[NEW SPOT] Various Snowflakes Milk Sherbet at Aree Korean Desserts

I don’t know exactly since when but it seems that Korean desserts are booming lately. There’s Aree Korean Dessert Cafe, a new Korean Dessert Cafe in Mall Alam Sutera, which we visited a few days ago. This cafe is apparently under the same management with the Korean restaurant next door, called Pomato Spoon. If you’re familiar and frequently visit this mall, you will easily spot this cafe. The dining area is quite spacious with minimalist wood table and some of red and yellow colored chair. Lucky us, they’re still giving 20% for the opening promo. Yay!

Tampak Depan Korean Aree Dessert Cafe by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Korean Aree Dessert Cafe by Myfunfoodiary

Aree Korean Dessert Cafe serves a variety of Snowflake Milk Sherbet because they use shave ice milk as a base. There are 13 variants of Snowflake Milk Sherbet, such as Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry Cheese, Black Sesame, Injeolmi, Matcha Snowflake, etc. At first we wanted to try the Mango Cheese but they were not ready with that. We also realized some parts of the book were closed (some menus are not ready), so we finally decided to order Premium Strawberry Snowflake Milk Sherbet and Chocolate Fondue Brownies.

Behind The scene in the kitchen Aree Korean Dessert Cafe by Myfunfoodiary

Premium Strawberry Snowflake Milk Sherbet, IDR 65K

A portion of finely shaved ice flakes made of milk, topped with a generous fresh cut strawberries, whipped cream, and a slice of cheesecake on top. Strawberries used in this cafe obviously fresh, and as we dig into the dessert, we discovered some frozen plain yoghurt as well. It gave a unique mixture of sweet and sour taste to the fresh strawberries.

Premium Strawberry Snowflake Milk Sherbet at Aree Korean Dessert by Myfunfoodiary Premium Strawberry Snowflake Milk Sherbet at Aree Korean Dessert by Myfunfoodiary 01 Premium Strawberry Snowflake Milk Sherbet at Aree Korean Dessert Cafe by Myfunfoodiary 02

Chocolate Fondue Brownies, IDR 35K

The sweet flavor of the vanilla ice cream enhanced by the chocolate sauce drizzle on top and served with two brownie cake below the ice cream. The chocolate sauce and ice cream were blended perfectly and made it become a delightful dessert with a mild sweet flavor of chocolate. But unfortunately we didn’t like the texture of the brownies which was too dense and less moist at that time.

Choco Fondue Brownies at Aree Korean Dessert Cafe by Myfunfoodiary

We didn’t try anything else because the snowflake milk sherbet portion was quite big and in my opinion, it can be share up to two persons. I shared it with my husband, and we enjoyed the Premium Strawberry Snowflake Milk Sherbet so much. The place and their service is nice, but is overpriced for a dessert, ranging from IDR 45K to IDR 65K before subject to a 10% tax.

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Aree Korean Dessert Cafe
Mall Alam Sutera 2nd Floor next to Pomato Spoon Restaurant, Serpong, Tangerang
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price Range: Rp. 30.000,– – Rp. 50.000,-
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  1. Nungguin banget cici review Aree…
    huhu, diskonnya udah kelewatan dong aku, kok nanggung cuma sampai sabtu

    kalau tanggal 28 maret, aku masih bisa pergi
    selain 2 di atas ada varian apalagi ci..

    Kalau sama shaved tetangga, enakan mana ci

    Post a Reply
    • Iyaaa keburu abis diskonnya, aku datang hoki masih dpt diskon haha… mayan mahal sih tp boleh juga dessertnya..
      agak mirip tapi beda sih soalnya model penyajiannya jg beda.. ada bnyk pilihan tapi beberapa belom ready..

      Post a Reply
      • Iya pada ngeluh mahal yah cih..
        terus ada baca beberapa, feedbacknya kurang bagus sih
        jadi ragu mau coba apa ngga..

        kalau shaved ice ala Korea gini lagi ngetren yah cih
        di shaboo 9 gancit juga mayan banyak variannya ci
        sama di snow bowl lotte ci, juga ada model shaved ice seperti ini..

        Post a Reply
        • yeap emang rada mahal sih tp makanya aku blg sharing aja berdua, haha..
          yg brownies terlalu keras kmrn yg aku makan.. ah iya tu, shaboo 9 jg lagi hits blm sempet coba tapi…
          ooh snow bowl, iya pnh dgr..

          Post a Reply
          • Ahaha, masalahnya ci, walaupun pergi bareng temen
            aku ga bisa nahan diri untuk ga pesan banyak XD

            Iya ci, merry berry bingsunya shaboonine
            kelihatan tempting sekali..

            Nanti cobain deh, masih baru sih yah jadi mungkin masih belum stabil rasa dessertnya si Aree
            semoga pas datang udah lebih enak rasanya..

  2. Chocolate fondue brownies nya kayaknya enak bangetttt! Smoga pas kesana brownies nya lebih moist 😀

    Post a Reply
    • hihihi iya, modah2an mrk uda stabil penyajiannya bs lebih baik ke depannya.. 😀

      Post a Reply

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