[SINGAPORE] Fun Overload with Anisa Rahma Adi, Her Fans, and Other Bloggers

I have to say this, yes. Dreams do come true! Listy Therestia was ecstatic as she met Anisa Rahma Adi, her favorite actress for the WTA Finals 2015 trip in Singapore, which organized by Migme last weekend. This 25-year-old Indonesian celeb apparently also has the same excitement with myself, her fans, and the other bloggers. It’s why I want to share with you all the fun that we had together with Anisa Rahma Adi, especially in this post. Oh, have you ever wondered what exactly this Migme is about? If you’re curious about it, then allow me to share a little bit about this fun application. So, Migme is all about fun with friends. It was formerly known as Mig33, and with a community of over 65 million users from all over the world, we can easily connect with everyone! Kewl!

Me and Anisa together with the other bloggers at Marina Bay Sands by Myfunfoodiary

Besides meeting with Listy and Anisa, here I also got a chance to meet lots of new friends, including the bloggers who came from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Although everyone have never met each other before, there was no awkward sense between all of us. Each one of us easily blends in together with Anisa, in every activity start from the beginning. For example, this was our wefie pose when the Official Draw Ceremony of WTA Finals 2015 held at Marina Bay Sands, on Friday, October 23, 2015.

Anisa, Valyn, Becky, and Me at the Draw Ceremony - Marina Bay Sands by Myfunfoodiary

From left to right: Mullie, Becky, Valyn, and Anisa Rahma 

Although our age is not much different from each other, but I felt that we have a few things in common. Can you guess? Yes, it turned out that we all have the common interest. I also realized that all of us love to eat, take pictures, even selfie, and #ootd pose include, and then we’re all busy updating every activity in Migme application. Ha-ha

Had Fun with the other bloggers in Singapore Anisa, Valyn, Me and Becky at the Crab in Da Bag -Fresh Crab and Seafood at Crab in da Bag Singapore by Myfunfoodiary

Not only Listy and Anisa, but we also have an interest in the world of sports, including the women’s tennis match that we saw together at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on last Sunday. We got special access to enter the practice tennis court and explore the tennis booth that’s available in front of the Kallang Wave. And the excitement did not stop there! Together with Anisa, we saw the WTA Finals 2015 match between Maria Sharapova against Agnieszka Radwanska. We were so excited and drawn into the match. Without realizing it, we sat there until the match ends, and as expected, Maria Sharapova won the match that night. Woohoo!

Had Fun with the other bloggers at WTA Finals Singapore

It was truly an unforgettable moment for me to be able to meet with Anisa (the humble and lovely Indonesian celeb), Listy (her fans), and the other bloggers in Singapore. I guess I do not need to tell much about all the fun that we had, because as you can see in the picture below, all the pictures tell the story. Stay tuned for my upcoming post, because I will share with you all about the WTA Finals 2015 itself.

Happy Jump with Anisa and the other bloggers before the match at Singapore Indoor Stadium

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