[NEW] PALDO BULNAK Irresistable Sweet Spicy Korean Ramen

Everyone loves ramen, and the instant stuff so much, who doesn’t? Ha-ha.. I just tried the new flavor of Paldo Korean noodle; Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle Irresistable Sweet Spicy Ramen which is really interesting! Yeah, it’s no secret that I love Korean noodles, and do you know Why? You’ll find out the reason why I really enjoy Paldo Bulnak so much after you finish reading this post and watch the video on my YouTube Channel.

So, just a few days ago, I tried the happening Paldo Korean noodles at home. As a fan of Korean instant noodles, I thought I should give it a try. Yeah, why not? Paldo Bulnak is one of the famous South Korean Instant Noodles and loved by many people because of its spicy flavor. Of course, as a foodie, we were both so curious about it and finally, we decided to try it. You probably know that I’m not always looking for spicy food, but when it comes to Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle, it’s completely different. Two things that I like about Korean noodles is their characteristic, which is thicker and chewier than other instant noodles. It’s the same thing I’ve found with Paldo

Bulnak Pan Noodle. Not only the packages larger than the Indonesian instant noodles, but it also contains a larger block of noodle. That means, big portions and filling for one person, yay! At first, the preparation of cooking was quite confusing; unlike the usual instant ramen that I usually cook at home. But worry not, it’s getting easier after I prepare the 2nd ramen and the rest. I know I will get used to it.

To prepare, we simply add the noodle block and dried vegetable to 500ml boiling water and cook for 3 and a half minutes. Drain and remaining about 2 spoons of it in the pot. Add the liquid paste, and stir for 30 seconds over heat. And, thadaaaa!

It smelled good and had a really spicy scent! And take a look at the red color in noodles, yes, it’s red! Can you imagine how spicy it is?! I’m not kidding! I can say that this is the version of stir-fried instant noodles, without spicy broth or anything. I made two versions of it, the Original one (without additional toppings), and my version #CaraEnakMakanBulnak (with additional toppings such as sweet corn, black pepper Frankfurter Sausage, Fried Egg, green onion, garlic, and sesame oil for better taste).

I tried a bit, “Hey, it was not spicy at all!”. But, there’s a slightly sweet taste and seafood flavor, perhaps because of the octopus mixture in their ingredients, even though there was no stinky smell at all in it. The sauce coated everything, and the egg on my noodle version, made my Paldo Bulnak creamier than before, which makes it taste so delicious, and we loved it! As we continue to eat, there’s an exciting flavor started to come out. Surprisingly, the spicy flavor slowly seared! Oh no, and there’s a sweetness going on as well! We just can’t get enough of the irresistable spicy and sweet taste of Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle. If you are a fan of instant noodles or spicy food, I highly recommend you to try Paldo Bulnak Pan Noodle – Irresistable Spicy and Sweet Taste. Prove yourself, da-yum!!!!

Psst, Paldo Indonesia is having a contest on their Instagram Account. Share your own version of #CaraEnakMakanBulnak and get a chance to win one Smart Solo Drone 3dr (for the best video winner) or one Dji Osmo Mobile (for the best photo winner). This contest ends soon on Friday, 20 Jan 2017. Don’t miss it!

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1. Follow @PALDO_INDONESIA di instagram

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8. Semua foto dan video yang disertakan harus karya original

9. Hadiah untuk kontes ini adalah :
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10. Pemenang akan diumumkan oleh PALDO INDONESIA lewat akun instagram @PALDO_INDONESIA

11. Kompetisi ini berlangsung selama periode 19 Desember 2016, dan dua orang yang terpilih akan diumumkan pada 20 January 2017

12. Selamat berkreasi! GOOD LUCK

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