[NEW BRANCH] Wagyu Beef Patty Burger at The Republic of Burger, Kemang

The Republic of Burger (RoB) has been known as one of the burger places to visit in Jakarta. So I visited the Kemang outlet (almost two weeks ago), which is the newest branch of The Republic of Burger that has been opened since January 2015. Located in South Kemang, this branch is more spacious than in RoB Cipete Raya, told one of the waiters to me. Somehow, this burger house still looked small to me, and lack of parking spaces, especially if we visit them during peak hours (lunch time or dinner time). Fortunately, the other restaurant next door was not yet opened so we could park our car there.

Tampak Depan The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Lantai 2 The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary Dekorasi Rak at The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary 03

There were not many customers when we came for brunch, so I can freely choose where I wanted to sit down. Ha-ha… As reflected in its name, The Republic of Burger is all about burgers. So of course I came to try the best-seller burger and their favorite drink in RoB. Oh, you know what? The waiter who took our order was very friendly and attentive, too. He could precisely memorize what we had ordered without taking notes. How nice!

Nutella Freeze, IDR 39K

I’m a fan of chocolate drinks; so I opted for a Nutella Freeze drink. It’s a smoothie made of original Nutella paste, blended with chocolate ice cream and low-fat milk. It tasted heavenly, not overly sweet, and simply perfect to beat the hot summer days.

Nutella Freeze at The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary

Friends Pack Buffalo Wings, IDR 52K (500 gram)

A serving of 500 grams classic chicken wings perfectly fried and coated with crispy flour. I chose the Volcano sauce (hot sauce) because the waitress said, Volcano is their favorite sauce for buffalo wings. It turned out that the sauce wasn’t spicy at all, unlike what we expected. But we enjoyed the crispness and spicy flavor with a touch of sweetness on these chicken wings. So delicious!

Friends Pack Buffalo Wings at The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary Friends Pack Buffalo Wings at The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary 01

The Republican Monster, IDR 76K

I was tempted to try all the burgers, including the best-seller and the new one. Unfortunately, we can’t eat that much, so this time we decided just to try the Republican Monster, which claimed to be a best-seller and signature burger in RoB. As the name suggests, this burger was so big! It consisted of 250gr Australian premium Wagyu beef patty with organic vegetables, sauteed onions, double melted cheddar cheese, crispy sliced bacon, and extra crispy onion rings on top. It also served with waffle fries and BBQ sauce that I chose when placing an order. I didn’t mind letting my hands dirty because this burger was so good! I loved all the combination in this burger; the beef patty was juicy and tender, and everything was delicious!

The Republican Monster at The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary The Republican Monster at The Republic of Burger Kemang by Myfunfoodiary 03

The place is not big but comfortable enough to enjoy good times with friends and family while enjoying burgers, fries, buffalo wings, etc. Overall from my experience, both of us were satisfied with their food and drink. Delicious burger with huge portion and at affordable prices starts from Rp. 38.000,-. Well, not just burgers, but they also offer several choices of pasta. The Republic of Burger is indeed one of the burgers spot worth visiting, much better than a fast food burger joint that we usually find in Jakarta.If Kemang is too far for you, you can visit the other branch at Bintaro Sektor 7.

*all prices above are subject to 10% tax and 5% service charge

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The Republic of Burger (RoB) Kemang
Kemang Selatan No. 150 D4, Jakarta Selatan
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Phone: 021.3658.0862
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 200.000,– for two persons
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