[NEW SPOT] Hang Out and Snack Time at OTW Food Street Gading

OTW Food Street, which is located in Kelapa Kopyor, Kelapa Gading has quickly address the needs of young people who like to hang out with friends. Although OTW Gading has been opened for two months, this place has become one of the hit places to eat in Kelapa Gading at the moment. The dining area is not big, but because of its location in a residential complex, the parking lot is also limited. That’s why, even though the place has not opened, people come early to get a seat before the place gets crowded. I also got there earlier with my family to try some food. So, here’s what we’ve tried at OTW Gading!

OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary Tampak Depan OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary Keramaian di OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary

OTW Food Street Gading comes with the industrial look with a dining table which partly using old-fashioned sewing machine tables. It’s quite unique and is similar to what I found in most cafes in Bali a few months ago! With the concept of a mini food court, they require diners to order food and pay in advance at the cashier for each corresponding category; martabak, rice bowl/burger, coffee/drink, and Cendol Bar.

Kaki Meja Mesin Jahit OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Ramai di OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary

When the clock showed at 4 p.m., one of the waiters shouted, “Okay, we are NOW OPEN!”. And instantaneous, all diners quickly lined up in front of each stall there. Me and my little brother also immediately lined up in front of the Beyond Cendol and Duren Bar stall whose name is booming since first opening in Pasar Santa, South Jakarta. We also ordered Martabak Telur, Baso Sapi with Sumsum (marrow), Teriyaki Gyutan Ricebowl, and a Black Burger.

Antrian di Cendol Duren Bar OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary Bill Pesanan OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary kolase

Beyond Cendol and Durian Bar offers Cendol and Iced Durian with many choices of toppings. This probably one of the many reasons why I saw many youngsters and families came to this place.

Iced Duren Ovamaltine (IDR 30K) with extra Cendol (IDR 3K) = IDR 33K

Durian here turned out really good! Durian has been blended with ice and milk, served with grass jelly and Ovamaltine as topping as I ordered. The Cendol also different, because apparently the cendol made from milk, not from coconut milk like most other cendol. It was so addictive!

Iced Durian Cendol Ovamaltine at OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Iced Duren Brownies Nutela, IDR 28K

The Brownies Nutella version was also delicious, but too sweet for my personal liking!

Iced Durian Brownies Nutella at Martabak Daging Sapi Black Pepper OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary 02

Martabak Telur OTW with Beef Black Pepper, IDR 65K 

From the Martabak stall, we tried egg martabak (Martabak Telur) with black pepper beef. It tasted good as well, but it would be better if they put more meat into it, considering the price is not cheap. However, this martabak was not bad at all.

Martabak Daging Sapi Black Pepper OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary 01

Baso Sapi + Sumsum, IDR 25K

A portion of small beef meatballs with beef bone marrow (sumsum sapi) served with savory and tasty broth. It’s been a long time since the last time I ate this, and I was pleased when I found this menu in OTW Gading. The marrow has that slightly gelatinous, fat, and creamy texture, exactly what I wanted. It was simply delicious!

Baso Sapi dan Sum-Sum OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Black Burger (IDR 28K) with extra egg (IDR 6K) = IDR 34K

I ordered this just because I wanted to show my parents, that Black Burger is trending now. Ha-ha.. This burger consisted of a beef patty, vegetables, cheese, and extra egg that I ordered. The black bun somewhat tasted a bit dry for me, but we enjoyed the yummy contents inside the black bun.

Black Burger at OTW Food Street Gading by Myfunfoodiary

Teriyaki Gyutan Rice Bowl, IDR 28K

I was tempted to order Teriyaki Gyutan (ox tongue) Rice Bowl from the rice dishes section. The portion was quite filling, but not as tasty as what I’ve eaten in some other places. Nothing special with the ox tongue and the teriyaki sauce was too sweet for all of us.

Teriyaki Gyutan Rice Bowl at OTW Gading by Myfunfoodiary

So overall from my experience, there’s nothing so special with the food that we’ve tried on above post. Except the Iced Durian, I will come back for that rather than travel long distances to Pasar Santa. Several other tables ordered Mie Hijau Ayam Jamur (Chicken Mushroom Green Noodle), Kue Cubit (Pinch Cake), Nasi Goreng Hitam (Squid Ink Fried Rice), etc. So, probably I will come back to try Es Cendol with a variety of toppings from the famous Beyond Cendol and Durian Bar stall, and perhaps the Long John Bread as well.. He-he..

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OTW Food Street Gading
Kelapa Kopyor BA 2 No. 1, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Opening Hours: 16:00 – 22:00 (closed every Monday)
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 100.000,– for two persons
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