[NEW SPOT] The Best Hotdogs in Town at Pepin and Malloy CiTos (Cilandak Town Square)

15After returning from the wedding of our friend, we visited a new Burger and Hotdog House named Pepin and Malloy in Cilandak Town Square (Citos), South Jakarta. Pepin and Malloy, which has been opened for public since the end of April 2015, provides a large dining area with shades of yellow lights and colorful mural circus on the wall that looks fun and convenient for visitors. With the concept of fast food like any other fast food restaurant, every visitor can directly place an order and pay at the cashier. We had a quick lunch and experience great tasting Hotdog at Pepin and Malloy. Scroll down to see more! 🙂

Signboard at Pepin and Malloy Citos by MyfunfoodiaryTampak Suasana Pepin and Malloy collage by MyfunfoodiaryCute wall decor at Pepin and Malloy Citos by Myfunfoodiaryat Pepin and Malloy Citos by Myfunfoodiary

Penny and Malloy specializes in serving hotdogs and burgers as the main attraction, so I went there to try the popular and also their signature Hotdog, Philly Cheese Dog. With an additional IDR 25K, I made a combo meal where I got a choice of drink (soft drink or ice lemon tea) and French fries to accompany my hotdog.

Philly Cheese Dog, IDR 65K + Combo IDR 25K = IDR 90K

Although the price was a bit pricey, the portion was quite big and presentation wise. I was recommended by them to try Philly Cheese Dog, and it is probably one of all the carnivore’s delight! This classic American style Hotdog served grilled beef hotdog on a soft bun, topped with sliced roast beef, green and red bell pepper, cheese sauce, and onions. It looked simple, but the combination of flavors made us enjoyed every delicious bite. It was delicious and super fun!

Philly Cheese Dog at Pepin and Malloy Citos by MyfunfoodiaryPhilly Cheese Dog at Pepin and Malloy Citos by MyfunfoodiaryPhilly Cheese Dog at Pepin and Malloy Citos by Myfunfoodiary

Buffalo Wings, IDR 35K (6 pieces) / IDR 49K (9 pieces)

I was tempted to try the Buffalo Wings from a selection of side dishes on the menu. These chicken wings were deep-fried without breading, unlike many other chicken wings that I’ve tried. Different from the BBQ Chicken Wings, Buffalo Wings had a bit of a vinegar kick mixed with the spicy sauce. That’s why it tasted a bit sour, yet mild spicy, at the same time. These were truly flavorful, tangy, buttery and slightly spicy, so delicious & finger licking good!!

Buffalo Wings at Pepin and Malloy Citos by MyfunfoodiaryBuffalo Wings at Pepin and Malloy Citos by Myfunfoodiary

Overall from our experience, we enjoyed the Philly Cheese Dog and Buffalo Wings on the above picture. A bit pricey? Yes, but everything was worth the price. Too bad, this Hotdog joint is too far from my house. Will you consider to open a new branch in West Jakarta? 😀 Anyway guys, if you’re a Hotdog enthusiast or perhaps craving for beefy goodness in town, you might want to come over to Pepin and Malloy and hunt down hotdogs with a variety of interesting toppings they serve.

*All the prices above are subject to 10% tax and without service charge*

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Pepin and Malloy
Cilandak Town Square 2nd Floor, Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav 17, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +62 (21) 7592.0300
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price Range: A minimum of Rp. 200.000,– for two persons
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Philly Cheese Dog at Pepin and Malloy by Myfunfoodiary 08

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