[NEW POST] Tasty & Spicy Messy over Chili Crab at Cabe Ijo Seafood

I’m a big fan of crab and was so happy to finally able to try the Chili Crab in this restaurant with my family for dinner last month. We didn’t know that this seafood restaurant already exists right next to Sun Merry Bakery for several years. Gosh! Where am I? Ha-ha.. Located in Muara Karang – Pluit (North Jakarta), Cabe Ijo Seafood Restaurant offers a variety of seafood delicacies, including live crabs, fish, and many others. Upon arrival, the restaurant was packed, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere and food on their tables. Luckily, there’s still one remaining table for the 7 of us. Yay!

Tampak Cabe Ijo Seafood Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Tasty Messy Seafood on the Table with my family - by Myfunfoodiary

I was with my family who loves seafood as much as I do, so we ordered some food, so many until our table full of this delicious meals. We came on Sunday and then realized that they had a 50% discount promotion valid every day from Monday to Friday (Dine-in only). I’m sure you do not want to miss this special discount! 🙂

Promo Diskon at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary

Most of the seafood restaurants in Jakarta provides a common crabs menu such as black pepper crab, smoked crab, etc. In my opinion, the Chili Crab dish which is popular in Singapore is still rare in Jakarta. That’s why I was delighted to find it here in Cabe Ijo Seafood Restaurant. Even though the appearance may be very messy, this Chili Crab (IDR 288K for 8 ons) tasted so delicious and spicy. This Chili Crab was amazing, and it’s packed with so many flavors we won’t mind getting a bit messy with this delicacy! Best eaten with Fried Mantou (IDR 30K), and make sure you order it as well.

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Chili Crab at Cabe Ijo Seafood Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary collage

Chili Crab, IDR 288K (0.80kg) + Fried Mantao, IDR 30K

Chili Crab Jumbo at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary 01

Chili Crab, IDR 288K (0.80kg)

The fish that they offer is also quite different from other seafood restaurants. We ordered two types of fish, Ikan Jenaah Tim Thailand (IDR 65K, price may be vary depends on the weight), and Ikan Alu-Alu Cabe Ijo (IDR 58.8K, price may be vary depends on the weight); both are equally delicious. We also had the steamed clam, with some vegetables. Pakis Ebi (IDR 30K) was quite rare, but it tasted delicious, with small leaves and tasty shrimp flavor in the sauce. As for Kailan 2 Rasa (IDR 45K), was fried to perfection until crisp, and all of us addicted to this vegetable! The flavors on all the dishes sparkled, even for the Salt Pepper Shrimp (Udang Cabe Garam) and the Bamboo Clam in Pineapple Sour Sauce (Kerang Bambu Saus Asem Nanas) which they provided for us as complimentary from the owner who recognize us that night. Thank you!

Ikan Alu-Alu Cabe Ijo at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary

Ikan Alu-Alu Cabe Ijo, IDR 58.8K (0.49kg)

Ikan Jenaah Tim Thailand at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary

Ikan Jenaah Tim Thailand, IDR 65K (0.50kg)

Udang Lada Garam - Pakis Ebi - Kerang at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary

Udang Cabe Garam – Pakis Ebi (IDR 30K) – Kerang Bambu Tim Asem Nanas

Kailan 2 Rasa at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary

Kailan 2 Rasa, IDR 45K

Free Fruit for customers at Cabe Ijo Seafood by Myfunfoodiary

Free Fruit for customers

The service was prompt given the fact that the restaurant was very crowded. All the food was very good, fresh and delicious, nicely prepared and presented. We truly enjoyed our seafood night, and definitely will return for more crabs and another meal. If you like crabs, Cabe Ijo Seafood Restaurant is one of the seafood places to go in Jakarta!

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Cabe Ijo Seafood Restaurant
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 40 D, Pluit, Jakarta Utara
Phone: 0851.0067.3179
Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00
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