[BALI] Wonderful Dine with Awesome Sea Views at the Standing Stones

Escape to Standing Stones Restaurant, Bar, and Beach Club at The Royal Purnama, (Gianyar – Bali) the new happening spot in Gianyar area which just opened early this year was the right decision for us before leaving Bali today. I heard about this wonderful place from a friend of mine, Audrey, who had just returned from a holiday in Bali. Yay, thank you for the recommendation! We had a lovely experience at this restaurant, and I’m excited to share the story with you now.

Finding this place was easy because Standing Stones Restaurant is there on the google maps. When we arrived, the hotel’s security officer advised us to go directly to the lobby before we move on to the restaurant. Apparently, to access the Standing Stones Restaurant, which is one of the restaurants of The Royal Purnama Art Suites and Villas, we had to buy a dining voucher which cost IDR 200K per person. I’m fully aware of the minimum spending policy because my friend had told me so, but they changed the regulations starting in July 2016. Previously they only charged Rp. 100.000,- per person, now is Rp. 200.000,- per person where vouchers can be used as an F&B credit; applicable on the same day and non-refundable. 

The same thing applied when we visited Vue Beach Club, and El Kabron Beach Club last year, where they have a minimum spending policy as well. So yes, of course, we paid for it and did not regret at all. Standing Stones Restaurant offers semi-alfresco gourmet dining with the beach-front setting and stunning sea views of Purnama Beach (Pantai Purnama). Well, in my opinion, the lounge area in the restaurant was quite small. The gazebo which located next to the pool was so lovely, but they told us to pay extra IDR 350K if we wanted to use the bed, oh that’s so expensive! We skipped the bed, and while the beanbags are only suitable for two persons, we decided to use the day bed rows in the garden area.

We arrived just in time around 4.30pm and ended up spending two hours taking pictures at this location. Ha-ha.. And one more hour to enjoy our dinner before leaving the restaurant. And yes, as you saw from my SnapChat account (follow my ID: Myfunfoodiary), the stones are the main reason why we came here!!

For the drinks, we ordered three different mocktails (these prices are exclude 21% service charge and tax); Black Stones (IDR 80K), The Purnama Sunset (IDR 65K), and Copa Cabana (IDR 40K). Two of the first drink that I mentioned above was our favorite; both tasted so refreshing, made with blueberry puree for the Black Stones and mango puree for the Purnama Sunset. As for the food, we had their Ayam Betutu (IDR 95K), Bebek Goreng (IDR 95K) and Squid Ink Pasta.

Although the chicken betutu wasn’t spicy at all unlike the traditional Ayam Betutu I’ve ever eaten in Bali; the chicken meat was tender, and the spicy sambal on the side adds punch to the chicken. The duck meat also falls off the bone easily. It was juicy, tender meat, crisp, and savory. Best eaten with all the condiments served on the side. The squid ink pasta was another favorite as well, which served with two big scallops on top! They gave pesto sauce in the pasta, simple yet so flavorful! Recommended! Surprisingly, all the food and drink were tasted delicious, and we enjoyed them immensely. Because I’ve paid the cover charge for three persons, means I got Rp. 600.000,- F&B credit, we spent a total of Rp. 617.000,- for everything (so we paid extra Rp. 17.000,- with cash at the cashier).

Clear blue sky, beautiful sea views, peaceful atmosphere that brings peace to our minds and souls, excellent food, and last but not least, the instagenic stones on site. My conclusion: this is one of those fabulous spots in Bali, ideal for honeymooners, couples, families, and you! My only complaint was some waiters were not friendly, and the service was very slow even though there were not too many guests at that time. Overall, it was one of the best memories that we had in Bali on this holiday. If you ask me, was it worth the visit? With all these beautiful pictures, lovely sunset, and good quality of the food, yes, definitely! Standing Stones Restaurant is a place where you should visit at least once in your life! Happy holiday!

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Standing Stones Restaurant

Jalan Pantai Purnama (Purnama Beach), Sukawati, Gianyar – Bali

Phone: +62 361 849 3706


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  1. Love all the pictures. Will go there too. Thanks for the info and detail ya. Besom ke bali lagi same fams.

    Btw beanbag dan day bed row kena brapa dear?
    Dan apache dining voucher nya termasuk pool access, towel dan tempt bilas ya? (mengingat ada foto habis brenang disana).

    Thanks a lot =)

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    • Hallo Mora, thanks ya sudah mampir.. 🙂
      Beanbag sama day bed row itu free koq, gak kena extra charge lagi..
      Asalkan sudah bayar entry feenya yang Rp. 200.000,- (buat ditukarkan dengan F&B saat di restoran), sudah bisa akses ke pool-nya juga koq..
      Tempat bilas ga ada, hanya toilet biasa, tapi handuk disediakan koq.. 🙂

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