[NEW SPOT] Bringing The Taste of New York, The Halal Boys Now Open in Jakarta

The Halal Boys, a newly opened Food Stall in Senayan area (South Jakarta) which located exactly in front of Waluma Waroeng, and across the Beautika restaurant become a hit place to visit recently. I heard this brand carries the concept of The Halal Guys, a famous food street in New York since 1990. The owner of The Halal Boys seems to want to answer the longing of New Yorkers who are in Jakarta. This food stall just opened last Thursday (it meant three days ago) and I was surprised at the number of people that were ready and soon make a long queue when The Halal Boys opened their container at 5 pm.

The Crowd at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary Decor Foodtruck at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary Decor at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary 01

The Halal Boys only offers three choices of rice food; there are Chicken Over Rice, Lamb Over Rice, or Half-Half (mix both). At first, it looked like a normal rice bowl, but they come with a different presentation.

Menu at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary

The Halal Boys use spiced rice, which known as Briyani rice (long-grain brown rice) and served with a choice of meat, pita bread, vegetable and the special sauce available in two options: white sauce and red (spicy) sauce. They also provide a BBQ sauce as an optional sauce if diners want to try something different.

Sauces spot on! You can add the sauce as much as you want it!

Sauces spot on! You can add the sauce as much as you want it!

Lamb Over Rice, IDR 55K

Lamb Rice at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary 0 Lamb Rice at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary 02 Lamb Rice at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary

I’ve tried both types of meat, and Chicken Over Rice was my favorite because the lamb meat tasted a bit salty for my personal liking. Best eaten when we mix the rice together with everything, and the flavor was something that I can’t describe in detail. However, the brown rice has a nice scent though, the aroma of the spices wasn’t too strong, and the white sauce that made of secret ingredients tasted good. It was delicious!

Chicken Rice at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary 01 Chicken Rice at The Halal Boys by Myfunfoodiary

I haven’t tried the real one in New York, The Halal Guys, that’s why I cannot make a comparison between The Halal Guys and The Halal Boys. But I like the simple combination and the flavors that come out of this food. Something creamy yet tasty and flavorful for me. If you’re part of New Yorkers and longed for something like this, you might want to visit The Halal Boys and give it a try.

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The Halal Boys
Jalan Hang Lekir 2 No. 4 (opposite Beautika Restaurant), Kebayoran Baru.
Opening Hours: 17:00 – finish
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 150.000,– for two persons
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  1. Great post as always!

    The Halal Guys in New York (which I believe were the inspiration of this joint) were soooooooo amazing! The portion were huge and for a very decent price. Seeing from the post this one is a bit lacking in portion, in comparison to the original joint but I am so excited to have this kind of chicken rice in Jakarta! Would definitely try ittt!

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