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With new cafes and coffee shops everywhere, I felt wanted to find another decent place to chill-out in the afternoon, but not for coffee. So, just a few days ago, we went to Lewis & Carroll Tea in South Jakarta for brunch, and we loved everything here. Situated near Pakubuwono Residence, the cozy and chill atmosphere at Lewis and Carroll literally made me fall in love with this place. The sunlight coming through the large windows, beautiful flowers and classic teapots gave an interesting touch in the middle of their restaurant.

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Set in an elegant and calm ambiance, Lewis & Carroll is a tea house that is fairly new in town and has been opened for six months. Their vast tea selections easily please the eyes and nose, ranging from black tea, white tea, herbal tea, oolong blend, green tea, fruits tea, spice, and flower tea. Every tea on the menu has been carefully selected and they allow us to ‘sample’ (smell) the tea before placing an order. I was excited to smell the fragrance of each sample, and asked myself, which tea should I try first? Should I start with the Black, Green, Herbal, or White tea? With so many choices available, I finally picked two of them.

Winter Bloom Tea at at Lewis & Caroll Tea by Myfunfoodiary 01 r

Winter Bloom Tea – Flower Tea

Winter Bloom Tea at Lewis & Caroll Tea by Myfunfoodiary r

Winter Bloom Tea – Flower Tea, IDR 60K

I’ve got to say; this was probably the most expensive tea I ever taste in my life. Gosh! But hey, we liked this experience! Winter Bloom Tea, which is made from silver needle white tea that has been combined with globe amaranth flower, jasmine, and marigold, slowly transformed from a tea ball and “blooms” into a beautiful flower in a clear glass teapot. The waitress said that we should let the flower steep about 7 minutes before we could sip the fragrant tea. The flower inside blooming nicely, and it has a lovely aroma and flavor. While the Checkmate Tea, also made from silver needle white tea, but combined with blackcurrant and safflower. Creamy and delicate taste with sweet notes at the end.

Checkmate White Blend at Lewis & Caroll Tea by Myfunfoodiary -r

Checkmate White Blend Tea – IDR 60K

In addition to tea, there are plenty of sweet and savory dishes on their menu, so we ordered something to eat. Truffle Fries are one of my favorite indulgences, and here, they serve delicious truffle fries too. Light and crisp, we liked it!

Truffle Fries at Lewis & Caroll Tea by Myfunfoodiary r

Truffle Fries, IDR 40K

From a selection of gourmet sandwiches, we tried Chicken Lou’s, one of the chef’s recommendations. This sandwich is composed of all kinds of yummy things such as head lettuce, tomato, beef bacon, and brie, all in thick focaccia bread which is lightly toasted. The honey mustard gave it a good flavor and with tasty mozzarella and tender grilled chicken breast, all the combinations tasted great!

Chicken Lou's Sandwich at Lewis & Caroll Tea by Myfunfoodiary r

Chicken Lou’s Sandwich, IDR 85K

Last but not least, we also had Truffle Aglio Olio from the pasta selections. We opted for the beef bacon rather than tuna, and I liked that fragrant aroma of truffle and garlic flavor in the pasta. The pasta was delicious, but I was a bit disappointed, because it wasn’t spicy at all, no chili pepper flakes, and it would be better if they added more truffle oil to make the flavor stronger.

Truffle Aglio Olio at Lewis & Caroll Tea by Myfunfoodiary r

Overall, we enjoyed everything from the beginning. The atmosphere is inviting, and the staff was attentive and pleasant. With so many choices available for tea enthusiasts, Lewis and Carroll Tea can be a great spot for you to relax, sipping tea, do the girl’s afternoon tea or ladies’ day out, eat the sandwiches, catch up with friends over cakes, and so on.

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Lewis and Carroll Tea
Jalan Bumi No. 4, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 2702660
Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Price: starts from Rp. 60.000,-
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