[SINGAPORE] 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay

December is such a special time of the year and Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore is one of the reasons to be jolly! Yay! I just returned from Singapore (again), and I really can’t wait to share my memorable early Christmas experience with all of you. Singapore‘s biggest Yuletide Fair, which is called Christmas Wonderland, returns to Gardens By The Bay from 28 November 2015 to 3 January 2016. At first, I thought everything would be the same because I went there last year to celebrate Christmas with my family and the only thing that’s interesting was all the Christmas decorations in the Flower Dome and the musical show at The SuperTree Grove. But this year, everything is different! This year’s Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay expanded its ground to be doubled in size at 35,000 square metres and that is why I want to share with you 7 reasons why you should visit this year’s Christmas Wonderland in Singapore.

The Superdome Tree at Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

Jointly organized by Blue Sky Events and Gardens By The Bay, Christmas Wonderland announced new partners this year, AIA Singapore and The Singapore Tourism Board. It’s why this year’s Christmas Wonderland is bigger, cooler, brighter and so much different than last year. I’m honored and grateful to be here, and I was invited along with one blogger from Malaysia, and one blogger from Manila. So, the three of us had the privilege to experience the whole new Christmas Wonderland in early December 2015. Yay! Thank you Gardens By The Bay and Blue Sky Events for having me on this special trip for Christmas Wonderland! 🙂

Christmas Wonderland Gifts from Ms Sarah Martin, Director of Blue Sky Events

Christmas Wonderland Gifts from Ms Sarah Martin, Director of Blue Sky Events

Shuttle Service - Floral Clock - AIA Trick Art

Shuttle Service – Floral Clock – AIA Trick Art

Click on the PLAY Button on below short video to see Christmas Wonderland in Singapore 2015 from our YouTube Channel:

1. Christmas Toyland Floral Display in Flower Dome (conservatory charges apply)

I just realized that in fact, Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay displays a different Christmas theme each year end. This year, toys reign supreme amidst Yuletide floral favorites like the poinsettia, Christmas rose, winter heather, and holly. Right at the center stage of Flower Dome, there’s an 11-meter tall Christmas Pyramid decked with toys surrounded by the enchanting floral display. In addition, the multi-tiered traditional German wooden carousel next to it, will transform into a ‘live’ stage, featuring a series of festive performances for the very first time in the flower field. That’s cool! I am not sure exactly when is the show time, but I was so happy when I see a lot of cute Nutcrackers, and the adorable Teddy Bear Santa in the Flower Dome. These toys certainly add gentle fun to the overall Christmas Toyland in the Flower Dome.

Available from: 21 Nov 2015 to 5 Jan 2016, 9am to 9pm (daily)

For Online Ticketing, click here

Christmas Toyland area inside the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary Christmas Toyland at Gardens By The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary Nutcrackers and Santa Bear for Christmas Toyland at Gardens By The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary Cute Decorations Christmas Toyland at Gardens By The Bay 2015 by MyfunfoodiaryMullie Marlina and Santa Bear at Christmas Toyland - Gardens By The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary

2. Luminarie Light Sculptures (free access)

When we entered the Gardens By The Bay in the late afternoon (around 5 pm), we were greeted by the beauty of the light glows in the air throughout the park. 56 enchanting luminarie light sculptures nestled within the Supertree Grove, Dragonfly Bridge, Meadow Bridge, and Flower Dome. These Italian Luminaries by Paulicelli Illuminations apparently are handmade by skilled Italian craftsmen using white-wood from the southern Italy. Especially for Christmas Wonderland, they feature an all-new architectural design reminiscent of the medieval period and it’s become a wonderful masterpiece that can easily attract visitors to follow the light and go deeper into the garden.

Available from: 27 Nov 2015 to 3 Jan 2016, 7pm to midnight (daily)

Luminarie Light Sculptures at Gardens By The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary

Luminarie Light Sculptures at Gardens By The Bay

Luminaries at Christmas Wonderland - Gardens by The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary

Beautiful Luminaries at Christmas Wonderland – Gardens By The Bay

Once we go deeper into the festival site, we finally spotted the largest Luminarie called The Spalliera (the tallest sculpture of lights, towering over 20m) that surrounded the Cassa Armonica. A special line-up of carollers, theatrical performances, and parades will be regularly held in this beautifully illuminated gazebo. It was one of the best feelings to be able to hear joyful music fill the air and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere that instantly warms my heart and makes me ready for the festive seasons!

Luminarie Light Sculptures for Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

The Spalliera, the tallest sculpture of lights, towering over 20m

Cassa Armonica located at the center of Gardens By The Bay 2015 by Myfunfoodiary

Cassa Armonica, a beautifully illuminated gazebo at Christmas Wonderland – Gardens By The Bay

3. Festive Market at The Supertree Grove (free access)

Gardens By The Bay offers so many interesting things for families, friends, and children in one place. This year, they feature traditional wooden huts specially brought in from the United Kingdom. While some of your family members probably wander around the festive site at Cassa Armonica, you can enjoy the festive treats served in the European-style Festive Market, which is similar to Christmas markets in the UK (United Kingdom), France and Germany.

Available from: 27 Nov to 27 Dec 2015, 4pm to 11pm (daily)

Wooden Hut at the Festive Markets Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

From Churros Factory and the Dutch Pancake shop, international cuisine by Slake (Peranakan & Vietnamese), Tiger’s Milk (Peruvian), returning bestsellers include kebabs by Shabestan, local dessert creations by Janice Wong, a specially curated charcuterie plate by Culina, Japanese delights by Isetan, Brewerkz, Shabestan, Sebastian, Cafe Iguana, The Diner by the travelling C.O.W and Paul’s. This festive experience becomes complete as they also spoil visitors with choices of Christmas gifts offered by craft vendors, local craftsmen Csquare Jewellery, Perfect Fit and Sally’s Room, etc.

Cute Stuff at The Festive Markets Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

It was really fun to be there! Although I did not get to try all the snacks that were there, I had tried some of them such as different flavors of Churros, Dutch pancake, and Hashimaki (Japanese Egg Pancake) from one Japanese food stall that is located behind the main stage. The Hashimaki was so delicious, and the price is only $4SGD, you should try it! Pssst, don’t forget to visit Santa’s Cottage, tell him your wishes, take a photo with Santa and bring home a one-of-a-kind festive memento.

Japanese Egg Pancake at the Festive Market - Christmas Wonderland by Myfunfoodiary Snacks at the Festive Markets - Christmas Wonderland by Myfunfoodiary

4. The Fairground (free access)

Here, you can also find a delightful array of traditional carnival rides for the first time in Singapore. Yes, Gardens By The Bay is not the same again this year. For me, it was like a night market, but everything is well arranged and truly beautiful. The Fairground which located near The Meadow, features the Helter Skelter – the tallest slide in Singapore, a vintage-style carousel and a trackless train. Not only rides, but there are different game stalls available to test your skills in Basketball, Can Smash, and Roll-a-ball. I was interested in ‘throw the ball’ game because I saw a lot of girls take home the big teddy bear along with their boyfriend. Ha-ha.. Then I ended up queueing at the token counter and bought five tokens worth 10 dollars and come into play, but, unfortunately, luck was not on my side. Although I did not manage to bring home the desired doll, there was a little pleasure after I played for two rounds. It was fun! Ha-ha..

Available from: 27 Nov to 27 Dec 2015, 4pm to 11pm (daily)

The Fairground at Christmas Wonderland - Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

5. Ice Palace (Ice Skating $14/session – Snow Playground $12/session)

An entirely different experience also awaits you at the Ice Palace over at the Supertree Grove. Though the indoor Ice Skating Rink and the Snow Playground was not that big, this place would still be fun for kids of all ages. It can be a good exercise for the kids; they can make snow angels, build their very own Olaf, etc.

Available from: 27 Nov to 27 Dec 2015, 4pm to 11pm (daily)

Snow Playground $12 per child/adult for each 30-min session (inclusive of boots)

Ice Skating Rink $14 per child/adult for each 30-min session (inclusive of skates)

Gloves and socks are available at an additional $2 per pair

Ice Skating and Snow Playground at Christmas Wonderland - Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

6. Dining Places – The Culina, Spiegeltent, and Janice Wong from 2am Dessert Bar

Janice Wong Dessert Stall

If you are a sweet tooth, a fan of chocolate, Mochi and ice cream, you should visit the dessert stall by Janice Wong that is located just across the Ice Palace at Gardens By The Bay. She’s the owner and the chef at the famous 2am Dessert in Singapore. It was the second time I meet her, and her dessert creations still make me impressed. I’ve tried most of the desserts, and my favorite was the Kyoto Green Tea Mochi, Tiramisu Espresso Mascarpone Mochi, Truffle Chocolate Mochi, Chocolate Bonbons with a variety of unique flavors, and homemade ice cream by Janice.

Janice Wong Dessert Chocolate at Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary Dessert Mochi Janice Wong at Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

Christmas D’lights by Culina

Local food purveyor Culina offers a good variety of food and selected wines to delight your taste buds. I’ve tried the Marinated Octopus Salad served with ratte potatoes and fresh pesto ($13 SGD), followed by Chardonnay Herbs Cream Bouchot Mussels served with toasted ciabatta ($15 SGD), and French Apple Tart ($10 SGD) for the dessert. Champagne, Red Wine, White Wine, and Rose Wine are also available, but I only ordered the Lavazza Cafe Latte ($5.5 SGD) to warm up the cold night. Ha-ha.. All the food tasted good, but, unfortunately, the seating area is too small, so all of us has to stand up while we enjoyed our dinner.

Chardonay Mussels - Marinated Octopus Salad - French Apple Tart at Culina by Myfunfoodiary

Chardonnay Herbs Cream Bouchot Mussels – Marinated Octopus Salad – French Apple Tart

Harry’s Spiegeltent

I never thought I would have dinner in a tent. This ornate tent, Spiegeltent, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Spiegeltent is a spectacular rare fairground attraction; an 18m wide and 6m high of a century-old travelling ‘mirror tent’ from the Netherlands that was originally built in the late 19th and early 20th century. What makes it different is because it is made up of stained glass, brocade draperies, 1000 pieces of wood, and beautifully hand carved artwork. Wow! And Spiegeltent brings the dining experience to a whole new level – literally. Here in the Spiegeltent, you can try special curated festive menu as well as a weekend brunch provided by Singapore‘s most well-established bar and dining chain, Harry’s. The scrumptious weekend brunch available on Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day from 10:30am to 3pm.

Available from: 27 Nov to 27 Dec 2015, 4pm to midnight (daily)

View to Spiegeltent from above the OCBC Skywalk by Myfunfoodiary

Harry’s Spiegeltent from above the OCBC Skywalk

Dishes on the menu include Harry’s Merry Wings, Cajun Spice-rubbed Turkey, Smoked Duck Breast with Marmalade Glaze, Rudolph’s Gingerbread, and Raspberry Sundae. I have not tried all of them, but certainly, the Merry Wings were crispy, the Turkey with Cajun spice was delicious, and my most favorite was the tasty Lamb Short Ribs!! The outer layer of flour on the ribs was so crispy, the meat was very tender, and tasty seasoning that poured over the meat made us addicted. Apparently this dish is a special menu for that week. So I’m not sure now whether they will have Crispy Lamb Short Ribs again next week.

Starters from $9 SGD, Main Course from $12 SGD, Desserts from $6 SGD, Kids Meal from $8 SGD

Weekend Brunch Menu at $35 SGD with one main course and selections from a buffet

Crispy Lamb Short Ribs at Harry's Spiegeltent

Crispy Lamb Short Ribs at Harry’s Spiegeltent

Crispy Chicken Wings - Turkey and Mudslide at Spiegeltent by Myfunfoodiary

Clockwise: Cajun Spice-rubbed Turkey, Crispy Lamb Short Ribs, MudSlide Cocktail, and Harry’s Merry Wings

Dining in a tent Spiegeltent like no other - by Myfunfoodiary

7. OCBC Skywalk

And last but not least, this is the last reason that I would like you to visit Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay. I strolled around the OCBC Skywalk at the height of 22 meters above the ground to admire the panoramic view of Supertree, Marina Bay, and CBD Building last weekend. The view from above was so incredible, and it was a wonderful early Christmas experience overall!

Available daily from 9am to 9pm – $5 SGD per adult

Experience OCBC Skywalk at Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

UOB Visa and MasteCard holders will enjoy 10% off selected items or exclusive privileges at the Festive Market, as well as 10% off their total bill at the Spiegeltent with a minimum spend of $30 SGD. Terms and conditions apply. Visitors to Christmas Wonderland will stand a chance to win a trip for two to Hong Kong. To qualify for the draw, visitors will need to obtain at least three stamps on the Christmas Wonderland Passport, which will be given out at Christmas Wonderland information booths within the Supertree Grove. The stamps can be collected by experiencing various attractions within the fair. Other prizes include a staycation for two at The Club Hotel, and $200 SGD worth of dining credits at Harry’s. T&C apply.

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View to Marina Bay Sands from Gardens By The Bay by Myfunfoodiary

View to Marina Bay Sands from Gardens By The Bay

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