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There’s another Japanese restaurant that recently opened on April 18, 2015 named Ebisuya Restaurant located at Bandengan Utara, North Jakarta. I had heard about it from my cousin who lives near the area and then received a confirmation from Selfi, a loyal reader who often reads and leave comments on most of the articles on my blog. Yay! Thank you! So, yup! I visited this restaurant a few days ago for dinner with my husband. We arrived early, but we didn’t know that they opened the restaurant at certain hours only (Lunch: 11.30 – 14.30 // Dinner: 17.30 – 22.00 // closed every Monday).

Tampak Depan at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 05

Luckily, there was a nice girl who’s in charge at that time, and she allowed us to wait there for a while before the restaurant back in operation at 5.30pm for dinner session. Ebisuya Restaurant itself is spacious with minimalist decor on all over the room. So while waiting, I took some pictures of the restaurant which mostly using wooden shelves, also wooden tables and chair for the dining room.

Suasana Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 03 Suasana Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 02

The Japanese mural painting on the wall also took my attention when I entered Ebisuya Restaurant. Although I did not understand the meaning behind the picture, I enjoy seeing a variety of Japanese motifs and combinations of colors that painted there.

Suasana at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 08 Suasana Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 04Suasana Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 06

Ebisuya Restaurant offers a wide variety of Japanese food; perhaps they have more than 200 menus. Starting from the typical Japanese appetizers, salads, soups, sushi rolls, sashimi, the house favorite set menu, a variety of steamed rice, and many more. There are so many choices, but without a sample of pictures on the menu, so I decided to try one dish from each category that seems unique and recommended by the restaurant manager.

Cold Ocha, IDR 5K (refillable)

Cold Ocha at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Salmon Belly Sashimi, IDR 40K

Do you know why I always ordered Salmon Belly in any Japanese restaurant that has Salmon Belly on their menu? Salmon Belly has a higher fat content, but it is much softer than usual Salmon Sashimi. What I have tried in Ebisuya Restaurant also recommended. The salmon belly was very smooth, and I can taste the freshness of salmon in my mouth!

Salmon Belly at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Spider Roll, IDR 40K

From the specialty fusion roll section, I ordered the Spider Roll sushi. It consisted of crispy soft shell crab, and avocado roll, garnished with bonito flakes all over it. It looked like a spider because the crab legs were sticking out of both ends of the sushi. The bonito flakes which are made from dried, fermented, and shaved fish, added a unique flavor to the sushi. It was simply delicious!

Spider Roll at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 01

Mochi Tori Karaage, IDR 45K

The Mochi Tori Karaage instantly became my favorite appetizers. It’s basically a set of deep-fried chicken karaage coated with rice cakes (Mochi). They use chicken thighs for this dish and well marinated, no wonder the texture of the chicken was very moist, juicy and flavorful.

Mochi Tori Karaage at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Mochi Tori Karaage at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Seiro Gomoku Char Siu, IDR 85K

Ebisuya Restaurant provides Bamboo Seiro (bamboo steamed dishes) as their signature dishes that we cannot find in other Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Seiro Gomoku dishes are served with Salmon Katsu, miso soup, pickles, and dessert, with a choice of different toppings. (But hey, I just realized now, where’s my dessert?? Hiks.. 🙁 )

Seiro Gomoku Char Siu at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

I ordered Seiro Gomoku Char Siu among eight other options just because it contains pork belly. He-he.. Some Japanese seasonings such as kombu and sake made the rice became so tasty with a hint of dashi flavor. Not to forget, steamed braised pork belly was so tender and well presented over the rice in a unique bamboo basket. It may look simple, but surprisingly, all the combination was so delicious!! Salmon Katsu, which made of imported white salmon, was also unique and yummy. The portion was quite filling for me, though, the rice only filled half the size of the bamboo basket. A must try!

Seiro Gomoku Char Siu at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

At first I thought it was a franchise restaurant from Japan, but apparently, Ebisuya Restaurant is a new restaurant under the same management with Meat Me Restaurant. Not surprisingly, this restaurant is located adjacent to each other. So, overall from my experience, we really enjoyed all the food above, despite the Mochi Tori Karaage leave a salty aftertaste at the end of my meal. The friendly and attentive staff, competitive price, and good quality of food, makes Ebisuya Restaurant worth a visit by everyone who loves Japanese food. We will definitely return to try some other dishes. Pssst, they’re still giving 20% off discount (food only) until end of this month! Don’t miss it!

*all prices above are subject to 10% tax and 5% service charge

Unique Jar at Ebisuya Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

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Ebisuya Restaurant
Jl. Bandengan Utara No. 20, Jakarta Utara 11240
Opening Hours:
Closed every Monday
Lunch: 11.30 – 14.30
Dinner: 17.30 – 22.00
Phone: 021.6915690 / 691
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 200.000,– for two persons
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  1. Ah… cici nama aku kok disebutin, kan jadi malu XP

    Jadi seironya ga sebanyak seperti yang terlihat ya ci?
    Pork bellynya looks good ci
    Cici ga dapat dessertnya yah? jangan sedih ci
    soalnya pas aku tanya baru ada green tea dan coklat ice cream
    Padahal pengen kalau ada parfait atau yang unik
    secara menu mereka unik2 kalau menurut aku

    Cici, yang ada blazer hitam, cici duduk di situ yah?
    kalau iya, aku juga duduk di tempat yang sama persis yang ada blazer hitamnya

    Kalau siang hari tempatnya kelihatan lebih bagus
    aku soalnya datang pas malam hari
    di lantai 2 ada mural artnya juga ga, ci?

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    • Hi Selfi, hahaha… iya, ga dpt dessert nih aku pun baru ngeh pas nulis sambil liat foto menu.. >.< Menu nya sih banyak bgt yah, unik2 memang makanya masih pgn balik lgi nanti ajak family.. Yeap, pork bellynya so goooood! Musti makan pas masih anget2 itu, porsinya lmyan juga meski gak full satu bambu.. 😀 Aku duduk sisi samping dpn resto, bkn yg di blazer hitam. Nah lantai atas itu ada fotonya, yg lesehan2 ada mural juga yg gambar gunung biru..

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      • Sama ci aku juga baru ngeh
        harusnya aku dapat dessert juga pas pesan katsu curry
        tapi aku lupa minta dan tanya ke servernya

        iya tuh ci
        semoga dessertnya juga tambah banyak pilihannya

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        • Hihihi… iya betil, eh kpn2 makan bareng yuk.. aku email yak.. thaaaa.. 🙂

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  2. Haii cici.

    Thank you review nya 🙂 kemarin sempet nungguin. Heheh.

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