[NEW SPOT] From Minnesota (US), Caribou Coffee Now Open in Senopati, South Jakarta

In this post, I want to introduce you the new resident of Senopati (South Jakarta), Caribou Coffee, which was brought to Indonesia from Minnesota (United States) and recently opened since 9 December, 2015. Kewl! From the guy at the cashier that day, I got this information that Caribou Coffee is actually a Minnesota-based coffee chain, and Jakarta is their first destination, brought in by Mahadya Group. I’m not familiar with this group name, but when one of the servers explained, it’s a group that brings in some famous F&B brands to Indonesia, such as Carl’s Jr, Wing Stop, and there is Loka the lifestyle Supermarket in Flavor Bliss BSD, I finally understood.

Exterior Look at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

But, my curiosity didn’t stop there and on the net, I found out that until now, Caribou Coffee already has 203 franchise locations in 10 countries, and they specialize in espresso drinks, roasters of their own blends of coffee, tea, sandwiches and bakery goods in more than 273 company-owned coffee houses in 18 states. Wow! I was like a kid who comes to a new playground. Yup, it was my first time here, and luckily the place was not too crowded. So, I looked all over the place, from the first and second floor when I was there two days ago. I love how Caribou Coffee decorated the interior with minimal lighting, natural color of materials, and everything looks so simple, yet classy, homey and warm.

Indoor Second Floor at Caribou Coffee Senopati by MyfunfoodiaryTerrace Side at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Caribou Coffee offers not only coffee from all over the world such as from the US, and Africa, but also from Indonesia. And for those non-coffee drinkers, you can rejoice because they also have some Chocolate drinks on the menu. Yay! A lot of interesting foods also available at the food counter, so it was kinda hard for me to choose which one should I try first. Hmmm…

Beans and all packaging well-designed at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary Various Indonesian Coffee at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary Sandwiches and Pastry at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary Collect Stamp Card at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

But then hey, I finally decided to order a Campfire Mocha, a cup of Hot Latte and a Peach Danish. Then the cashier gave me this; I got two stickers together with the collecting card. So for every minimum purchase of Rp. 45.000,-, each customer can get a sticker, and we can get an exclusive clutch bag by collecting 40 stickers. Hmm, interesting!

Click PLAY Button on below video to see the whole ambiance at Caribou Coffee Senopati from our YouTube Channel:

Coffee Break Time at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Campfire Mocha, IDR 53K (medium size)

From the chocolate drinks section, I opted in for Campfire Mocha as there’s a sign that it’s one of their signature Chocolate drink. When taking an order, they allowed me to choose, whether I want to use Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate. How nice! It opted-in for the Dark Chocolate, and it was so good! This Campfire Mocha is served hot, combined with rich espresso, and toasted marshmallow flavor. It’s also topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. I loved it so much!

Campfire Mocha at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Hot Campfire Mocha

Campfire Mocha at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Hot Campfire Mocha

Campfire Mocha at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Close up look to my Hot Campfire Mocha

Hot Latte, IDR 36K (small size)

The hot latte that served in a paper cup with a lovely design on it tastes good to accompany my Peach Danish.

Hot Latte at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Hot Latte

Hot Latte at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Hot Latte

Peach Danish, IDR 20K

I always love a good Danish. Sweet, flaky, and the crisp outer layer of the Peach Danish made by them, we liked it!

Apricot Danish at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary Apricot Danish at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, it was a pleasant visit to Caribou Coffee Senopati. The place is so big, spacious and comfortable, friendly staff, good food and drinks; making it a nice place to chat or to hang out with friends over coffee, chocolate drinks, sandwiches, bagels, etc in the Senopati area.

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Caribou Coffee Senopati
Jl. Senopati No. 52, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021 – 2751.5162
Price: starts from Rp. 30.000,-
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Campfire Mocha + Apricot Danish and Latte at Caribou Coffee Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

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