[NEW SPOT] Great Value of Sushi Now Open Itacho Sushi in Indonesia

Hooray! Good news for all Japanese Food lovers in Jakarta! Finally, Itacho Sushi now opened its branch in Jakarta a week ago on Wednesday, February 26, 2015 located in Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Itacho Sushi is a well-known Japanese Food restaurant that has been known since opening its first outlet in Hongkong and has been successful with more than 24 branches; in Japan, China, Australia, Singapore and now in Indonesia. I went there with my husband, Andy Pau, yesterday to give it a try because we heard from hubby’s friends and family, this restaurant serves a very good Sushi and Sashimi.

Suasana Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary 01 Ambiance at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

The restaurant has a spacious dining area; you can sit at the sushi bar while watching the chefs prepare your sushi, on the front side near the entrance, or on the back side near the window. No other visitors at that time when we entered the restaurant, but a bit silly when they didn’t allow us to sit near the window. There was this one guy came up to us and asked us to sit in the front area, because the lack of manpower, he said. It’s a new and big restaurant, they should be ready for everything, right? Sigh!

Suasana Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary 05

On each table, they’ve provided wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger together with instructions on how to eat Sushi in an authentic way. Well noted!

Cara Makan Sushi at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

When we were seated, the waiter came and gave us a book menu without any explanation that we have to write down what we wanted on the order sheet and return it to them. Sigh!

Hot Ocha - Free and Refillable

Hot Ocha at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

Itacho Sushi is a Japanese dining concept that mainly focuses on sushi. So from more than 50 varieties of sushi in Itacho, we finally decided to try out some of their favorite sushi marked with “Hot Item” and thumb up on the menu.

#149 Supreme Sea Eel, IDR 70K 

Look at this! A long piece of thin eel on top of tiny sushi rice. Although the grilled eel somewhat a bit dry, but the seasoning was not too sweet, so both of us can still enjoy it.

Supreme Sea Eel at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary 01 Supreme Sea Eel at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

#111 Salmon Sushi, IDR 10K/piece 
#115 Blue Fin Tuna Sushi, IDR 31K/piece

Most of the sushi on the menu is reasonably priced compared to other Japanese Food restaurants in Jakarta. Itacho Sushi only uses fresh fish, and some of them is imported from Japan by air directly. For example, the Blue Fin Tuna that we had yesterday. It was so fresh and delicious! The Salmon sushi was just fine.

Salmon and Blue Fin Tuna at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

#512 Fatty Salmon, IDR 33K (for 3 pieces) - must try!

These Fatty Salmon was truly one of the tastiest and softest sashimi I’ve ever had in Jakarta so far (apart from our visit to some Japanese food restaurant when we had a trip to Japan in August 2014). Without a doubt, we immediately ordered second plates after we tasted the melt-in-the-mouth sensation of this Fatty Salmon. No fishy smell and incredibly fresh! Best to eat them directly or with additional soy sauce.

Make sure to memorize your order because the waiter sent us #521 Scallop from the sushi bar instead of #512 Fatty Salmon which we wrote on the order sheet. It seems the chef who serves it was less focus on customer orders.

Fatty Salmon at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by MyfunfoodiaryClose Up Fatty Salmon at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

#218 Roasted Salmon, IDR 10K per piece

This time we prefer to try the Roasted Salmon instead of the normal salmon. Though I didn’t get a slightly crispy texture on the outer, but the salmon was fresh, and the mayonnaise adds the flavor to the salmon.

Roasted Fatty Salmon at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

#429 Salmon Salad Lobster Roll, IDR 26K (for 2 pieces) 

Lobster salad with mayonnaise on top of the salmon sushi roll, also become our favorite sushi that day! A mouthful of seafood goodness, so good!!

Salmon Salad Lobster Roll at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

So from our overall experience, we had a pleasant dining experience at Itacho Sushi and spent only IDR 260K for the above food that we’ve ordered (include a 5 % service charge and 10% tax).  It is a good place to get a good quality of sushi and sashimi at an affordable price (starts from IDR 10K to IDR 220K). I hope they can improve their service. Their service is average, but because they offer a wide variety of sushi creations (traditional and modern sushi), we will come back for more Fatty Salmon, Lobster Salmon Roll, and Supreme Sea Eel perhaps. If you cannot eat raw fish, don’t worry because Itacho Sushi also serves Udon, Soba, Noodle, and rice dishes as well. For example, Teriyaki Chicken with Rice IDR 49K, Curry Beef Chop with Rice or Udon IDR 58K, Udon/Soba in soup with Tempura IDR 67K, etc.

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Itacho Sushi Indonesia
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall Level 3A Skybridge, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta
Phone: 021. 2358. 1228
Operation Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price Range: Rp. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
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Sushi and Sashimi Feast at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary


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  1. Itacho Sushi looks like a very elegant restaurant. I love the way their furniture looks and the counter is made out of wood which gives it a very appealing and distinct look. I can’t tell if you have a very nice camera, or the restaurant is brightly lit haha. Your sushi picture taking skills are outstanding. The closeups are very professionally done and make the sushi look phenomenal!

    Another great post!

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    • Thank you so much William for dropping by to our web. Have a good day to you! 🙂

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  2. Had lunch here today but very disappointed. To make it short, I found hairs in the salad (but I wouldn’t be bothered to complain as all the staff were so busy). And then again I ordered chicken teriyaki don and the chicken still raw inside. This time I complained and the waiter offered replacement but I just want to cancel it. Only agree their sashimi is okay especially fatty salmon sashimi. Hopefully they will improve their service.

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    • Sad to hear that 🙁
      That’s why I usually avoid the dinner or lunch hour when visiting a new restaurant.
      I haven’t tried any other food except the sushi and sashimi.
      But this is good information, thx Henny for sharing and dropping by to our blog. 🙂
      I hope they can improve their services and maintain the quality of the food and staff as well.

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