[NEW SPOT] Heritage by Tan Goei for Tasty Indo-Dutch Cuisine, Menteng

I’m very pleased to finally find a decent Indo – Dutch cuisine at Heritage by Tan Goei, a newly opened restaurant in Menteng area last week. Some of you may be familiar with the name of Tan Goei, especially for those of you who live in Semarang. Formerly called Tan Goei Restaurant, this family restaurant that first opened in 1950 in Semarang, then came to Jakarta in 1960, and started their business at Jalan Besuki (Menteng) has now transformed into a new concept!

Set in a comfortable and minimal space, Heritage by Tan Goei apparently not spacious at all, because they only have a maximum seating capacity for 40 pax. However, I like how they set up the room with minimalist decorations, natural sun light coming through the window, and you’ll see the wooden cutting boards, wooden spoons and forks, etc hanging on their walls as part of the decorations, that’s cute! Now helmed by Chef Albert, a grandchild of Mr. Tan and Mrs. Goei, they try to

serve their loyal customers again and the younger generation by presenting their classic dishes through new and creative preparations. This includes their signature dish, Ox Tongue Steak (IDR 98K), served with blanched vegetables, and Tan Goei Steak sauce.

This unusual cut of meat was quite thick, nicely arranged on top of the hotplate and it was amazingly tender and delicious! If you have never eaten ox tongue before, you might think of this as brisket or a regular type of meat; thanks to the veggies and their special steak sauce which flavored the meat so well! In addition to the signature Ox Tongue Steak, they also serve some new additions that include Tongseng Lidah (IDR 78K), Oxtail Soup (IDR 108K), Watermelon Salad (IDR 45K), and

Crispy Chicken Wings (IDR 55K). Usually, in Jakarta, you’ll find Tongseng (a stew dish with meat with curry-like soup) which is made of mutton, beef, and sometimes chicken. Here at Heritage by Tan Goei, they use Beef tongue as a subtitute for meat, and surprisingly it tasted really good! I can smell the fragrant coconut milk soup when the dish was served on our table. The soup tasted very good, savory, rich with aromatic spices, and balanced with the sweetness from sweet soy sauce. If you can’t eat beef tongue, you can opt-in for tenderloin meat.

Who would say no if the oxtail fell off the bone, and so tender? I am actually not a big eater, but I found myself enjoyed the Oxtail Soup so much! Yup, it can happen if the food is tasty, and all are worth a try at Heritage by Tan Goei. This includes the fresh Watermelon salad, which is served with yogurt cucumber dressing, and the Crispy Chicken Wings, glazed with homemade black pepper sauce, it was finger licking good!

Overall, we had a pleasant lunch experience at Heritage by Tan Goei. I know, the ox tongue might sound odd if you have never tried it before, but their signature Ox Tongue Steak was really nice and tender. If you have never enjoyed the pleasures of the beef tongue before, this place will probably make you change your mind. Good food, good prices, and friendly people; recommended!

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Heritage by Tan Goei

Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No.3, Gondangdia, Menteng

Jakarta Pusat

Phone: +62 21 3155057

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm


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