[THAILAND] 4 Best Dessert Cafes in Bangkok for Cafehopping

It’s been eight years since the last time I visited Thailand with my husband, Andy Pau, and finally, just recently we made our short getaway to Bangkok in Thailand together with our foodie friend, Hans Danial. Yay! We had so much fun doing cafe hopping since the first day of our trip as you can see from my Instagram account (follow me if you haven’t: MYFUNFOODIARY), and I can’t wait to share everything with you! After a few days in Bangkok, I realized the food scene in Bangkok has changed a lot, and a numerous of great cafes are also growing fast just like in our beloved city, Jakarta (Indonesia). Besides the street food that I usually find when I travel abroad, we also visited some of the happenings and must visit dessert cafes in Bangkok, Thailand. So, these are 4 Best Dessert Cafes in Bangkok (Thailand) for cafe hopping which you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Bangkok someday.


Mango Tango is a dessert cafe first listed in our Bangkok itinerary. If you love mango and desserts, then you should visit Mango Tango. This small dessert cafe comes with a bright yellow sign, and mango decorations in their cafe. Located at Siam Squares Soi 3 (approximately 40m few shops from Watsons), Mango Tango is definitely a paradise for mango lovers, like us! They serve a wide array of desserts which are all made from mangoes, such as pudding, ice cream, fresh fruit, and even mango with the classic Thai sticky rice.

For the drink, try their Mango Ska (75 baht each, but only 140 baht for two drinks). This Iced Blended Mango is served with clear pudding, very filling, and it was so delicious! The Mango Aloha (for 75 baht) was refreshingly good! Diced mango served in milk sago which was not too sweet and topped with mango sauce, oh it tasted really good too!

Mango Tango with Extra Sticky Rice (number 2-2, for 160 baht), was another favorite for all of us! The fresh mango beautifully presented with mango pudding and mango ice cream with the addition of sticky rice. The combination of mango goodness exploded in my mouth and the sticky rice that comes with a sweet coconut milk complement the mango very well, it was very yum!

Mango Tango

Siam Squares Soi 3,  Khwaeng Pathum Wan,

Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok (Thailand)

Opening Hours: 11.30 – 22.00

Phone: +66 2 658 4660



Another dessert cafe in Siam, Kyo Roll En is famed for their signature soft serve ice cream and Japanese roll cakes. Just a few minutes walk from Mango Tango; we visited one of the branches of Kyo Roll En located at the Ground Floor of Siam Paragon. Kyo Roll En is based on the Kyoto Lifestyle Cafe concept, so we opted-in some of their unique desserts, such as Zen Roll Set (219 baht), Goma Kakigori (159 baht), and Raindrop Mizu Mochi (135 baht).

The happening dessert, Raindrop Mizu Mochi was really unique. This transparent mochi looks like a raindrop, and it’s made with natural spring water; very clear, and light. The texture was smoothly lovely, like eating jelly, but it’s served with the ‘Kuromitzu’ Okinawan-brown sugar syrup and ‘Kinako’ roasted soy flour which enhances the overall flavor on the mochi. It was sooo good! Oh gosh, you have to try this when you visit Kyo Roll En! Next is, Goma Kakigori (Japanese favorite black sesame shaved ice dessert) which was served well with Sumi soft-cream, Warabi Mochi made from wild bracken plant, and roasted soy

flour ‘Kinako’. It has a nice aroma, but unfortunately lacking in sesame flavor. But, besides Mizu Mochi, we loved the Zen Roll Set so much! This set comprised of Bamboo charcoal roll with green tea (matcha) cream filling, charcoal-matcha ‘mixed’ soft serve ice cream, Matcha ‘nama’ chocolate, fresh strawberry, Warabi Mochi, and Matcha sauce. The roll cake was so soft and moist, and the matcha was so rich yet so light (not too sweet). It was oh-so-goooood! Overall, Kyo Roll En is a good dessert cafe for good Japanese style desserts, and for matcha lovers, you should try it.

Kyo Roll En

GF (Sweet Avenue Zone) Siam Paragon, Bangkok (Thailand)

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00 (Last order 21.30)

Phone: 02-610-7583

Nearby: Siam BTS Station (directly connected)



Our 3rd dessert destination straight in a row as you saw from my Snapchat a few days ago (Follow my SnapChat to see live culinary updates from me: Myfunfoodiary – if you haven’t) was this, After You Dessert Cafe. Situated in the same location within Siam area, we decided to try some of their signature desserts before heading for dinner. After You is a dessert cafe that has been popular in Bangkok and is known for its Shibuya style honey toasts with many flavors to choose from. The cafe was pretty crowded when we arrived around 6 pm, but when we left the place around 7.15pm, there were a lot of people queueing to get a seat. Whew! Yes, it’s that popular, so I recommend you to be there early to avoid the lines.

We tried a new item on their menu, the Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori (265 baht) and it was so addicting! As we scoop further to the mango shaved ice, we found many mango chunks and yummy sticky rice hidden within the mountain of mango goodness. The coconut cream on top was so delicious, especially after we poured the mango puree, and mix everything together. It was the best mango kakigori I’ve ever had so far, and I bet you’ll fall in love with this too! We also tried Ferrero Toast (255 baht) which made us impressed as well. A thick french toast drenched in butter served with chocolate syrup, two scoops of ice cream, and chunky of chopped Ferrero Rocher. Not only pleasing on the eyes, but the combination of flavors was fantastic! The Caramel syrup poured on top of the toast adds sweetness, and some nuts spread on toast gave the crunchy sensation. The toast itself was so good; crispy on the outside yet soft and sweet on the inside. A must try when you’re in Bangkok!

After You Dessert Cafe

Siam Square Soi 7, Khwaeng Pathum Wan,

Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok (Thailand)

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.30 

Phone: +66 2 610 7659



Last but not least, we visited Audrey Cafe and Bistro, one of the prettiest cafes among the most popular cafe in Bangkok. We usually ride Uber car for transportation, but the traffic jam in Bangkok is pretty bad (similar to Jakarta), so we decided to catch the train to BTS Thong Lor, and walk for 15 minutes to reach Audrey Cafe. Audrey Cafe and Bistro is a stylish and chic bistro that has a beautiful and cozy ambiance of Parisian Patisseries style with inviting interior designs and spacious dining area, both indoor and outdoor seating. Serving Thai and International cuisine, Audrey Cafe also home to the famous Thai Mille Crepe, so of course, we ordered Thai Tea Crepe Cake (110 baht) and Milo Volcano Crepe Cake (125 baht).

Oh my gosh! The Thai Tea Crepe Cake tasted amazing! I instantly fell in love with all of the sweet and Thai tea goodness from the soft layered sponge crepe cake. The crepe cake was lightly creamy and so good even though the crepe layers was not as much as the best Crepe I’ve ever tried before in Lady M Singapore. If you’re a fan of Milo, you’ll sure to fall in love with Milo Volcano Crepe Cake, which is also another signature dessert at Audrey Cafe and Bistro. Make sure to try these sweet treat when you’re in Bangkok.

From the main course, we ordered Spaghetti Spicy Dry Chili with River Prawn (290 baht), and for the drinks, we chose Audrey on My Mind (110 baht), Iced Orange Juice (75 baht), and Iced Coffee. The pasta was simple yet tasty, and the dried chili gave the pasta a medium kick of spiciness. It was such a heart-warming combination for all pasta lovers. Recommended! Due to my short trip to Bangkok, I could only visit the happening and must visit dessert cafes which I mentioned above. But I will share more of my Bangkok food guide to you, stay tuned!

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