[NEW MENU] The launch of Kuro Banana and Yakitari on BreadLife 10th Anniversary

There is nothing as comforting as the aroma and taste of freshly baked bread, every day, especially if they are made of natural ingredients. Yes, it’s no doubt that a lot of us love to eat bread and do so, on a daily basis. Don’t you? 😀 So, every time we go through the aisles of one of our favorite bakeries, BreadLife, it’s almost like a guilty pleasure for us. And guess what? We recently spotted the gorgeous looking and tasting new buns: Kuro Banana Cream and Yakitari.

BreadLife New Logo and Concept at Central Park by Myfunfoodiary BreadLife New Concept Central Park by Myfunfoodiary

Kuro Banana Cream looks attractive with a black bun that made of natural active charcoal that rich in benefits for health. It’s stuffed with two layers of cream; the white cream and banana cream both tasted delicious, light, and not overly sweet. While the Yakitari that looks similar to Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) in Japanese term, also become my favorite. The bread is stuffed with beef sausage mixed with ketchup, mayonnaise, breadcrumb, and Nori (Japanese seaweed) as a topping. We really loved both new creations by BreadLife Bakery! If you like savory bread, you should try the unique Yakitari.

BreadLife New Concept at Central Park by Myfunfoodiary

Well, that’s not the only thing we spotted at BreadLife. It turned out that they did a complete makeover to commemorate its 10th Anniversary. Yup, BreadLife now appears with a new face! Neither the packaging nor its attributes, all turned out to be more fresh and daring which is dominated by the red color. A touch of chrysanthemum flowers and wave patterns in their logo design, harmonized by modern elements and traditional Japanese. In my opinion, the new logo is now more eye-catching than before, nice!

All Bread at BreadLife by Myfunfoodiary 01 Me myself at BreadLife by Myfunfoodiary

It’s wonderful to know that BreadLife has continued to grow, now with 64 outlets. I’m so happy that all bread is presented in a closed counter to ensure the quality and freshness of bread available. Besides that, the open kitchen concept in all BreadLife outlets also represents various bread are served fresh every day, natural, and without additional dyes and preservatives. As a Japanese artisan bakery, BreadLife seems to understand the needs of young people and kids; that’s why they keep innovating to deliver more interesting products. If you’re new to BreadLife, I suggest you to try Mamamia, Rugby and The Ring, which is always a favorite to this day.

The New Kuro Banana Cream by BreadLife

The New Kuro Banana Cream by BreadLife

The New Yakitari by BreadLife

The New Yakitari by BreadLife

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of BreadLife, they held a photo contest on Instagram starting from August 10, 2015, until September 27, 2015. The main prize of this photo challenge is a Mirrorless Camera Samsung NX300M for one ultimate winner, and BreadLife voucher worth Rp. 100.000, – for one weekly winner during the 5-week period of the competition. Don’t miss it, guys!

How to join the BreadLife Photo Contest?

  1. Follow BreadLife’s Instagram account: @breadlifebakery
  2. Share your photo with one or two of BreadLife’s newest bread (Kuro Banana Cream + Yakitari) with the theme: “Afternoon Snack”
  3. Mention and tag the photo with 3 of your friends + @breadlifebakery
  4.  Don’t forget to include these hashtags on your caption: #newbreadlifecontest #kurobananacream #yakitari
  5. You can upload as many pictures as you want
  6. Judges will select the winner based on creativity, aesthetics, and photo quality

Good Luck!

BreadLife will also hold an eating competition called #NewBreadLife Eating Challenge. The eating competition will be held on August 29, 2015, starts at 4 pm to 8 pm at Tribeca Park, Mall Central Park, West Jakarta. Takeru Kobayashi, a professional competitive eater who has won 6 Guinness World Records and many other eating championships, will enliven this eating competition. For further information, please click on the following link.

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All Bread Layout by Mullie Myfunfoodiary

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