[KULINER BALI] Monokrom Coffee and Bar at Legian, Kuta

We have no idea at all of where to go on our first day in Bali. But it turns out that Monokrom Coffee and Bar is located in Legian, Kuta, nearby to where we were staying in Bali. Right after we checked-in at Neo Hotel, we decided to visit Monokrom Bali only 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Yay! Ha-ha.. This Coffee and Bar shop is a brand new spot around Legian, Kuta because they just opened last month, to be exact on November 01, 2014. We were pretty impressed with the combination of industrial and vintage concept for all the interior design of this place. The walls are decorated with posters of the 70’s style, and they also use a sewing machine table as a dining table. Cool! Not only that, there are also some board games available that can be used by visitors, such as chess boards, Othello, or table soccer. There were not many people hanging around this place during my visit, so we can freely move from one spot to another to take some good pictures of us and, of course, the food too!

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Hot Cappuccino, IDR 35K 

Since this is a coffee shop, of course, I had to try one of their coffees. We ordered a hot cappuccino where they used house blend coffee of Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia. It’s similar with the other cappuccino where it has a well-balanced coffee taste with a bittersweet chocolate finish, and they served it with a cute latte art on it.

Cappuccino at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary

Monokrom Croque Madame, IDR 55K

For lunch, we were interested to try some of their recommendations. Croque Madame is one of their favorites from the Breakfast selection. Beef Ham, swiss cheese, and beautiful sunny eggs are served on puff pastry and Mornay sauce. It was delicious, but, unfortunately, the puff pastry was kind of hard to cut by knife.

Monokrom Croque Madame at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary Monokrom Croque Madame at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary 01

Aussie Chicken Burger, IDR 70K

Because of the color, it is often also referred to as a Green Burger. They made the Burger Bun by themselves by using natural ingredients such as basil. The burger tasted delicious and become our favorite compared to the above picture. It consists of crispy pork bacon, juicy homemade minced chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, fried egg, pickle cucumber, cheddar cheese and served with french fries on the side.  There’s a pesto sauce under the layer of the burger, but I wish they could add some more so it could be more flavorful. Overall, we loved all the combination in it!

Aussie Chicken Burger at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary Aussie Chicken Burger at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary 01

Because it is still in the soft opening, this place is only open from 9:00 to 23:00. Of the overall experience, we enjoyed the food that we ordered, especially the Green Burger. The Mango Juice (IDR 30K) was freshly made 100% from mangos, but unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of it when one of the owners, Vincent, suddenly came to us, introduced himself, and guessing, are we myfunfoodiary? Ha-ha.. It turns out he had watched us on CCTV while we were taking pictures of food, oh no!!  Ha-ha.. Then we had a chat for a while with him. He said that, Benny, his brother as the architect who designed the entire interior.

View to The Long Table at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary

Because both of us are lacking sleep, so we didn’t spend much time there and immediately asked for our bill. Prices of food and beverages are subject to 10% government tax and 6% service charge. Good food, friendly staff, cozy place in a strategic location. The WiFi connection is very good too. If you want to have breakfast, brunch, spend your afternoon coffee, meeting with friends, dinner, etc. Monokrom Bali is ready to serve you.

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Monokrom Coffee and Bar
Jalan Legian 358A, Kuta – Bali
Phone: (+62) 361. 753. 693
Operating Hours: 11:00 – 22:30
Price Range: Above Rp. 100.000,-
Power Plug: Yes

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Tampak Luar Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary

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