[NEW MENU] Explore the New Meat Lovers Pizza & Sausage Pastry Crust

There’s always time for Pizza, and friends, I have good news for you! PHD Indonesia (Pizza Hut Delivery Indonesia) that has so many branches in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Gresik and Malang city, recently launched a new product for all pizza lovers in Indonesia. I don’t know how about you, but Pizza is like a part of my life. There are many times when we’re really lazy at home, we just sit back and relax, call the pizza delivery service from PHD, order our favorite pizza and gather with family at home. If you’re also a fan of PHD, I believe you’re also aware that they already have three different crust to offer to their customers, such as the Original crust, Stuffed crust (cheese fillings), and Sausage crust.

PHD Meat Lovers - by Myfunfoodiary

Unlike in the Pizza Hut restaurant, the pizza dough made by PHD is somewhat thinner to ensure the pizza cooked faster and can be delivered to the customer within 30 minutes. No wonder they always have a slogan “PHD 30 menit tiba(30 minutes to arrive) because this pizza company guarantees your order will arrive within 30 minutes, or they will give you a free PHD voucher for delivery lateness. Kewl!

PHD Meat Lovers - behind the scene making Meat Lovers Pizza by Myfunfoodiary

So, what’s new from PHD this year? They’ve added some exciting new sauce base to the well-known signature Meat Lovers Pizza and also a new crust, called Sausage Pastry Crust. With this innovation from PHD, my most favorite pizza will never be the same again because there are 3 different sauce base to choose from, such as the Honey BBQ, Cheesy Mayo, and Spicy Tomato.

PHD Meat Lovers - 3 new base sauce by MyfunfoodiaryPHD Meat Lovers - sauce base Honey BBQ & Cheesy Mayo by Myfunfoodiary

If you prefer a sweet sauce base, you can opt-in to Honey BBQ. I love cheese, and the combination of creamy mayonnaise with flavorful cheese perfectly fit with the Meat Lovers Pizza! We really liked it! While the Spicy Tomato tasted good as well, but it wasn’t too spicy for my personal taste. However, all the sauce base tasted delicious, each sauce base creating a unique flavor combination, so it’s kind hard to pick just one sauce base!

PHD Meat Lovers new sauce base to choose - by Myfunfoodiary PHD Meat Lovers - Spicy Tomato sauce base by Myfunfoodiary PHD Meat Lovers - close up look melted cheese by Myfunfoodiary

As we all know, the famous Meat Lovers Pizza features that endless array of meat toppings, resting on a cloud of gooey mozzarella cheese, oh gosh.. it was so delicious, especially with their new, 3 different sauce base! Apart from that, you should also try out a new Sausage Pastry Crust by PHD. The Sausage Pastry Crust is available for all pizza toppings, both regular and jumbo size. The crust was actually similar to the Sausage Crust, which they had before, but this one with pastry texture. I liked that the crust was not overly thick, tender and served with lots of parmesan cheese around the crust that gave extra savory sensation for the overall flavor.

PHD Meat Lovers - creative image by Myfunfoodiary PHD Meat Lovers - Sausage Pastry Crust by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, we really liked the new Sausage Pastry Crust, and I liked Cheesy Mayo sauce base the most if compared with the other sauce base for Meat Lovers Pizza. I remember how the smell of fresh pizza from the oven easily made my nose drool, all that gooey cheese and generous meat toppings just melted in my mouth, and it tastes like heaven! We savor every single bite of pizza and time spent together with friends while eating pizza. You gotta try it!! Wait no more, pick up your phone and dial to PHD Indonesia 1500-600, or you can order it online through their website.

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