[JAPAN] Know More about Kinds of Japanese Food – part 1

When talking about the Japanese food, I realize there is a wide variety of dishes and regional specialties. I’m quite familiar with some of the popular Japanese dishes, such as Ramen, Sushi, Sashimi, Yakitori, Nabe, Sukiyaki, etc. But when I scroll through the Facebook pages of the Tohoku Region in Japan, I realized that most of them are categorized into several categories, such as rice dishes, nabe dishes, grill dishes, seafood dishes, noodle dishes, nabe dishes, meat dishes, yoshoku dishes and other dishes. I want to share some of the popular Japanese dishes with you on this post, let’s scroll down!


I’m going to start with the Sukiyaki. Have you ever tried Sukiyaki? Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish that is prepared and served in the nabemono style. It consists of thinly sliced beef meat, slowly cooked or simmered at the table, served together with vegetables, tofu, and pasta. The harmony of colors in this one-pot meal can surely delight anyone’s taste buds. And in Japan, they usually use the Kobe (Matsusaka) beef. Even though the meat is notoriously expensive, the texture is unbeatable if compared to lean red meat. So tender and unforgettable!


There are hundreds of different fish and other seafood prepared and eaten in many different ways in Japan, such as raw, dried, boiled, grilled, deep fried or steamed. Sashimi is one of them! Thinly sliced of raw fish that are usually enjoyed with soy sauce, wasabi or ponzu sauce. The freshness and consistency of the raw fish in sashimi are two things that diners always look for, and this is important to sashimi dishes. I love sashimi, especially Salmon, Tuna, and Toro (fatty belly of Blue Fin tuna). What about you? Do you have a favorite Japanese restaurant that offers delicious and fresh sashimi in your country? If yes, please share your experience and leave a comment below the article, will you? 🙂


When it comes to cold winter months, Nabe is very popular. Unlike the usual Nabe, Kiritampo-Nabe looks unique and available in the Northern Akita Prefecture in Japan. Nabe (hot pot dishes) is prepared in a hot pot and usually contains various mushrooms, seafood/meat, Hinai-jidori, Negi (Japanese leek), and Japanese parsley. Apart from its unique presentation, for me, Nabe is a perfect dish to warm up with, anytime in any season.


While from the meat dishes category, there are Yakitori, Yakiniku, Tonkatsu, Teppanyaki, and Nikujaga. But in this post, I want to share with you about the Yakitori, because it’s one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Yakitori can be literally translated “grilled chicken” where skewered grilled chicken pieces seasoned with an aromatic and fragrant sauce, such as salt (shio) or tare (a sweet soy based-sauce). Nearly every part of the chicken is used for Yakitori, and all grilled to perfection. In addition to the Chicken, Yakitori dishes also feature vegetables and other meats, such as gyutan, shiro, enoki maki, etc. I like most of them, and it’s best to enjoy them with cold beer. Actually, there are countless of interesting Japanese dishes, but I cannot name it one by one. To know more, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/TasteofTohoku?fref=ts

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