[NEW] Onokabe Restaurant for Affordable All You Can Eat Suki & Grill

Good news hey carnivores and meat lovers, check this out! We just went to Onokabe Restaurant which just had a soft opening yesterday. Located in Alam Sutera Town Center (across Flavor Bliss), Onokabe is a new culinary destination presented by Boga Group who has been successful with so many F&B brands, such as Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Inn, Master Wok, Shaburi, Kintan Buffet, and Boga Catering. I’m sure you’re familiar with these brands. And you know what? I was so excited when I heard the name of this new baby born by Boga Group because Onokabe in Javanese means “everything’s there!” or literally, “you can have it all here!”. My intuition leads me to the fact that when I walked into the restaurant, I found that Onokabe offers All You Can Eat Suki and Grill for people who love the all you can eat concept, like you.. and like me! Ha-ha..

Onokabe wants to be a one-stop culinary destination for families where adults and kids can have fun and enjoy a complete dining experience under one roof. Besides the parking lot, they also have a spacious dining area, and you’ll find the cute mascot of Onokabe; the big and fat sumo icon, Mr. Ono, on the left side of the entrance. He’s so big and too cute to be left alone in there, so I took a picture with him! Ha-ha.. They chose sumo as the icon,

because the sumo person requires high-quality food intake very much to maintain their weight. That’s make senses! No wonder that Onokabe has more than 100 variants of buffet menu where the menu varies from local dishes to international food, such as Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, and some of the Western menus (Italian, American, etc), they have it all here! Wow! 

ONOKABE! So, it’s the concept that they want everyone to experience, Onokabe as a one-stop-dining junction for all culinary lovers that has never existed in Indonesia! I can’t resist myself to check out what’s available in Onokabe. So I take a look around, and I was quite shocked when I saw the lamb roll station. I was like, “What? They also provide this as part of the buffet menu?”. Oh my gosh!! 

As I sat down, the waiter explained everything to me. Each table in Onokabe Restaurant is equipped with a barbecue grill and stove (for suki) to cook the desired meat. That’s really unique because I’ve never come across this kind of thing before in all-you-can-eat concept in Jakarta! They want to make everyone as comfortable as possible by providing an entertainment area on the 2nd floor that works as a waiting room that comes with kids playground, reflexology corner, football game, completed with free wifi and snacks! Kewl!

From the grill section, diners are more than welcome to pick whatever meat they want. But, if you can’t finish the food that has been taken by you, they will charge you an additional fee, and I was told by the waiter that I only have 2 hours to eat there! Onokabe provides various types of meats, ranging from Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Fish, and Squid, in which all the meat is marinated in different kind of sauces, such as Teriyaki, Lime and Pepper, Shrimp Margarita, BBQ Chicken, Beef Szechuan, Chicken Curry, Fish in Garlic sauce, etc. Wow, it’s really interesting! From another counter, I spotted there’s Chawan Mushi (Japanese steamed egg), fried noodles, fried rice, Balado eggs, some vegetables, Beef Lasagna, etc. I must say, Onokabe really made us impressed! They even provide 17 kinds of chilis to suit your taste buds! Wow!

As for Suki, we can choose two of 7 kinds of soup that’s available in Onokabe, so I chose the Chicken Collagen broth and Tom Yam Kung soup. I wanted to try the Miso Seaweed Soup, but unfortunately, the soup wasn’t ready yet, and all the soup turns out not refillable, except for the Chicken broth only. We easily grab any plates that passes on the conveyor belt, but the choices are not much that day.

While for the drinks, they also provide coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water, and tea. I opted-in for tea, and also tried several side dishes. The Chicken Karaage (Japanese food) and Gai Hor Bai Toey (Thai pandan-wrapped Chicken) was so juicy and tasty; I would recommend you to try those when you visit Onokabe. We enjoyed everything from the grill section; there’s nothing to complained about.

But the Chawan Mushi (Japanese steamed egg) was very watery, and it wasn’t good at all! And when the restaurant was very full with all the invited guest, the atmosphere, and the air became VERY HOT in the restaurant. I hope they can put more air conditioner in the dining area before it’s finally open to the public in two more days. Overall, it was a fun and unique all-you-can-eat dining experience in Onokabe!

If you’re a fan of AYCE, and looking for an affordable All-You-Can-Eat where you can enjoy Suki and Grill together, you gotta try Onokabe Restaurant in Alam Sutera (Serpong) which offers more than 100 variants of buffet menu starts from IDR 85K (before tax & service).


Onokabe Suki & Grill Restaurant will open its door for public on Wednesday, 02 November 2016. You can enjoy their opening promotion: Pay 1 For 2 using BCA Credit Card for All-You-Can-Eat (Suki and Grill), valid from 2-15 November 2016. Woohoo, don’t miss it! 

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Onokabe Restaurant

Jl. Alam Utama Kav 26, Alam Sutera Town Center (across Flavor Bliss), Serpong Utara

Phone: (021) 2921 1515

Operating Hour: 11:00 – 15:00 and 18:00 – 22:00 

Website || Twitter || Instagram 

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