[NEW SPOT] A House of Japanese Hamburg at Mottomoo Hamburg PIK

Accidentally spotted this new restaurant, Mottomoo Hamburg specialized in serving Japanese Hamburg in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) when I wanted to find something for dinner yesterday. Mottomoo Hamburg is located in a row of commercial buildings after Fresh Market PIK and right before Cake A Boo, so you can easily find this restaurant. Well, I asked one of the waiters, he told me that Mottomoo Hamburg has been opened on February 15, 2015 (almost a month running). Therefore, this restaurant is pretty new around PIK area.

Tampak Depan Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary collage

The dining space is not big, but the minimalist Japanese decors and yellowish dim lighting create a warm and cozy ambiance for visitors. No other visitors at the time; maybe we were too early for dinner. Ha-ha.. But I saw a group of people had a meeting at the front side of the restaurant, and when we came, they moved and sat at another table in the back of the restaurant. We didn’t know who they are, and once we’ve finished ordering food, we took some pictures of the ambiance, etc. which might be interesting for my blog.

Suasana Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary 01 Suasana Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary 04 Suasana Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary

While taking some pictures, suddenly one of them asked whether we want to try something new that is not in the menu. It’s a new menu, and because the Japanese chef was there, they wanted to get another opinion from customers. There were no other customers at that time, and they completely don’t know that we are food bloggers. We did not say anything; we were stunned for a moment before finally agreed to be a tester for the new menu, Hamburg Mustard Cream Sauce. Ha-ha..

Orange Lychee Iced Tea, IDR 26K

At first I wanted to order just the common hot Ocha, but my husband wanted something different. So we chose the Orange Lychee Iced Tea from the menu. Nothing special about this drink, but we loved the combination of both flavors. I expected the drink would come with slices of orange or lychee fruit inside, but, unfortunately, there were none.

Iced Orange Lychee Tea at Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary

Kani Creme Korroke, IDR 39K

Korroke in English means Japanese Croquette. This Japanese croquette made of crab meat with less flour that produces a creamy texture in it. The croquette tasted delicious, and we loved the tartar that serves as a dipping sauce because it contains finely chopped boiled eggs and pickles in it. So yummy!

Crab Croquette Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary Crab Croquette Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary 01

Mottomoo Hamburg is a house of Hamburg specialized in Japanese Hamburg, and Yoshoku dishes crafted by Chef Yukimura Motokichi from the famous restaurant Kichi Kichi in Kyoto, Japan. Although there are several other dishes, such as pasta, and rice dishes, our main intention was to try the Hamburg dishes. Of the six versions of Hamburg that’s available, we ordered Hamburg Gratin, one of their favorites.

Click PLAY button on below 5 mins short video of Mottomoo Hamburg from our YouTube channel:

Hamburg Gratin, IDR 99K 

Hamburg looks similar to beef steak that is made of ground beef, but Mottomoo Hamburg made all Hamburg in house, freshly grind from Australian Black Angus Rib Eye shaped into a patty. This dish was pretty unique because there was a bit of pasta that lies underneath the meat. The beef itself was cooked to perfection, tender and moist. While the creamy white Bechamel sauce topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese gave a nice sweetness and tasty flavor to the meat. I also ordered a sunny side up egg as an extra topping that adds layers of flavor and make it become a very mouth-watering dish. Absolutely delicious!

Hamburg Gratin at Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary 01 Hamburg Gratin at Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary 03

Hamburg Mustard Cream Sauce - tester (not yet in the menu)

So, this was the new menu that he (perhaps he’s the owner of Mottomoo) gave to us to be tested. The mustard sauce has a nice creamy texture, not too thick and was dominated by the savory flavor to the overall taste. It’s suitable for those of you who like savory food. But if you prefer a combination of sweet and savory flavor in your menu, I suggest you to try the Hamburg Gratin in the picture above.

Hamburg Cream Mustard Sauce at Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary

Overall from our experience, both of us satisfied with their food and their service. The price is pretty expensive (ranging from IDR 87K for Hamburg, IDR 68K for pasta, IDR 65K for rice dishes). But since it’s still in the soft opening period, we got a 20% discount on all food items (exclude drinks). Yay! So I paid a total of IDR 168K and left the place with a happier mood. Good food indeed makes me happy! Do you feel the same way too? 🙂

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Mottomoo Hamburg Restaurant
Rukan Garden House Blok B/21, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta
Phone: 021-9505.1043
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Free WIFI: Yes
Price Range: above Rp. 100.000,-
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Hamburg Fiesta at Motto Moo Hamburg by Myfunfoodiary

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