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Although we skipped and canceled our trip to Hua Hin in Thailand due to our limited time in Bangkok, we were so happy to be able to visit Chocolate Ville Dining Park in Bangkok, Thailand just a week ago. Woohoo! Many thanks to my friend, Hans, who is so kind to accompany us to this place although he went there already a few times. Yay! So, it’s time for me to share my experience with you, because a lot of my friends and family kept asking, where is this Chocolate Ville, do they sell chocolate, how to get there, etc.

Chocolate Ville is known as one of the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok, and they have been operating since December 2011. The name sounds interesting, and my first thought was “Yay, I could probably find a lot of chocolate when I get there!”. Ha-ha… Apparently, it’s not like that! Chocolate Ville is just a name, and there’s no shop or anything that sells chocolate. Do they sell chocolate? Nope! Ha-ha.. I don’t even know why they named it as Chocolate Ville, but certainly, this is a place that you must visit when you’re in Bangkok, Thailand!

The next question might be something like this: “Why should I go to Chocolate Ville?” Oh my gosh, you should! This is the best-themed restaurant we’ve visited so far! Located on Kaset-Nawamin Road, Bueng Kum District (Bangkok), Chocolate Ville is actually a restaurant, or I would say it as a dining park because this place is designed beautifully like a small European village with a very spacious dining area and lots of exciting spot for taking photos. There’s only one restaurant, but you are free to choose any empty table in the village. Be it in the lakeside area, indoor or outdoor.

Another good thing is, there’s no Entrance Fee to Chocolate Ville, and you’re free to take as many photos as you want. But, even though it’s located in Bangkok, it’s still quite far from the city center. It’s recommended for tourists, to take a taxi to go there. We took Uber car from Thonglor area after we had dessert at Audrey Cafe and it took us about 45 minutes to get there. So, it would probably take at least 45minutes to 1-hour drive to go to Chocolate Ville, depending on the traffic in Bangkok. You may want to plan well on your schedule before you go there.

Lucky us, we can reach this place and arrived before 6 pm to get pictures with a clear blue sky before night falls. Everything was so beautiful, and the atmosphere in this place made us feel like we’re not in Bangkok anymore. The night view looks even more beautiful, especially when all the lights lit up in the village. Make sure not to miss the lighthouse! The tower is located in the middle of Chocolate Ville where everyone can go up there and see the whole place from the top.

The panoramic view of Chocolate Ville from above the lighthouse was so gorgeous, oh my gosh! I still remember the romantic classic jazz songs that were played that night, and it makes me wanna go there again because we were too busy taking pictures and didn’t get to try the food in the village. We loved this place so much; that’s why I used the same song being played in Chocolate Ville to my YouTube video as well. I read some reviews from the net that you should make a reservation in advance if you want to go there, but we did not make any reservation at all. So, I hope this story can inspire you and if you’re looking for a casual romantic dinner with a gorgeous scenic view when you’re in Bangkok, make sure to visit Chocolate Ville.

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Chocolate Ville

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Phone: +66 83 077 3738

Operating Hour: everyday from 16.00 to midnight



Mission accomplished, yay! Last year I told my husband to bring his mom to this place, and finally, we made it! Mom loves being here, and the Europian theme made her feels like in a dreamland, not like being in Bangkok at all. Again, the night view from the top of the lighthouse was amazing, and on this visit, we also enjoyed dinner there.

Ham Hock (German Pork Knuckle), 420 Baht (equal to IDR 168K)

Finally, we tried the famous German Pork Knuckle at Chocolate Ville, and surprisingly, it tasted amazing! The pork skin was very crispy, while the meat remains juicy. The pork knuckle was big enough to be shared up to 3 persons, and it’s served with coleslaw and Thai’s spicy dip sauce along with Sticky Rice. We enjoyed it so much, except the sticky rice which tasted a bit bland. However, don’t forget to try this when you visit Chocolate Ville.

BBQ Pork Buns, 145 Baht (equal to IDR 58K)

And you know what? Another guilty pleasure that night, was when we tried the BBQ Pork Buns as well! The presentation and the taste were not much different from the Chinese Pork Buns served at Chinese food restaurant. It’s stuffed with a savory and slightly sweet filling of Cantonese roast pork. If you can eat pork, you gotta try it! Don’t forget to enjoy it with Hoegaarden Rose (190 Baht, small size) that has a lovely pink color, and a naturally sweet taste with a rich fruity aroma!

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