[NEW BRANCH] Ayam Taliwang and Ayam Betutu at Bale Lombok, Lippo Mall Puri

Apart from so many different cuisines in Jakarta, my tongue keeps craving for good Indonesian food for a while now, especially after we take a second trip to Japan and had Japanese food for two weeks full in last July 2015. Fiuuh! So, we passed by the Bale Lombok restaurant that recently opened in Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. This 2-month-old restaurant serves Indonesian food where Ayam Taliwang and Ayam Betutu as their specialty menu. Located on the second floor of the mall, you can easily find this restaurant by looking at the beautiful Balinese umbrella placed in front of the restaurant.

Tampak Depan Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary Cozy Ambiance inside Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Es Teler, IDR 18K

At first, the presentation of the drink was not like what’s on the menu. But once we tried it, both of us instantly loved it. If you’re not familiar with Es Teler, it’s actually a traditional fruit cocktail in Indonesia. It tasted delicious and very refreshing, and the best thing is they served it with plenty of fruits inside! It consisted of sliced jackfruit, coconut meat, red pomegranate and avocado, served with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and pandan leaf.

Es Teler at Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary 01 Es Teler at Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Ayam Betutu Komplit, IDR 36K

People in Bali usually make Ayam Betutu (Chicken with Balinese spices) as a special dish and served it for Balinese traditional ceremonies such as Odalan, wedding ceremony, etc. It’s why Ayam Betutu is also known as a traditional Balinese dishes, made of chicken rubbed with a Balinese spicy spice mix, and slow-cooked in banana leaves. Although the chicken was quite small, we enjoyed it because the meat was not dry, still moist and tender. Sayur Urap and Sambal Matah became a nice complement to this dish. It tasted so delicious!

Ayam Betutu at Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Ayam Bakar Taliwang, IDR 52K

Not much different from Betutu Chicken, Ayam Taliwang also tasted spicy. Ayam Taliwang is a popular spicy Indonesian grilled chicken dish from Lombok. We ordered a whole country hen, where the chicken fully covered with sweet and spicy sauce on it. The fragrant smoked aroma of this grilled chicken was tempting. Although the spicy marinade flavor was not too spicy compared with Ayam Taliwang that we usually eat at Pesanggrahan, Jakarta Barat, we still enjoyed it. The chicken meat tasted tender, juicy, tasty and flavorful! Best to eat with roasted chili sambal that served on the side.

Ayam Taliwang at Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Jamur Krispi, IDR 20K

Fried mushroom is simply an irresistible snack; that’s why I also ordered the crispy white mushroom to accompany our main meals.

Jamur Krispi at Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, we both enjoyed the Indonesian food and drinks that we have tried above. Friendly staff, reasonable prices, good food and fast service make us want to come back again to this restaurant with family. For us, the Es Teler here is much better than the famous Es Teler 77. Keep in mind that for the moment they only accept cash payments only.

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Bale Lombok
2nd Floor, Lippo Mall Puri, Jl. Puri Indah Raya, Jakarta Barat
Phone: +62 21. 2911.1274
Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
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Delicious Lunch at Bale Lombok Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

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