[NEW SPOT] Good Lunch and Happy Time at Meet and Eat Cafe, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

I believe you’re also aware that new restaurants and cafes popping up in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta. Recently opened is this cafe, Meet and Eat Cafe, which located in the same row with Cake A Boo. We easily spot this place when we saw the vibrant green signboard with chat bubbles and their cafe name on it. As the name suggests, Meet and Eat Cafe provides a modern white ambiance with natural wood tables and chairs, set in a relaxed mood lighting to welcome everyone. More seating is available on the second floor, and there we also found fun and colorful murals on the walls.

Tampak Depan Meet and Eat PIK by Myfunfoodiary Cozy Ambiance on the first floor at Meat and Eat PIK by Myfunfoodiary Cozy ambiance on the second floor at Meat and Eat by Myfunfoodiary Cute Decor on the Second Floor at Meat and Eat by Myfunfoodiary Cute Decor on the Second Floor at Meat and Eat by Myfunfoodiary 01

Meet and Eat serves up a selection of Western and Asian dishes that include the Oxtail Soup, and Special Fried Rice. From the western choices, we tried some of their recommendations, such as the Cheese Bomb, Boneless Crispy Chicken, Loco Moco, and Double Cheese Burger with Fries.

Cheese Bomb, IDR 45K

We started with Strawberry and Kiwi Mojito and had an appetizer called Cheese Bomb. Hot, gooey and cheesy mozzarella, wrapped with deep-fried bacon, looks simple yet delicious and addictive!!

Cheese Bomb at Meat and Eat PIK by Myfunfoodiary Cheese Bomb at Meat and Eat PIK by Myfunfoodiary 02

Boneless Crispy Chicken, IDR 75K

When I heard crispy, my expectations the chicken would come with a crispy batter like fried chicken. But apparently, crispy here means the crispy skin as a result of the roast. I was happy to find there was slightly crisp on the chicken skin, and the chicken turned out so tender and juicy. They use thigh parts which I liked, and the chicken was marinated in special sauce and infused with truffle. Nothing special with the presentation, but this dish became my favorite. The juiciness of the meat, flavorful sauce, baby potatoes topped with rosemary on the side, so delicious!

Boneless Crispy Chicken at Meat and Eat PIK by MyfunfoodiaryBoneless Crispy Chicken at Meat and Eat PIK by Myfunfoodiary 01

Loco Moco, IDR 65K

Loco Moco is known as a popular comfort food in Hawaii, and we were curious to try the one made by Meet and Eat Cafe. A mountain of buttery parsley rice topped with a beef patty, and beautiful sunny-side-up egg, all floating in a sea of mushroom gravy sauce. Tender, and well-seasoned beef patty, with flavorful gravy, made this dish become a nice comfort meal that’s suitable for everyone.

Loco Moco at Meat and Eat by Myfunfoodiary Loco Moco at Meat and Eat by Myfunfoodiary 03

Double Cheese Burger with Fries, IDR 85K

If you’re looking for something simple, and quick, you might want to try the Cheese Burger. This classic burger consisted of a beef patty, double smoked cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and roast garlic mayonnaise all in a soft bun. The patty itself was moist, and succulent, accompanied with fries on the side which was nice.

Double Cheese Burger with Fries at Meat and Eat by Myfunfoodiary

The food was good, friendly staff, quick service and clean ambiance. I would recommend you to visit Meet and Eat Cafe when you’re in PIK area looking for good food at reasonable prices and cozy place to hang out with beer listed on the drink menu. Currently, they still have 25% off discount for all menu until next Saturday, February 20, 2016. Don’t miss it!

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Meet and Eat Cafe
Rukan Garden House Blok B No. 26, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
Phone: 021.2921.0197
Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Price: starts from Rp. 45.000,-
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