[NEW SPOT] I Got Hooked with the Tasty Organic Grouper Fish at The Hook, Senopati

Jakarta’s culinary landscape is moving fast, and brand-new eateries launch throughout the city, including the latest new kid on the block in the Senopati area, South Jakarta. So I heard about The Hook, a modern seafood restaurant and cafe from my best friend and we went there together last week for lunch. As the name suggests, The Hook, which recently held a Grand Opening a few days ago, specializes in serving only the finest fusion seafood cuisines, especially Grouper fish from the Arafura Sea. The calm ambiance, with warm lighting and homey design, instantly creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for diners.

The Hook Ambiance by Myfunfoodiary Cozy Ambiance at The Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary 01 Cozy Ambiance at The Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

The weather was really hot that day; that’s why I looked for a refreshing drink, anything to beat the heat. The Hook has a good selection of beverages ranging from coffee, tea, fresh juices, cocktails, mocktails, and Liqueurs. I was recommended to try The Hook Ice Coffee, one of their favorite drinks. Although it was a simple iced coffee, I liked how they presented it in a boot-shaped glass. That’s cute! The Mango Mojito also tasted refreshing, and both drinks became a nice summer treat.

The Hook Ice Coffee at The Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

The Hook Iced Coffee, IDR 40K

Mango Mojito at The Hook by Myfunfoodiary

Mango Mojito, IDR 50K

I like to eat fish because it is the best source of protein and minerals. And since I know that Grouper fish is a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium, this fish has become one of my favorite fish. As we all known, Grouper is more common in some Chinese food restaurant in Jakarta, but usually, these fish simply cooked by steam in general. If you’re a fish eater like me, I’m sure you’ll be glad as well when you find a wide variety of grouper dishes that The Hook offer on their menu.

Rosemary Grouper Steak at The Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary 01

Rosemary Grouper Steak

Rosemary Parmesan Grouper, IDR 255K

The Hook knows exactly what to do with the Grouper, and honestly, I got hooked with all the dishes we had tried at that time. For the first main course, I ordered the Rosemary Parmesan Grouper as recommended by the waiter. A beautiful firm white fish of Pacific Grouper fillet was first deep-fried then turned into a wonderful meal with a touch of Herb and Parmesan Cheese on top. They served it with baby potatoes and fresh salad as well, and all the combinations became a delicious way to elevate the mild flavor of this fish!

Rosemary Grouper Steak at The Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary collage

Rosemary Grouper Steak

Pacific Burger, IDR 93K

Do you ever get bored of eating the same old burger? If you like burgers and fried fish like me, I strongly advise you to try the Pacific Burger at The Hook. I bet you’ll love this one too! They use the same Pacific Grouper fillet, served on the soft bun, lovely fried egg, cheddar cheese, and vegetables, and served with nachos on the side. Although nachos were not my favorite; we loved the tender texture, thick meat, and the delicate flavor of the fish. It was really delicious!

Pacific Burger at the Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Pacific Burger served with Nachos

Pacific Burger at the Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Pacific Burger

Steam Grouper, IDR 255K

Steam Grouper also became our favorite dishes! And yes, nothing beats the classic steamed fish with soya herb sauce, served with wild mushroom and Chinese cabbage on top. It was very satisfying to eat the steamed Pacific Grouper with white rice, and drizzled with the herb soy sauce from the steamed fish. The flesh of this fish was extremely tender and oh-so-delicate!

Steam Grouper at The Hook by Myfunfoodiary

Steam Grouper

Prawn Fettuccine Alfredo, IDR 92.5K

And last but not least, we also ordered something from the pasta section. A classic fettuccine alfredo served in a rich and creamy sauce, and studded with large, pink and tender shrimp cajun. It was simple yet tasted so delicious!

Prawn Fettuccine Alfredo at The Hook Senopati by Myfunfoodiary

Prawn Fettuccine Alfredo

Overall, we had a deliciously organic Grouper, cooked in different dishes for lunch at The Hook, either fried or steamed; all tasted wonderful! I called it as organic Grouper because all the Grouper are sourced from the Arafura Grouper, which is specialized in natural and organically grown grouper. We were all impressed with the food, highly recommended! Friendly service, cozy atmosphere, generous serves and the healthy food concept with Grouper as their specialty, we would recommend The Hook and will be going back again.

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The Hook
Jalan Cikatomas II (Jl. Suryo area) No. 35, South Jakarta
Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 10:00 – 23:00
Weekend: 10:00 – 01:00
Price: starts from Rp. 50.000,-
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