrating to me how to use the Japanese Teppanyaki pan to make ice cream. Here in Noizu Toku Toku, all ice cream flavors are made to order (custom order). Customers can adjust the sweetness level, and the varieties of topping, which is suitable for any age, from young to old. Up to twenty types of toppings are available, make you even more creative when ordering ice cream at Noizu Toku Toku. It was really interesting!

Blackberry base with cashew nuts as a topping, made by Ron

Rons in the action at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary Blackberry Chasew Nuts at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary

Because Ron has made the ice cream itself using basic ingredients of blackberry, so I decided to make my own using the mango base and strawberries as a topping. Starting from stirring the mango base with milk, pour into the frozen pan, to slam the ice cream on top of the pan, it was all fun! No wonder the name of this ice cream store is called Noizu that reflects the activity of making the ice cream itself, Noizu from a Japanese word means noisy!

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Mullie in the action at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary Having fun making ice cream at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary Cut strawberries at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary My ice cream creation at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary Noizu Toku Toku create fun and entertaining experience for the customer by using the conduction technique as a method for freezing the ice cream on the spot. We made both flavors that day as an experiment and found out that both flavors equally delicious. If you want a savory sensation between  sweet and sour of blackberry fruit mixed with salted cashew nuts, try ordering the ice cream that Ron made. Meanwhile, if you want a mix of sweet and sour fresh on your ice cream, try the mango strawberry ice cream that I made. Both of them are so delicious! The ice cream texture is really soft. With a price ranging between Rp. 35.000, – to Rp. 50.000, – per cup, you can always customize your order, from the topping to sugar level. All of the ingredients are made fresh daily and prepared before serve. So, if you want to get a personal ice cream based on your personal liking or preferences, try Noizu Toku Toku.

Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary

If you’re too confused to custom your ice cream, then you should try this! Kraffelicious, one of their best-seller ice cream. I bought this a few days before the Grand Opening invitation while I had a movie date with my beloved husband, along with my nephew and niece. A great combination from the salted biscuit of Tango Kraffel mixed with popcorn and salted caramel sauce on top got me addicted! This one was so so good!!

Kraffelicious at Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary

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Noizu Toku Toku
Puri Indah Mall Ground Floor, level 67A, West Jakarta
Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price Range: Rp 35.000,– – Rp. 50.000,-
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