[NEW SPOT] AMKC Atelier Dessert Date at Plaza Indonesia

Not long ago, I chose to visit AMKC Atelier which is still relatively new cafe in Central Jakarta. Located on the first floor of Plaza Indonesia (ex-Bakerzin Restaurant), this gourmet eatery and handmade pastry shop has been opened since mid-February 2016 and until now still steal the attention of culinary lovers in Jakarta. My first impression upon entering this place is the classy ambiance that is dominated by white color and dim lighting that creates a warm atmosphere inside the restaurant. The seating area is not big, but the large mirror on the wall of the restaurant gives the impression of a larger space.

When we walked into the restaurant, one of the waiters asked beforehand; whether we just want to enjoy the dessert alone or include the main meal. Apparently, for customers who just want to enjoy the desserts, they only have 1 hour to enjoy after the food is served. I don’t understand why because the restaurant was not crowded at the time. Many tables were still empty when we arrived. I didn’t mind, because it was just a short visit anyway since we came to AMKC to

try some desserts after lunch! However, it’s quite difficult to choose what I want because there’s no image reference on their menu, so I had to peek their Instagram for a while before finally decided to order some of their uniquely created cakes, accompanied with some drinks; Regular White Coffee supplied by Ombe Kofie (IDR 45K) and Orange House-Made Lemonade (IDR 50K). The coffee was nice, and I love the orange-lemon combination, but the orange flavor tends to come out rather than lemon flavor, way too sweet for me. Managed by the chef couples, Andhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta, this place brought a lot of satisfaction for the customers (including us).

Black Truffle Choux (IDR 70K), for example, one of the signature dishes as recommended by the waiter that day. 6 bite-sized pieces of choux stuffed with generous black truffle filling, instantly got me hooked! The pastry was crisp, with a strong and aromatic truffle aroma that leaves a deep impression on me. It was really delicious!!! A must try!

Inspired by Es Teler dessert, a traditional fruit cocktail in Indonesia, the taste of Es Teler Cake (IDR 55K) was also unforgettable. A layer of fragrant pandan sponge cake, with vanilla and avocado custard, topped off with coconut jelly, coconut meat, and chopped jackfruit. The texture of the cake was so smooth, served cold, and comes in a lovely green pastel color. Lucky we came right in the middle of the day, and you know what? In just half an hour, the cake is sold out!

While the Pisang Ijo Cake (IDR 55K) was also unique but the texture is not that smooth when compared to the Es Teler Cake, plus, it’s not served cold. I found sliced of green banana inside the cake, interesting! Although the cakes and everything else is quite expensive (all prices above do not include tax and service of 21%), but if you want to try some unique cakes such as es teler, pisang ijo, or martabak cake, then AMKC Atelier should be on your list! 😀

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AMKC Atelier

Plaza Indonesia, Lt.1, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30, Jakarta 

Phone: (021) 29924357

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm


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