[NEW SPOT] Cute Ted Bear and Panda Curry Rice at Itadakimasu Resto PIK

Geez, I’m amazed how restaurants in Jakarta have grown so fast lately. I would not know about Itadakimasu Restaurant in PIK if one of my students didn’t send a message through a LINE messenger to me. Thanks, Fiona! 🙂 So, I finally visited the Itadakimasu restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) newly opened five days ago for lunch after renewing my passport (before going for our big trip soon, yay! Can’t wait.. Can’t wait.. ). In Japanese, Itadakimasu means “eat” and the minimalist cute Japanese concept applied not only to the interior, but also on their food. It is not difficult to find this restaurant because Itadakimasu restaurant is located in the same row with PappaJack Kopitiam and several blocks before the Madam Guat restaurant in the Ruko Elang Laut, PIK.

Suasana Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiarySuasana Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiarySuasana Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiarySuasana Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryCute Ted at Itadakimasu by Myfunfoodiary

There were not many diners who eat there when I arrived. One of the waiters explained that some of the food given the green sticker next to it is not yet available. That’s why I chose to try some of their recommendations. For drinks, Itadakimasu provides several flavors of Milk tea and Yakult drinks. I chose to order Strawberry Yakult, which turned out to be my favorite rather than Taro Milk Tea. This fruit-flavored Yakult tasted refreshing with a good balance of sweet and sour flavor.

Strawberry Yakult, IDR 24K + Taro Milk Tea, IDR 21K 
Strawberry Yakult and Taro Milk Tea at Itadakimasu by Myfunfoodiary

Left: Strawberry Yakult – Right: Taro Milk Tea

Starving Panda, IDR 48K

So this is one of their signature menu, the Starving Panda. Five panda-shaped rice served with a spicy curry sauce and Chicken Katsu on top. Although the curry sauce was slightly different, unlike the authentic Japanese curry, but the curry sauce tasted delicious with a medium spicy level. Unfortunately, they didn’t use Japanese rice; the rice was a bit harsh and very dry. We ended up leaving two cute pandas on my plate, and the same thing happened to the table next to us.

Starving Panda at Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryStarving Panda at Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryStarving Panda at Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryStarving Panda at Itadakimasu by Myfunfoodiary

Gyu Tan Don, IDR 48K

The Beef tongue dishes become a trend lately in Jakarta, and  I was tempted to try Gyu Tan Don, which marked as Ted’s favorite in Itadakimasu restaurant. The portion was small, but here customers can choose the level of spiciness from level 1 until level 3 (more spicy). The Gyu Tan tasted spicy and chewy. However, the seasoning somewhat lacked something and not tasty enough for my personal liking. I still prefer the Gyu Tan Don with a bolder flavor and perhaps with extra scrambled egg on top, for example, Gyu Tan Don at Fitz*** or the one near my house, Hachim**su.

Gyu Tan Don at Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryGyu Tan Don at Itadakimasu Resto by Myfunfoodiary 03

Mizu Mochi, IDR 32K 

Before I went home, I added a dessert on the existing order list. Then the waiter asked if I wanted to choose the ice cream, the Taro flavor or Green Apple? I wanted both flavors, and she said it was okay to mix both flavors. So, the soft ice cream came with a combination of two flavors presented nicely with an attractive color and a mild sweetness. The Mochi was unique because unlike a Japanese Mochi as I expected, but three water Mochi with a texture like jelly served with powdered nuts and maple syrup. Unique and yummy!

Mizu Mochi at Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryMizu Mochi at Itadakimasu by Myfunfoodiary

They offer food and drinks at an affordable price, ranging from IDR 40K for food, and from IDR 21K for drinks and desserts. Not only that, the cute Ted everywhere on the walls seems to attract everyone to visit Itadakimasu restaurant. Well, that’s all from me today. If you’re curious so much about this new restaurant, you can try to visit them, and get ready to wait for at least 15 minutes to get Starving Panda ready on your table. Itadakimasu!

*all prices above are subject to 10% tax and 5% service charge

Mullie and Panda-shaped rice by MyfunfoodiaryTeddy Bear collage at Itadakimasu by MyfunfoodiaryLunch at Itadakimasu PIK by Myfunfoodiary

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Itadakimasu Resto PIK
Ruko Elang Laut Blok D No. 57, Pantai Indah Kapuk, PIK
Phone: 0819.6003.232
Opening Hours:
Weekdays from 11:00 – 22:00
Weekend from 11:00 – 23:00
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 200.000,– for two persons
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Cute Ted on walls at Itadakimasu resto by Myfunfoodiary


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