[NEW SPOT] The Delicious Menya Melbourne Gyutan Don Serving in Jakarta at Negiya Donburi

A lot of new Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, and I heard about Negiya many times from my friends. So I finally decided to visit this restaurant a few days ago for lunch. Negiya is pretty new in town; they recently opened its first outlet in August 2015. Located on the second floor of City Walk Sudirman, Negiya is a restaurant that focuses on serving the Japanese rice bowls (Donburi) with their special dish called Menya Gyutan Don. Yes, you heard me! 

Suasana Negiya Donburi at City Walk by Myfunfoodiary

The famous Gyutan Don in Melbourne is finally brought to Jakarta and on the left side of the entrance, we can see on the wall that the owner of Negiya Donburi has teamed up with the owner of Menya Melbourne to present the same Menya Gyutan Don for all gyutan lovers in Jakarta. The big image of cute Manekineko (the famous lucky cat in Japan) in front of the restaurant seems to invite everyone to enter the restaurant. Ha-ha.. Well, not only that! A pretty simple layout and most of the wood furniture creates a neat and comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant.

Outdoor area at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Indoor Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary Cute Cats on the wall at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

Just like in some other restaurants, we should order directly to the cashier first, pay in advance, then choose where to sit. There are many interesting selections of rice bowls that’s available at Negiya Donburi, such as Menya Oyako Don, Menya Ebi Don, Spicy Chicken Don, Beef Black Pepper Don, etc. But of course, we tried their signature dish, and that is Menya Gyutan Don. If you haven’t tried or are not sure what is Gyutan Don, let me tell you this. In Japanese, Gyu means ox, Tan means tongue and Don means rice bowl. So, Gyutan Don is ox-tongue (flavored and grilled) served with rice.

Gyutan Don with fluffy egg at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

Extra Spicy Menya Gyutan Don with extra gyutan and additional Fluffy Egg

I’ve tried several gyutan don in Jakarta, and I must say that Menya Gyutan Don (IDR 85K nett) at Negiya Donburi was really good! We love spicy, so we ordered the Spicy Menya Gyutan Don with extra gyutan for additional IDR 20K and extra fluffy egg for additional IDR 10K. The ox-tongue was lightly seasoned and very tender served in generous portions than I expected. Though there was sliced chili on the original version of Menya Gyutan Don, it wasn’t spicy at all. So, it’s best to eat them with additional La-Yu (Chili Oil) and Toragashi (chili pepper) to suit your personal preference. Overall, the Spicy Menya Gyutan Don was my favorite! Pssst, you can actually choose how spicy you want it to be, so don’t be shy. Just tell them what you want! 😀

Gyutan Don at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

Menya Gyutan Don with extra gyutan

We were also tempted to try some of their new menus as well, and we tried three of them. Started with the La Karubi Don (IDR IDR 89K nett), and then followed by the Gyutan Teriyaki Don (IDR 79K nett) and Japanese Steak Don (IDR 119K nett). La Karubi Don was a barbecue rib (in Korean usually referred to as Galbi) where the beef ribs grilled to perfection and served with Kimchi on the side. They marinated the ribs in a Korean style, no wonder the meat was tender and so tasty!

La Karubi Don at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary La Karubi Don at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

Unlike the Menya Gyutan Don, the ox-tongue is thick cut specifically for this Gyutan Teriyaki Don and served with teriyaki sauce. At first I felt a bit odd with this cut of meat, but after one bite, I was in love!! It was a soft, unbelievably tender piece of ox-tongue meat in texture and flavor. Simply wonderful!

Gyutan Teriyaki Don at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

And for those who can’t eat ox-tongue, or probably not a fan of Gyutan Don, I would suggest you try the Japan Steak Don. This Australian beef striploin was marinated then grilled to perfection and served with a special sauce and fried onions. The steak was juicy, tender, and the sweet and salty sauce made it tastier! And half cooked sunny side up in the middle of it was the best part for me!

Japanese Steak Donburi at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary Japanese Steak Donburi at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

We have been to a few different places for Gyutan Don, but Menya Gyutan Don at Negiya Donburi has certainly won our hearts. But again, it’s back to your preferences. However, you should try them and order some side dishes too, such as Garlic Edamame, Spicy Karaage, they are good! And for the drink, try their infused Strawberry Lemon Mint water.

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Negiya Donburi
City Walk Sudirman, 1st floor #26, KH. Mas Mansyur, Jakarta Pusat
Phone: +6281 11.6000.94
Operating Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
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La Karubi Don at Negiya Donburi by Myfunfoodiary

La Karubi Don, IDR 89K nett


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