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The Sari Rasa Group that has been successful with several restaurant brands such as Sate Khas Senayan and Tesate Restaurant now presents a new brand named 1945 Restaurant. Located on the 3rd floor of Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, they transform most of the popular and traditional Indonesian dishes to a whole new level to give visitors a different dining experience. 1945 Restaurant uses the premium quality natural ingredients combine with modern cooking techniques to deliver quality and convenience to visitors who truly cares about what they eat. And I like the idea and how they separate each area in the 1945 Restaurant into several different functions. Scroll down to see more of lovely pictures in 1945 Restaurant.

Modern and Cozy Ambiance at 1945 Restaurant Fairmont Hotel Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary Bar Area at 1945 Restaurant Fairmont Hotel Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

When we stepped into the restaurant, we were welcome to sit in the Lounge area that decorated with lots of minimalist sofas in bright red color. There is also a Bar area in the same area but with different look and feel. The Bar area is decorated with lots of pretty and fresh jasmine flowers that aligned with lots of red candles on top of the table. It’s so beautiful! As a result, both areas create a bold and dramatic ambiance yet comfortable, chic and modern. Right next to it, there is a fine-dining area that looks so neat and elegant. Each table was decorated with sprinkles of beautiful roses and a set of stationary with special customization, such as the 1945 logo on the pen and paper that’s available. How nice! Dining and Lounge area at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Custom Paper and Pen at 1945 Restaurant Fairmont Hotel Jakarta by MyfunfoodiaryDetails on the carpet at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

1945 Restaurant serves a variety of unique drinks at the Lounge area while we wait until other guests arrived. Not only the name but the combination of flavors of these drinks was also unique. There was Teleng Punch, which made of Bunga Teleng, Asam Jawa Punch, and some others, but the Vanilla Jasmine Tea became my favorite. A combination of jasmine tea with a vanilla flavor that was not too sweet, tasted so refreshing.

Exclusive Drinks at the Lounge Area at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Vanilla Jasmine Tea (top left image) – Mulberry Mocktail (top right image) – Teleng Punch (bottom image)

All foods are divided into five different categories, such as snacks (Jajanan), appetizers, fried rice, main course, and dessert. I got a chance to try most of the dishes on the menu at this special event that was held exclusively before the restaurant opened to the public. So, here I am, I want to share everything with you in this post. 🙂

A little procession at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

We started from the snack section (jajanan), where they served us with Assorted Satay presented in a unique ceramic bowl containing hot charcoal at the bottom. Of the three options, the Chicken Oyster, and the Lamb Tenderloin became our most favorite Satay. All the meat was very tender, and it’s because of the Satay Seasoning that tasted special too. Unfortunately, the Wagyu Beef Satay was less tender at that time, unlike the other two. I was curious about the Oyster name on the menu; why they called it Chicken Oyster? I finally found out the reason when one of the waiters explained that for the Chicken Satay, they use a special part in a chicken body called oyster. It explains why the texture of the chicken meat is different than in general.

Chicken Wagyu and Lamb Satay at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Chicken Oyster Satay (left) – Lamb Tenderloin Satay (top) – Wagyu Beef Satay (bottom)

Besides Satay, I also enjoyed the appetizer menu, named Foie Gras Duck Timlo. It consisted of vermicelli, poached duck egg, pan-seared duck breast, a spring roll stuffed with minced duck meat, and Foie Gras, served with a light savory duck broth on the side. For me, the soft and brown Foie Gras was the best part of this dish. Rich and creamy flavor, almost melt in my mouth, so tasty!

Foie Gras Duck Timlo at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

All fried rice served in large portions, and Nasi Goreng Wagyu easily became my most favorite fried rice when compared with the Nasi Goreng Kampung at that time. The Wagyu Fried Rice tasted pretty unique because it is made from a combination of brown rice and white rice, served with tender chunks of Wagyu beef. Not only that, but the spicy sensation and fragrant aroma of terasi shrimp paste was very tempting. If you like a traditional fried rice that dominated with sweet flavor, then you should try the Nasi Goreng Kampung.

Nasi Goreng Kampung and Nasi Goreng Wagyu at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Nasi Goreng Kampung (left) – Nasi Goreng Wagyu (right)

Now, let’s go to the main menu. When you see this, you may already be familiar with some of the foods I mentioned below; Rujak Chicken, Crispy Duck, Steak, Tongseng Kambing, and Rendang. Yes, 1945 Restaurant brought some of these popular dishes in Indonesia to a higher level. Although the flavor of the food may no longer authentic, the combinations and blend of strong spices transform all these dishes to a fine-dining level with exquisite flavors and can be accepted by society. We tried a mouth-watering array of Tongseng Lamb Chop, Wagyu Di Rendang, Marbling Steak 78, Duck Galangal, and Rujak Chicken. All the food really impressed me, especially the Marbling Steak 78! The Wagyu Steak was grilled with 1945 soy base barbecue sauce, the meat was incredibly tender and juicy!

Lamb - Beef - Wagyu Steak at 1945 Restaurant by MyfunfoodiaryDuck Galangal and Rujak Chicken at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Last but not least, desserts! Yay! There’s no better way to end those meal above than with a decadent cream souffle wrapped around a frozen srikaya center, served with pandan-flavored glutinous rice. Oh my gosh, the Frozen Srikaya Souffle was absolutely delicious! You have to try it!! The Nastar Cake was also my favorite! Both of these desserts will certainly not disappoint any sweet tooth out there. If you love fermented tape, you might like the Tape Cheesecake.

Frozen Srikaya Souffle at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiar

Frozen Srikaya Souffle

Desserts at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, we had a wonderful experience of fine-dining Indonesian food at 1945 Restaurant. Their friendly waiters kept us comfy. The food is ranging from IDR 100K up to IDR 480K, while the dessert is ranging from IDR 80K. If you look for an uncommon Indonesian cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, 1945 Restaurant can be a perfect spot for your lunch or dinner, intimate dates or memorable group gatherings.

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1945 Restaurant
Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, 3rd Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21. 2903. 9197
Operating Hours:
Lounge area from 11:00 – 00:00
Lunch from 11:00 – 15:30
Dinner from 18:30 – 23:00
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