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Fossil has become an all time favorite brand of mine since I received a birthday gift from my colleagues a few years ago. It’s an American lifestyle brand, creatively rooted in authentic vintage and classic design. Yes, this brand is known first for their vintage-style watches, and I fell in love with it. Every time I pass by the Fossil store or Urban Icon store which located in Grand Indonesia Mall, I’ve been tempted to go in and see if they have something new in the store, either for their handbags or the watches. Ha-ha… And in addition to the vintage style, I like how Fossil watches comes in a complementary watch tin packaging, which is so colorful, and expressive so that it fits well when used as gifts for loved ones.

So recently, Fossil releases Q Smartwatches; the newest digital display watch which connects seamlessly to our phone. Oh my gosh, finally! You know what? I have been eyeing this watch since I first saw their ad on the internet. Over the last two months, I’ve been looking for a cool smartwatch that can adjust my activities, and finally, Fossil releases this! I even saw their ads appear on the London Double-decker bus a few weeks ago when I was in LondonYay! There are three

major categories of the Fossil smartwatches, the Q Founder, Q Wander, and Q Marshal with three different straps, ranging from Stainless Steel, Silicone, and Leather. Many of their leather watches caught my attention, and now I realize, I’ve collected 7 of Fossil watches until now, ranging from the elegant Rose Gold collection, Black strap, White strap, and vintage straps. I even had a few of Fossil bags and purses as well, haha.. So, for the smartwatch, I decided to use the Q Marshal Touchscreen Smartwatch with Brown Leather straps for myself.

Despite its large size (with a 45mm case that’s 14mm thick), and weighty, but it looks good; the classic look that I always wanted, but with a piece of technology in it. It has 4GB of flash storage, Wi-Fi to function when your phone is left behind, and all notifications (social media, email, alert, weather, incoming calls, etc.) which displayed on your phone will appear on the screen watch. While the built-in Fitness tracker allows me to track my steps and activities, and also give me a weekly report on my movement. That’s pretty nice, but this watch doesn’t include an optical heart-rate sensor. So, keep in mind that the Q Marshal is not a sport watch, it’s a fashion one!

And because the brown leather strap is quite thick, and it’s a unisex watches, everyone who loves big watches can opt for this too! And you can easily swap and pair it with any 22mm strap you like. This watch also runs the latest version of Android Wear. The tech-savvy dial with touchscreen functionality that includes pre-installed customizable watch faces, allows me to personalize a new look where I can choose directly from my phone or on the touchscreen dial itself. But of course, I had to installed the Android Wear™ application on my cell phone before using it (compatible with Android™ Devices 4.3+ and iOS 8+ / iPhone 5+).

As a big fan of Fossil, I really like this watch, but I found the screen washes out under the sunlight, the screen dims out quickly, and there’s a flat – black mark along the bottom of the display where Fossil hides its sensor there. The 360mAh battery on the Q Marshal can last for one day, but I managed to keep the battery life lasts throughout the day by reducing the usage and with a few settings on the Android Wear. From my experience, the charging was easy, but it took at least 6-7 hours to charge the battery with a magnetic wireless charger which attaches onto the back of the watch. However, this classic and elegant timepiece sits comfortably on the wrist, with a bright and clear display, smooth navigation, and it performs nicely with my iPhone. The customizable watch faces to the interchangeable straps, allow me to personalize the new wearable from a funky style to the professional one whenever I want it. It’s exciting!

My favorite feature of the watch, of course, is the leather material, elegant design, and its new performance, especially when Q Marshal can alert and made me aware of new emails and chat notifications while I’m working and away from my mobile phone. And how it reminds me to walk more to reach 10,000 steps a day to keep me fit and reach my healthy goal. It’s fun! I also found some new watch faces that I can download directly from the Android Wear, and now I’m using the superbly stylish Ted Baker’s beautiful prints – designed watch face. I believe any stylish ladies and tech-savvy gents will like this feature as well. All these functions make it such a joy to wear Fossil Q Marshal on any occasion.

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