[NEW SPOT] Fusion Korean Food at Arasseo Soju Bar & Eatery

Finally, just last week I had a chance to visit the latest Korean establishment in the Senopati area. Situated in the same area as Pao Pao Senopati, Arasseo Soju Bar and Eatery offers something different that is easily welcomed by diners in Jakarta. When we entered the restaurant, it feels like entering an underground cave where everything comes with a clean interior, rocky white walls, bright and simple. Of course, this is very different, unlike many other bars in Jakarta, and since it’s not a family restaurant, diners can freely smoke in this place. Too bad, I accidentally delete all the ambiance photos from my memory card. 🙁 There’s only one image left; the beautiful vase which placed on each table as in the image below.

Lovely ambiance at Arasseo Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

We started with two appetizers, Giblets Shack, and Finger Floss. Remember friends, never judge any food from the presentation, although sometimes it is very important too! For example, this inner part of a chicken, were thinly sliced, quickly seared with sliced garlic, and chili. The presentation of this Giblets Shack was nothing fancy, but it tastes so delicious and addictive! We ended up eating two servings of gizzard together with some food blogger friends that day! You should try it!

Giblets Shack

Giblets Shack

While Finger Floss apparently is a deep fried Korean rice cake (tteokbokki) served with beef floss on top. Tteokbokki is much loved by Korean food lovers anywhere in the world, and the slightly chewy texture of this tteokbokki accompanied by sweet and spicy sauce became an instant favorite in Arasseo. With a special dressing made by the chef, The Arasseo’s House Salad turned into a tasty salad consisted of beef bacon and baby spinach. At first, eating beef tongue sounds gross for me (and maybe some of you who currently is reading this post), but when I tried it, I fell in love with this tasty cut of meat. Despite the fact that beef tongue is pretty high in fat, you’ll be surprised by how tender, and tasty the Grilled Beef Tongue at Arasseo. It’s served with rice balls, Perilla leaves, and lettuce.

Beef Tongue Grill - House Salad - Finger Floss at Arasseo Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Grill Beef Tongue – House Salad – Finger Floss

Without a doubt, now I love beef tongue, and began to appreciate it! So, in addition to the menu that I mentioned above, we also loved the spiciness of Oh My Gyu. The thinly sliced ox tongue was well seasoned, juicy and flavorful! A bowl of hearty warm rice of Tartare Dream, which was served with crispy fried chicken pieces and tartare sauce on it, also became our favorite meal. Oh, if you’re looking for a unique pasta, you should try Mr Chef Pasta. With shredded cheese and some beef on top, plus the gochujang sauce (Korean chili sauce) gave this pasta a unique blend of flavors between savory, spicy and sweet.

Oh Gyu Tan - Tartare Dream - Mr Chef Pasta at Arasseo Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary

Oh My Gyu – Tartare Dream – Mr Chef Pasta

Oh My Gyu at Arasseo Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary 01

Oh My Gyu

Unlike many mashed potatoes, Arasseo creates a beautiful twist between mozzarella cheese with smooth grilled mashed potatoes, served with fried chicken and tomato sauce on top. I’ve never seen a dish like this before, both texture and taste, made us can not stop digging Mashy Mushy.

Mashy Mushy

Mashy Mushy

Overall, we had a lovely lunch at Arasseo. They have good Korean comfort food at decent prices, nice staff, comfortable ambiance, and a great place to hang out with friends accompanied by soju or any alcoholic beverages (blended soju, cocktails, wine, mocktails, etc.).  Thank you for having us, Michi! 🙂

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Arasseo Soju Bar & Eatery
Jalan Senopati No. 16, South Jakarta
Operating Hours: 11:00 – 24:00
Price: starts from Rp. 50.000,-
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Mashy Mushy


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