[NEW SPOT] Singaporean and Peranakan Buffet Lunch at Cattapa, Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran

I just realized that there is a new premium-class hotel recently opened in Kemayoran a week ago. Located in a strategic area in between Sunter business district, and Superblock Mega Kemayoran, Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. This hotel is located just five minutes from the JIEXPO Kemayoran, golf courses, close to tourist sites such as Ancol Dreamland, close to the shopping malls, and the culinary haven of Kelapa Gading. The hotel has an all-day-dining restaurant called Cattapa Restaurant, which is located in the Lobby area.

Suasana Cattapa Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Cattapa Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Cattapa Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary 01

With a seating capacity of 162, Cattapa serves a-la-carte and buffet options with a wide variety of International, Asian and Indonesian cuisine to choose from. They also provide a smoking area on the outdoor terrace. So, yes, I went there to discover the lunch buffet menu at Cattapa Restaurant. We all know that buffets come in different price and quality but with only Rp. 198.000++ for the hotel buffet and a wide variety of delicious food that I’ve experienced in Cattapa; I must say that it’s reasonably priced, and I’d like to recommend you to try it. Pssst, they are giving a 25 % discount off for the opening promotion and this offer is valid until the end of December 2015. Do not miss it!

Prawn Singapore Laksa at Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary

Prawn Singapore Laksa

Especially for the Sunday buffet lunch, Cattapa provides special menus such as Singapore and Peranakan cuisine besides the international cuisine. Almost all the dishes that I’ve tried here has a touch of spicy flavor that tickles the tongue. Kwetiaw (stir-fried Chinese-style flat rice noodles) Penang Style that served with large shrimp on top was indeed tasty with a hint of burnt taste from the spicy level 2 that we chose. If you love super spicy food, you’ll love it! While, the Prawn Singapore Laksa tasted nice and slightly spicy.

Kwetiaw Penang Style at Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary

Kwetiaw Penang Style

Not only that, but I would recommend curry lovers to try this. The curry sauce on the Chicken Curry was quite thick, but not spicy at all. This dish has a fragrant aroma similar to Indian curry, tender meat that was full of flavor! The fragrant aroma of the Beef lime leaves has been mind-blowing with a combination of sweet and spicy flavor, easily became my favorite. For something unique, Nasi Cabe Ijo could be a good choice to replace your regular white rice. Surprisingly, the rice wasn’t spicy at all, yet has that unique aroma of the green chili (cabe ijo), served with salted fish and Peyek Crackers (Keripik Peyek).

Chicken Curry - Beef Daun Jeruk - Nasi Cabe Ijo at Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary

Chicken Curry – Beef Lime Leaves – Nasi Cabe Ijo

Aside from the Peranakan and Singapore dishes, Mercon Oxtail (Buntut Mercon) from the a la carte menu, became the main highlight of our lunch at Cattapa Restaurant. There are three cooking methods of Oxtail that we can choose, between roasted, steamed, or fried. I’ve tried three of them, and none of them disappoint me. All the Australian oxtail was perfectly cooked, the meat was tender, and easily fell off the bone. It tasted insanely spicy yet addictive, although it wasn’t too spicy if compared with the Kwetiaw Penang Style that I’ve mentioned earlier in this post. A must try!

Buntut Mercon at Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary

Buntut Mercon (Mercon Oxtail)

There are a wide variety of desserts and cakes are also available at the buffet area. That’s why I suggest you to save some space in your tummy to try these delicious desserts, ranging from the traditional Ongol-ongol, Mango Mousse Cake, Pear Cake, Strawberry Tartlet, Orange Caramel Pudding, etc. 

Various Dessert and Cakes at Grand Mercure Kemayoran by MyfunfoodiaryStrawberry Tart at Grand Mercure Kemayoran by Myfunfoodiary

 Yes, I did end up with those desserts too, haha.. Overall, all the food was all tasty, well prepared, and used top quality ingredients. Great staff, very friendly and helpful. So, definitely Cattapa is one of a must-visit restaurants if you’re in the area of Kemayoran or nearby the area.

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Cattapa Restaurant
Jl. H Benyamin Sueb Kav B6 – Superblok Mega Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021.2260.1111
Operating Hours: 06:00 – 22:00
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Big Desserts at Cattapa by Myfunfoodiary

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