[NEW SPOT] Kushiya Monogatari – First Authentic Japanese Skewers Buffet at AEON Mall BSD City

Good news guys! Kushiya Monogatari, which originated in Japan, will open its first outlet in AEON Mall, BSD City, on May 30, 2015, and that means, tomorrow! Kushiya Monogatari is the first restaurant that offers a unique dining concept where customers can fry their own selection of fresh and high-quality foods in skewers (kushiage style). Fujio MSP introduces an authentic Japanese Do-It-Yourself, kushiage-style experience, exactly the same as those in Japan. This restaurant had a spacious dining area and decorated with a minimalist Japanese festival atmosphere that comes from the legendary Japanese heritage of Matsuri (cultural festival) and the solemn city of Kyoto.

Suasana Kushiya Monogatari at AEON Mall by Myfunfoodiary Minimalist Japanese Ambiance at Kushiya Monogatari at AEON Mall by MyfunfoodiarySample Menu at Kushiya Monogatari BSD City by Myfunfoodiary

Last night we had the privilege to experience the DIY (Do It Yourself) Japanese skewers with some other food blogger friends, woohoo. First of all, the waiter explained all the cooking method right next to our table. Below each table, there is a cooking temperature that has been set at a temperature of 170 degrees, and we were not allowed to change it because this is the right temperature for frying all the skewers.

170 degree cooking temperature at Kushiya Monogatari BSD City by Myfunfoodiary

Kushiya Monogatari which first established in Japan since 1997, describes the whole experience in three keywords: People, Tradition, and Recreation. Diners can find a wide selection of appetizers (chicken karaage, miso soup, etc), many unique combinations of kushiage (traditional Japanese skewers), salad, main course (pasta, curry rice), beverages and desserts in a modern buffet style in the culinary recreation concept.

Various skewers at Kushiya Monogatari BSD City by Myfunfoodiary

So, this was what we do! We walked up to the buffet station; we chose some skewers, such as beef, chicken, takoyaki, squid, shrimp, Taiyaki, and some vegetable skewers too. Before we cooked these skewers, we have to dip the desired item in the tempura batter and then roll the item in the Panko flour (bread crumbs).

Raw meat at Kushiya Monogatari BSD City by Myfunfoodiary Dip into Tempura Batter at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary Dip into bread crumbs at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary

The next thing to do, place the breaded food on a stick in the oil and fry to perfection. If you’re not sure how long should each item is cooked, you can see the frying time suggestion that’s available on each table. Beware of the meats that has watery contains as squid, shrimp, fish, etc., because the oil may “pop” sometimes, but fortunately they provide a cover to prevent oil splatter.

Mullie is ready to cook at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary Cooking process at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary Fried Skewers ready at Kushiya Monogatari by MyfunfoodiaryFun Cooking Process at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary

Taiyaki Stick stuffed with red bean, best eaten just the way it is.

Taiyaki Stick at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary RedBean inside Taiyaki at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary

Not only that, we also tried all the dressing, ranging from Thousand Island, Onion, Yuzu Shoyu, Tonkatsu, Worcester Sauce, etc. The Thousand Island, Yuzu Shoyu and Tonkatsu were my favorite among all the dressing sauce.

Various dressings at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary

Once we’re finished with the stick, we can place it in a bamboo cup that has been provided on the table to reduce clutter.

Bamboo cup at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary

To complete the experience, we also tried some desserts. There are fresh fruits, chocolate fountain, ice cream with some toppings, and two flavors of jelly.

Choco Fountain at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary Desserts at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary

Overall from our experience last night, we had fun with All You Can Eat Japanese Skewers Buffet, and it was a unique experience for us. The buffet area serves a total of 50 selections, all you can eat at Rp. 128.000,– for adults on weekdays (duration for 90 minutes), and Rp. 148.000,– on weekends (duration for 70 minutes), while children below 10 years old enjoy at Rp. 98.000,– price tags. Be sure to ask for help if it’s your first time, the staffs are very friendly and helpful. Once again, congratulations Kushiya Monogatari for the soft opening and thank you for having us!

Fried Skewers at Kushiya Monogatari by Myfunfoodiary 01

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Kushiya Monogatari AEON Mall – BSD City
AEON Mall BSD City, Unit G 21, Jl. BSD Raya Utama, Tangerang
Phone: +62 (21) 2916.8236
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 400.000,– for two persons
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