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It’s true that at the end of everything, only memories that will forever stay. Be it photographs, moments or anything else. I never thought that I could be part of Nestle Breakfast Cereals global event held in Thyme, England (United Kingdom). Yes, it was like a dream come true for me! I was there for three days where my husband joined me, and there I met some other bloggers from around the world. Though the location is far away, and it took two hours drive from London Heathrow airport to reach Thyme, England, but the trip was totally worth it! Set in a beautiful countryside in the heart of the South West of the UK, the Cotswolds, we were invited to learn more about Nutrition, Food Styling & Photography with Nestle Breakfast Cereals.

On day 1: Tuesday, 16th November 2016
We started our day with healthy breakfast and followed by discussion and Q&A session with Constanza Caceres, the Global nutritionist of Nestle who is always passionate about nutrition. She said that lots of people often skip breakfast where it’s actually the most important meal of the day. Breakfast fuels the body after the overnight fast and kick-starts your metabolism.

A well-balanced breakfast should represent around 20-25% of total daily calorie intake and consist of:
1. some dairy,
2. a piece of fruit,
3. a glass of water for hydration,
4. a whole grain based food,
5. and an optional additional source of protein.

It’s why breakfast with cereals become a healthy option, especially with whole-grain as the main ingredients of the cereals. When compared to refined grain; whole grain is the best #DeliciousIngredients because it contains essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

And did you know that Nestle is the first big cereal company that adds a major whole grain in their breakfast cereals? I thought cereals was full of sugar but surprisingly, they only use less salt, and no more than 9 grams (around 2 tsp) of sugar per 30 grams serving! The other great things to know is there is more content of whole grain than any other ingredients in their cereals (you can look out for the green banner on Nestle breakfast cereals boxes)!

Deconstructive Challenge #1

Next, we’re challenged to make our own breakfast with the same ingredients that make up Nestle Breakfast Cereals. Of all the recipes available in cookbooks, I chose to make Whole Grain Chocolate Muffins, which uses the same ingredients with Nestle KOKO KRUNCH. I couldn’t believe that I had succeeded at my first attempt at baking. Yay! It was a fun cooking session with Lou Kenney, a food lover and also a Chef who creates 14 bespoke #Nestle cereal recipes.

Food Styling

Furthermore, London based portrait and food photographer, Ellis Parrinder, shared a few tips on how to take appetizing food photos and styling it. Of course, natural light is essential for a good food photo. I totally agree with him! And sometimes it’s good to keep a little mess in the photo and play with props to bring the food to life. So, here’s what we did for our Whole Grain Chocolate Muffins, thadaaaa!

Spa and Dinner Time

After those sessions, we’re given the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, strolling around the beautiful gardens, and the farm houses in the Cotswolds countryside. Both of us was very jetlagged because there’s a 7-hour time difference between the time in Jakarta against time in England, but the relaxation massage in our room made us relax for a while. A soothing and detoxifying massage that uses Swedish massage techniques, unique, and nice! Followed by a wonderful dinner at Thyme Barn where all the food was fantastic, especially the Southrop Lamb with Cannellini Beans, Anchovy, Chilli & Garlic!

Deconstructive Challenge #2

Did you know that you can make Nestle Cereal at home using simply good ingredients?

On the last day, we received another challenge! Yeah, we love a challenge! Ha-ha.. We had to make Nestle Breakfast Cereal, from scratch! Wow, can you imagine that? Well, of course, I chose to recreate my favorite Nestle cereals, KOKO KRUNCH, and style the final product to be able to take part in the photo competition. It was not easy to do baking while recording all of the processes at the same time, but in a limited time, we finally managed to make KOKO KRUNCH Cereal from the very beginning, yay!

So who won the prize for the photo competition? At lunch, the Nestle team announced the lucky winner and it was TheLondonMommy who won the Polaroid Camera. The announcement also marked the end of the Nestle Breakfast Cereals #DeliciousIngredients event, and it’s

time for us to leave Thyme (England) and returned to our country. Even though it was only two days together with them, it’s kinda difficult to say goodbye and leave them. I would be happy to meet them again in the future if I got the chance to visit them; these are my new blogger friends from Mexico, Poland, Romania, and the UK!

If you have a plan to visit the United Kingdom, I’d recommend you to visit Thyme England for a weekend gateway to experience what’s it like to live in the countryside. I bet you’ll fall in love with this place! And thank you so much, Nestle, for the unforgettable experience. Now I know that I should have a well-balanced breakfast, at least 2-3 times a week, with a bowl of Nestle cereal that can help me consume at least 8g of whole grain every morning.

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